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Apr 24, 2024, 08:42

Joe Biden is famous for buggering up fog n relatiosn with countries and telling tales  about what ahppened n the past - that is if he is not farting in front of royalty - his only real foreign affais acxhievement - but he keeps on tellings tries about him and his family.

On of his famous lies was that he told a story about how he was in Johannesburg in 1988 and was arrested by the SA Police on his way to see Mandela in Soweto.   There was just two problems wit the lie - Young a previou s Secretary of State under Carter denided that it never happened - and in 1988 Mandela was still in jail in Paarl.   Was that he truth or a lie standard with Biden - he invents weird stories  about himslf contantly and most of them could be based on dementia  or some orm of invnion of incidnts in life that happened.

Amongst many of the lies he spread was that -

*    That he was the top student at Univesity - but that was nt true he barely managed to get his degree as the lowest rated student that year;

*     That he met with Golda Meir and how he infl uenced her in decisionmaking in 1973 - apaprently he was aprt of a few people who actually met Meir - but he never said or made any contribution at the meeting/

*     how he was invovled in  the Vietnam War - but he enver went to Vietnam during the War

*     how in hsi early eyars as a Senator he was involved with the Black Civil Rights movement - while in fac he was ca close associate of Senator Byrde - who previously was a  KKK leader. 

*     hOW he was a heavy duty vehicle driver and worked on a forestry plantation.

*     How he was the first member of hs fami who attended University.

However - the latest one was really weird - but with negative nternational conseqences.   Apaprently n  uncle of Joe was a pilot in  WW2 and served in Papua New Guinea in Papua New Guinea.   Apaprently th e palne crashed - but neither the plane nor the body of his uncle was found.  So during a campaign speeach in Pennsylvania he claimed that his uncle was eaten by cannibals.   The reaction fo teh Papua New Guinea Government was  immediate and te Government of that country was outaged by the claim - just another country maligned by Biden and now firmly in the growing camp of USA hater countries.

Why is the brain deluded bloody idiot not ahnded over to the Papua New Guinea cannibals - he would rejected by them because they would not eat anything associated with idiocy.    

So Joe is living up to his reputation stated by Obama - if you give something to him to handle the level he would buggr it up is unlimited and beyond imagination.   




Apr 25, 2024, 19:42


Apr 25, 2024, 20:55

By th way that was just one fo Biden;'s latest gaffe's   The enx one was even worse "You cannot trust me".    A moment of honesty in a confused mind,

Apr 25, 2024, 21:09

Suck it up .................... soon it'll be 4 more years.

1460 DAYS...............:D

Apr 25, 2024, 22:42

God help the world if that’s the case. 

What a mess American politics is. 

Apr 26, 2024, 09:07

A merca is in trou,ble with nflation irifation on th e icnreas again and the cou,ntr y is in chaos with the 9 million filegal migrants creating  crime all over the show and the Mosems rioting  in the cities.and th reatening the Jeish population.

The situation is so bad that an ex-CNN staff  member iss ending  ehr sone to Israel - claiming te situation threatening  the lives of  Jews in the USA is worse than it si in Israel - their father an ex-advisor of Biden support her in that.   Not eh si an ex-avisor and apparently a  thinking person.     

Apr 26, 2024, 09:53

I'd take Biden in a heart beat over Trump but really America are these two the best you can do?

Apr 26, 2024, 10:07

You take world instability and chaos ahead of stability thatw as th e case under Trump.   Bu th n you are brainwashed beyond the level where thinking ability is destroyed.  

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