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Apr 30, 2024, 02:16

have common traits... they are

A) Putin sympathisers

B) Trump sympathisers

C) Conspiracy theorists.

D) Ultra conservative 

E) Christian zealots

I'm not sure how one can love the Christain God as well as the cold blooded murderer Putin.

Apr 30, 2024, 04:06


I expect that you have been misinfoormed by the media. - the Trump supporters are not ultra-conservative tghey are the moderates in society now with the Democrats havig  drifted to the extreme leftists  ideology undermining cultural values of people in the country and consequently also Democracy.    

Being a corrupt idiot Biden - proven as such by Congressional hearings where people are under oath it is clear why the standing of the USA is undermined and whereas there were world stability established by Trump - the world turnoil came from weak and corrupt leadership in the USA,   Some of the past era USA allies are now firmly in the BRICS camp - which I hate as undemocratic countries - but whose leaders regard Biden  as shit to be treated appropriately..

The only conspriacy theorists are the Democrats who became the chief liars in the USA . Take the Russian Hoax lies the Demcorats concocted and then spread as truths when in the end proved to be lies concocted by them.    However, there are question marks whether lies sspecifically concocted by people are to be rated as lies and not cosnpriacy theories.   

By the way despite Government lies to protect a crooked adminsitration the latest opinion polls by CNN indicate that Trump is now ahead of Biden by 9 points in a straight election between them - but with Kennedy as a  moderate Democrat runninng as an Independent the gap is much wider.               


Apr 30, 2024, 08:41

Shitory alert!!!

Apr 30, 2024, 11:14

  Denny - with respect - what you wrote is total and unadulterated shit with  no idea about the reality of what really is the case.   You are fed BS by the media and you believe it.   

The Demcoratic Party moved to the extreme left of the political spectrum and is now calling everybody else Ultra-Conservatives .   Anybody supporting a peaceful settlement in Ukraine is now a Putin apologist,   

Trumps real policies are centrist and in the  confines of the US Constitution - but since it is opposing the Biden BS - they make out his supporters are committing crimes the Democrats themselves thrive in.     

Apr 30, 2024, 20:43

...labeling are we now? things have changed...we have more in common than things which devide us, yet we focus on the sh!t which keeps us's conspiracy's obviously deliberate...mealy mouth from me again nè Rudehole?

May 01, 2024, 19:05

Funny how Aunty Wet Panty has a big problem with supposedly "Christian" zealots.

...but I'm guessing that aunty has some Cape Malay family in CT that follow Islam, so doesn't seem to have much problem with those zealots.

Trump can't say "grab em by the pu55y" but the Muslims can ban woman from education and driving, force them to wear clothes they don't want to and generally shit all over freedom...but that's fine by Aunty Wet Panty.

It's the Christian zealots that are the problem. They just talk too much.

What Aunty retard is forgetting is that it was "Christian" zealots that built the best nations, including the one she now loves residing in. The poor fool thinks that Australia and the rest of the West was always this anti religion. No aunty. The comfort you live in right now is a direct result of the "Christian" zealot mindset. And the fact that it's declining, along with the rest of the West, is precisely because it's been made cool to be anti religion.

The stupidity involved here is in the thinking that people don't need religion anymore. Like we're not greedy, deceitful, jealous, unkind, etc etc...and don't need religion because it's just a moral crutch. Like we're evolved enough...suddenly.

How absolutely foolish, misguided and down right stupid. Religion was a major, if not the biggest ingredient, in getting us this far. And now we're happily chucking it in the bin, because MSNBC tells us to...because real liberals are not religious. Real libs are marxisT atheists...right aunty?

Aunty Fat Panty is the most deplorable thing on this site. Totally clowned by the race card every time. Unable to do anything other than suck down MSN garbage and then coming on here to show us all how brainwashed she is.

Uninteresting, unimaginative, unintelligent and the most uninspiring posters Rucker's has ever seen.

I argue with others on here for some banter. But I can't fucking stand full-o-Dentsie.

I'm not religious now and I'll likely never be. But I'm very skeptical of people that oppose Christianity simply for street cred.

Aunty, you will never have a shred of street cred. Your extreme fragility shines through in almost every post you make. You're a soft coward with nothing to offer. Deal with it.

May 02, 2024, 06:24

Grrrrr Grrrrrr But I can't fucking stand full-o-Dentsie. Grrrrrr Grrrrrr

I feel your pain!

Laughing graphics

May 02, 2024, 09:51

Oh God, the rolling on floor Emojoi. 

You smell so severely of cowardice my girl.

