Jimmy Dore says NATO is desperate

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May 25, 2023, 18:06

Jimmy takes a look at the role played by Boris Johnston and Britain. 

The GOP members are starting to ask questions about the war. The Trump base doesn't want the war..

Pretty good effort from Jimmy. One thing though DeSantis initially came out as being against the war. When his big donors objected a few days latter he changed his tune and became for the war. 

Take at look at this interesting Jimmy Dore clip

May 26, 2023, 05:55

What happened to the deep state thingie.Liberals have forgotten about one of theirs ways to cover.

The war wont last forever but a change in presidency wont be the trigger that end the US support to it.

Liberals and the criminal world have a lot in common: when gangs fight over gangs, none of them fight to end the drug trafficking, they fight over the control of the drug trafficking.

At the moment, the main blame laid by the faction in the opposition: they are not the ones in control of the war.

If the opposition is elected, one of their first moves will be to invite and host the Ukrainian leader to ensure the US support.

If not the first.

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