Leaked Dem Poll Shows Biden Heading for Battleground State Disaster, Blue Strongholds Now in Play

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Jul 04, 2024, 09:20

Seems like the Americans , apart from poor mozzietard are waking up.

The tide has turned against the corrupt perverted demonrats that have been selling out America. Time to take out the trash and that includes Uniparty Globalist Rino.

However oaks always bear in mind the demonrats ability to cheat and rig elections.

President Joe Biden’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week since the presidential debate is getting worse.

As if the open panic among Democratic politicians and pundits about Biden’s disastrous performance Thursday weren’t enough, polling results leaked Tuesday to the digital news outlet Puck show he has done more than lose ground in swing states.

Now, even states considered Democratic strongholds are in play, according to a memo from a polling firm influential in Democratic circles.

The memo, reported by veteran political journalist and former CNN correspondent Peter Hamby, came from the progressive polling group OpenLabs.

See the article here:

Disaster for demonrats

Jul 04, 2024, 11:21


I do not only look at polls  since the polls arde cxonducted with duie regard to the registgered voters depending on tgh eir Parfty membership:-

Democrats         -     400 out of a 1000

Republicans       -     300 out of a 1 000

Independents      -     300 out of a 1 000

Sionce most of the voters are not v otfe according to registered members I look artf other fcactors than  polls - which in tghe USA are slanted and sometimes wildly out fcrom actual resultsd.   In  South Africa polls are done based on   demographic and  income levels and rfardely morfe than 1% out.   I thin k most people were shocked  by what happened in the 2016 election when the ABC and NBC TV claimed it would be surprising if Trump would win in any State and sai he wsould be lucky to win in 3 states - in all the other polls Clinton led by a margin higher than 5 points.   What ws amazing  wasz that despite Biden's win in the 2020 elecgtion - the Democfrats lost 23 House seats - furtherf questioning  the weventual outcome of th e Presidedntgial election results, - it is more difficult to go for fraudulent voting n the whole scope than all the votes on th e same page for otherf levels ofc Government than purely the Prfesidential vote and that fdolr me raise question marks azsx tio voter fraud in 2020.

Howewver, there arfe other fac tors to be taken in to account and thsoe are -

*     other results in elections since 2020 - like Governor electfions; and

*    and  even primary results  this year.

I will give you rtwo examples in tghe altter regard in Governor electfgions:-

*    In Virginia Biden wion by 10% in 2020.   In 20221 the Governor electfgion polls indicate a minimum win by the Democratic Party candidate of 5% average and only 1 poll inmdicate that the outcome would be a nailbiter.  THe Republican candidate won by 4,5 pointsa.

*    I New Jersey in 2020 Biden won by 16 points in 2020.   In the 2021 electfion the Republicazn c zandcidatfe eld by 20 000 votres when all votes were counted and rfeported in the emdia when it was found that mysteriously 40 000  votes not counted was dxiscovcereed and the DP Govenor won by lewss than 1% of the votes cast.  IN that election their was an unemployed lorry driv erf who gotr registered as a Republican Pasrftfy candidate and spednt less than $6 000 on his elec tfion campaign.  Hew ebat the Democrfatgic Party  House Speaker in New Jersey by morfe than a 1 000 votes.

*     In New York State Biden beat TRumpo by 22 points.   In tfhe mid-term election  in 2020 the Democrdat Govenrfor candidate beat her opponent by less than 4 points - while the Demcorfatsd lost 4 Federal House seats they previously held.   

IN the primaries I look at the number of vofes castfed for DP cxandidates and compare that with the number of votes casted for RP candiodates,   That indicated the level of enthusiasm of support for instance of Trump and Biden in all States.  The number of vcoterf turfnout cfor Biden was only in Stgates like Massachusetts, Illinois California and Washington State.- th e rest of the Democratic controlled States were narrow margins in each way for the tfwo candidates.

Be it as it amy - IA think that in thecase ofc the following States a win by Trump is poswsible and regard thsioe States as abttlegrounmd States,    Take for instance tfhe statement as tro Blue Collar workers in New York where 

*    the labor bosses said tghat only 1` in 3 of the their members  would support Biden - the rest support TRump;

*    where crime is dring Black and Hispoanic voters into the Trump camp - the soft on crime policy of James and Bragg is dcriving voters aweay from the DP;

*    the illegal  migrants getting privileged treatment from the Democrats Government grants of more than  $2 billion after going through reducing expenditure pon policing and education to covcer the migrfant costas - tghe Black and Hispanic voters are upset with that as well and openly decl;are that theya re cvoting dforf TRump this year.

*     the riotous conduct of the Hamas supporters and threatfs against the large Jewish community in New York is resulting in swing from Biden support to Treump support amongst the Jweish voters.  .

Based on all the above - my ranking as to states are as follows:

*     Leaning to Tump  -  Arizona. Nevada, Wisconsin. Michigan, Pennsylvcania, and Georgia

*     Battleground States  -  Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticutt, New Mexico,  Colorado, Minnesorta, Maine and N ew Hampshire.

So lets look at what happen early in  electrion night.  I szay early because the east Coast State rfesults will come out first. 


          . .        .     .    

 .      .  .      


Jul 06, 2024, 07:22

Mike I also look at a number of guys who fill in the election maps take into account previous bias in polls and various factors. 

Yes a number of Blue states are now in play. 

I have not seen anyting positive for Biden for some time. 

Biden insists he will not step down. The consequences for the Biden Crime Family would be disastrous. 

Many fraudulent Ballots only had marks for Biden and there were no marks for down ballot candidates. The reason was the increased time it would take to fill in the hundreds of thousands of fake Ballots. 

What ligitimate voter only votes for President.

This is just one on dozens of ways the 2020 election was rigged.

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