May 02, 2024, 13:52

By the way the biggest conspriacy ever is the GlobalWarming  B S spread worldwidxe by the media.   Af ter studying the issue for wo years 1600 scientists claimed it is political BS to undemine demcoracy and create feudal kind of Governance. tthrough fearmongering and indoctrination fo people being  the chief weapon used.    

There is no real scientific proof thatn global warming  is not linked to rises and lowers the world as such had for millions of years as is proven by real scientists.   An i.ncrease of temperatures by 1,8% over 200 years prove zero at all.   

The idea that humans caused global warming  through energy use and cows through farting is about as far-fetched as crazy people can imagine.   So the idea is to kill the cows and turn humans into complete misery - while spending money on wars and fruitlessly on Green Projects that in most cases are not producing  the required results.

.     .        

May 02, 2024, 18:45

Those pesky Christians...feed them to the Lions!!!!

May 02, 2024, 19:44

May 02, 2024, 22:17

You find that funny?

May 03, 2024, 17:43

It's  a private joke between us Moz, relax...Snark,'s not offensive to me no more, given the back story...but it might upset others!

Moz, check out this Bill Barr interview. 

May 10, 2024, 06:00


May 10, 2024, 20:47

NEW: Georgia Election Board dumbfounded after finding out that 3,000 ballots were scanned twice in the 2020 election recount in Fulton County.

The board also revealed that 380,761 ballot images from machine count were “not available.”

Q: Does Fulton County know why there are not 380,761 ballot images from election day?

A: As with the investigators we have not been apprised of this allegation. This is the first I'm hearing about it.

General counsel for the secretary

May 10, 2024, 23:59

Sorry  Draad, just saw this.  Barr is an adult, who did a great job for the country. His dilemma is that of many Republicans. Trump could have been a shoo-in, now he is a pariah. But so is Biden. 

Imagine Ronald Reagan vs these two self serving men.

May 11, 2024, 00:12

There are vido evidencd that in Fulton Couny the  Returning officer in charge claimed that the water supply of the countig center was interrupted and he sent all bar a few countersand all party observers to go home.   After the main counters and election observers were gone  they pulled suitcases from underneath some tables and started feeding in the summaries into the computer - so I am not surprised that the votes so entered just vanished from site.     

It all was recorded on the security cameras and the Georgian State Govenrment knows what happened and that is why it is under investigation at present and the BS  is coming out fast.    

It a also in Geogia where many people went to vote on election day and found that a vote in their name has already been casted,    When asked to see the vote that was submitted it was snot allowed and an undertaking was given that the illegitinate vote would be replaced by the vote the real voter casted/   There was never an indication that the origibal false votes was not the one actually counted - while the actual votes was in fact not counted. 

That is why it is believed by the majority of the voters that voter fraud was indeed an issue in the 2020 election and that voting  by iunidentified people is indeed a real theat to democracy.    In opinion polls 82% o the voters said that people should provide real proof of identity when registering as voters - as well as proof of residence - and that they should only be allowed to vote based on proper idetification.   

That is the exact opposite of the Democratic Party approach to the issue and that leaves serious question marks as to the validity of votes in elections.   

In his comments of Barr about the real problem he highlights is that the leftist Biden regime is the real threat to democracy and not Trump.   He called a spade a spade and the CNN commentator tried to get away with it - but Barr was real and firm about the damage the Biden  Adminsitration is causing to the country especially relating to undermining the US constituttion and democracy in the USA.   

I have repeatedly written about the actions of the Biden Regime  weaponizing the Justice Department and FBI against the oppositioon and Barr confirmed that issue by stating the charges in court are political and has nothing to do with anything  else.


,        .




May 11, 2024, 00:26


Mozart to Mavin - why the change?     

Friom your comments I suppose you are going to vote for Biden despite the comments of Barr in that regard.      

May 11, 2024, 05:21

In some circles he's a martyr...this is all theater...yes, he has bad qualities,  but he was effective and not nearly the monster he was made out to be...sore loser, but not nearly as sour as the other side. I also hoped for someone better, but it's either him or Biden, and Old Joe is a way bigger desaster. 

May 11, 2024, 06:28

Please please please let Trump be the winner!!!

It'd be great for the US economy and, more importantly, crypto ;)

May 11, 2024, 07:08

"In some circles he's a martyr...this is all theater...yes, he has bad qualities, but he was effective and not nearly the monster he was made out to be...sore lower, but not nearly as sour as the other side. I also hoped for someone better, but it's either him or Biden, and Old Joe is a way bigger desaster. "

I'm of the firm belief that the deep state mobilised everything they had against Trump. There was nothing natural or normal about the way he was treated. Perhaps, I'm conspiratorially minded, but when you remove the reality of Trump from the portrayal of Trump, the disparity is too big to be natural.

