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Aug 21, 2020, 11:48

This article is more for Plum, as I know he would really enjoy it

Man vs Machine in a jet fighter aerial fight to the death, and the outcome is actually incredibly scary

The part where the one AI pilot flew upside down to take out a enemy plane is quite astounding

Just last year, it was said that no machine existed that could defeat a human controller in the cockpit.... but check the overall wins vs losses against multiple international companies, and you will definitely be shocked.

Man vs Machine

Aug 21, 2020, 13:01

haha Pretty cool, DA

For now, I still see this type of system as good but potentially flawed. In gaming terms, there's probably a cheese to beat the AI. Like a stupid and random action you could take that would expose a fatal weakness in the AI's operation. Perhaps a bug exploit. That sort of thing.

Still, the AI isn't dealing with the same brain to hand latency that humans do. Likely also carrying out way more strategic assessments at any given time. Flight control is a finite problem so it'll only get better in that regard.  We won't be able to compete on those fronts.

One thing is for sure, the next kamikazes will be AI. 

I guess air combat simulation is easier to carry out since you're not dealing with terrain and obstacles. 

Fighter pilots shall be joining truck drivers in the unemployment queue. Sucks but whatcha gun do?

Nice post man.

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