Majority of Canadians ready to live with Covid 19, move on and start living normally.

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Dec 13, 2021, 07:03

The world cannot continue in this panic syndrome and I agree. Stop bowing down to Covid "god" and get a life.

We all probably will get it anyway. I believe Ramaphosa now has it.

Well done Canucks.

Majority of Canadians are ready to live with COVID-19 | True North

Dec 15, 2021, 22:22

I survived Covid19 and will not have the shots that are being offered as it has not been tested to the standard normally applicable to new meds.

The same goes for my family and most of our friends.

My neighbor and his wife had their two shots and both have had and still have medical issues that they never had prior to the shots.

No thank you.

Dec 16, 2021, 08:03

That's not what I mean Arthur you misunderstood the context of what I inferred, carry on with life with common sense regardless, one does NOT need ridiculous life inhibiting bureaucratic measures and arbitrary laws that don't always work and flimsy research that uses these in panic speculations.

There's a context for everything and not everything fit's into the same box. People should think, not follow blindly and fearfully as we are all individuals and not numbers, guinea pigs or canon fodder for political agendas. I'm not implying recklessness either, only common sense, individual rights and the freedom to choose accordingly. We are sick of this control...stuff the cowards and fearful and move on.

By the way, my wife also got Covid and yes badly but rallied and her father got it after being admitted to hospital with a mild stroke, and he died of pneumonia. Neither he or my wife would have got it (as she assisted him in his admitance to the hospital, if they never went there.

A friend of ours father died after being vacinnated in Jo'burg. He was strongly against it and only acquiesed to it after her sister there forced him to have it. According to her he was in exceptional health....good blood heart and blood pressure. Explain that...nobody can?

Well it's caused such a rift between the 2 sisters as our friend blames her for the fathers death.

This is 100% true. You just have NO right over another persons private beliefs, least of all his physical body.

But be that as it may, it's part of life, people live and die and life has always had it up's and downs and yes sometimes it's tragedies and sadness but it must carry on and we must not let it overwhelm us.

We must get our priorities right...we cannot close economies which have a far, far worse effect and result in poverty, starvation, suffering and death and other far reaching disasters.

Dec 16, 2021, 10:33

And I’ve had two headaches again this week.

My last jab was on the 12 Nov.

I’ve had more headaches since getting this jab than I’ve had in my entire adult life.

As someone that doesn’t take medication until it’s very necessary because I don’t like masking symptoms, I can say for sure that I’ve haven’t felt right since being fully vaccinated.

Dec 16, 2021, 13:51

The aristocrats in old Russia used to play Russian Roulette and we all know what that is. You have one bullet in a 6 chamber revolver,,,you spin the chamber and you have 5 empty can fire on 5 empty chambers or just the one that houses the bullet and kaputs. If you have watched The Deer Hunter you get the picture of the drama it creates. Soldiers would rather go into fierce combat where they have a better chance of survival.

Vaccines have proved safe in most cases but there has been too many times where this not the case and yes we don't know the long term effect it will play and once you get into it you are stuck with boosters every time a new variant is discovered and so it could very well not end until until are impregnated with stuff which we honestly don't know or fully understand and only trust what the status quo demands. We are separated by those who do and those who don't and at present only have short term stats and even those are dodgy.

Personally I will take my chances by being careful, ie shop first thing in the morning when stores are empty, keep spotlessly clean and avoid groups and public gatherings and spend my time with like minded friends and go fishing in the country. I am doing most, if not all online.

I fancy at least some chance of which I have some control over and are indeed very fortunate don't have have to work in offices and restaurants and pubs I don't miss where you can't even have one beer or glass of wine if you drive in SA.

The truth is none of us know where this will end but bowing down to this shit destroys the freedom of one's spirit. To hell with the fear mongers and bureaucratic contol freaks...I defy them outright and keep my identity. 

Dec 16, 2021, 15:43

I've had covid without any severe issues. I see no need to risk getting the jab...Plum, I'm actually surprized you saw the need for getting it after recovering from Covid yourself....Knowing you a bit, WTF man?:D

Dec 16, 2021, 18:50

Agree we are being treated like sheep by the politicians and some medical staff  we have to stand tall and refuse to be pushed around by these folks.

Plum trust you get over these issues and recover fully after receiving those so called cure shots.

Vasbyt is the word.

Dec 17, 2021, 10:39

Draad, I had to get the shot for travel.

There is also enough data, in my opinion, to suggest that one is better off with the shot than without. At least as far as COVID goes.

I’m still not happy about the unknowns in terms of long term effects but what I do know is that not being able to travel is a massive problem for me…personally and financially.

So while I probably wouldn’t have taken the shot just yet, other factors kinda made the decision for me.

What is massively grinding my patience is when I tell people about the headaches and I’m told that I’m imagining it. I’m never ill and normally go for years without flu. I don’t imagine ailments and I certainly don’t look for reasons to take medication.

Dec 19, 2021, 13:16

Ja, the travel thing is a bummer and no coercion at all, nè?

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