To me, something else was going on. To the never Trumpers on this site, it all seemed normal.

When a group of interconnected people all badmouth the same person to me, my snout is immediately out. When I discover that a lot of what they are saying isn't true, then I can help but wonder about motive.

The Russia thing? Not a single never Trumpers ever looked back after it was shown that Trump never colluded with Russia. Most of them convinced themselves that "Oh well, he wasn't caught but he probably did it anyway." Okay, cool, that may be the case. But it may also be the case that what the investigations found was accurate, and that he never colluded with Russia. If that didn't give you even a slight pause for thought, as you look back on it now, are you still sure you weren't lied to and still not slightly suspicious of what you were made to believe? Like not even slightly?

Using Dentsie as a case study is apt here. One considers how many people of colour live with some kind of chip on their shoulder. Were one to pump out that Trump is a racist on every media channel that people of color generally suck up, well...suddenly Trump is a massive racist. But there was never any proof. No black face, no calling people niggers, no denigrating other races...

But they don't question it.

And the fact all the propaganda passed Dentsie's sniff test tells you exactly why it was carried out. Because while some have the intuition to become suspicious, many/most others don't.

I mean, old Dentsie is still on the Trump wagon to this day. And he has been for the last 3.5 years, despite Trump not being in office.

VisKop, and some others here, admitted that they had never been as interested, or caught up in, American politics as during Trump's term.

Isn't that weird? Suddenly most of the American media machine wanted you to know all about their president, but specifically that he's a terrible racist that pisses on hookers after he meets with Putin to sell US secrets.

Seriously, how didn't that make the never Trumpers at least slightly suspicious of what was going on?

May 11, 2024, 07:50

"Not a single never Trumpers ever looked back after it was shown that Trump never colluded with Russia."

What absolute rubbish. 

I'm pretty sure I'm one of the "never Trumpers" you speak of and how many times did I point posters to the Mueller report and try to explain that Bozo wasn't exonerated and in fact Mueller himself said that his report provided sufficient evidence to open criminal cases against Bozo and members of his election campaign.

The Mueller report stated that collusion happened in a "sweeping and systematic fashion" and the only reason they couldn't pin it on anyone was because of Republicans either lying or being too gutless to testify. Not to mention the coward Bill Barr (the Bozo appointee tasked with deciding whether to prosecute) who decided not to even bother with the obstruction of justice charge before he even saw the Mueller report, who heavily redacted the report's findings and who knowingly misrepresented the conclusions.

So basically, ButtPlug, stop lying and go read up a bit before you make an even bigger fool of yourself. 

May 11, 2024, 09:29

Poor Buttplug..............I pity him, up and away on his little podium making an ass of himself once again....again and again I live rent free in his head. Sjampies.....sjampies....sjampies. Somewhere else he tells I have muslim relo's.......oh alright but please at least enlighten me to who they are........they could be ISIS for all I know. And out pops the race card with I have a chip on my shoulder.......too funny, anyone need a hand up off the floor? No Buttplug, I'm extremely happy in Oz, I have a life, I don't live in Diepsloot and unlike you I don't dream of living anywhere else in the world.........what happened to 'I'm migrating to Canada'......oh we know that was just another attention seeker for a different day. Truth be told he didn't even get the paper work......suddenly now it's Florida. Hell knows where  next? Thing is Buttplug isn't going anywhere...not with a criminal record, sad too bad the wee fella is stuck in Diepsloot but at least he has his wee podium and an imaginary audience on an inconsequential rugby message board. Meanwhile Father Time ticks.



May 11, 2024, 09:39

Ah, so they couldn't pin it on Trump, despite the US having some of the best surveillance and data parsing technology in the world, combined with literal world leading investigative institutions.

So, rather than CONSIDERING that there was never sufficient evidence found because there wasn't any, which is easily the simplest answer...we are to believe that actually Trump is guilty but more lies and conspiracies cover his guilt.

That's exactly what I'm talking about with the never Trumpers..."Oh well, he probably did it anyway."

And the point I was making, wasn't that you should change your mind. It was simply that if none of that gave you any pause for thought then you may have to examine your biases.

The Steele dossier - that was found to be garbage(Do we agree on that?) Miller basically concluded that Russia wanted to influence the US elections. The rest was completely untrue or failed the burden of proof test.

The FBI committed inexcusable breaches in order to warrant, and in the execution of, their investigation(do we agree on that? I hope so, because it's well documented at this stage just how many breaches occurred.)

Perhaps you should stop lying to yourself and ask why none of things ever gave you pause for thought.

May 11, 2024, 11:05

Listen, ButtPlug, I don't know what gave you the idea that I care about what you think . . . on any subject . . . but I was merely pointing out that this statement: "Not a single never Trumpers ever looked back after it was shown that Trump never colluded with Russia" is a barefaced lie.


Spare me your take on the matter. I don't care what you think and I'm pretty sure most posters on here hold you in the same contempt I do and couldn't give a toss about your whiny and ignorant opinions.

May 11, 2024, 11:21

I don't care what you think and I'm pretty sure most posters on here hold you in the same contempt I do and couldn't give a toss about your whiny and ignorant opinions.

Still he Plugs away seeking attention, too thick-skinned to be embarrassed.

May 11, 2024, 11:31

Oh, now I see, RooiBalls

You care enough to jump in when you feel found yourself a rare gotcha.

But now you suddenly seem a touch angry and just done care.

lol such a clown.

May 11, 2024, 11:37

Oh, now I see, RooiBalls

You do?


Why do I find it hard to believe Buttplug


May 11, 2024, 12:06

Denise...ain't there a BLM "protest" you should be attending?

May 11, 2024, 12:16

Guilty until proven absolutely spotless...the new test....

The hatred is almost supernatural amazing...things panning out like a reading of Revalations...

May 11, 2024, 13:52

It's hilarious watching these brainwashed noobs squirm.

Since they jumped on the orange man bad wagon, there has been proof after proof of nefarious stuff perpetrated against him.

But it never gave them any pause for thought. Denise is too cowardly to ever address how mistaken he was and Rooi is far too bitter to do anything other attempt to dogpile when he thinks the time is right.

A massive a coordinated attack by numerous media outlets and judicial agencies within the US, turned out to be a complete lie. A lie these two morons bought..because they were all too eager to confirm their bias. A bias which was purely a result previous propaganda and lies. And that's fine, everybody gets things wrong.

But the difference between normal people and those suffering from some type of disorder is that normal people can look back, review what they were told, how it made them think...and then perhaps, with the gift of hindsight, reassess their position.

What is abnormal, is for a twats like old RooiNuts, on the 11 May 2024, to still be convincing themselves that "Oh, he probably did it anyway"...when literally all the Mueller report concluded was that Russia wanted to affect the US election.

May 11, 2024, 14:09

The Russia collusion accusation was a political attack. If there was any real evidence it would have been provided. This issue was investigated with every resource of the FBI and nothing except more insinuations by Mueller.

But the whole idea was ridiculous. Trump , a man living a great life, with no chance to win according to the polls, is going to risk his whole future by colluding with Putin. Going to put his fate in the hands of a man he hardly knows…..who could then ruin him any time he wants,

Nonsense….not even a fool would do that.

It was a political hatchet job gobbled up by the left because they hated Trump so much.

May 11, 2024, 14:22

Totally logical, Moz.

Apparently you and I are both stupid, ignorant, and, and...yet we called it at the time while these two noobs didn't LOL!

What's illogical is "I don't like him, thus he must be guilty of everything he is accused of."

What's hilarious is watching people trying to hide their embarrassment.

They know they bought the BS, we know they bought it, and as recently as today, Rooi made a down payment on a bit more.

It's probably mean, but I get great joy out of watching them wear it. The fake brave faces they put on is the cherry on the cake.

May 11, 2024, 23:46

Apparently you and I are both am stupid, ignorant, and, and...yet we you called it at the time while these two noobs didn't LOL!


It's probably mean, but I get great joy out of watching them wear it.

Whatever rocks your boat ButtPlug......I would as well if I lived a meaningless, boring and dead-end life in a shithole. And OBTW your plane is waiting, the snow is melting in Canada.....wouldn't you just love to hear these words 'Welcome Aboard'?

Oh The joys of having a Fat Lip.


May 12, 2024, 06:58

Sucks huh, Full-o-Dents?

Lol Russia collusion!

And you ate it all up. We told you at the time it was likely bollocks. We warned you that you were being fed a bunch of bull. And yet, gobble gobble gobble.

CNN persuaded you that Trump was a Nazi...and you couldn't wait to shadow box the bad orange man in front of us. So much virtue signalling, such a giant chip on that shoulder whaha!!!

Hey, remember how you used to close of your posts with ..."BLM!"

Damn that is embarrassing.

Here's a question. I'm not expecting an answer because your predicament won't allow it. Do you still believe that Trump colluded with Russia?

Haha you can't say yes and you defos can say no!!! And that is hilarious.

"BLM" whahaha

The smell of a coward, it follows you.

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