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Apr 25, 2024, 02:20

would you rather me hang my shirt on 'The Guardian' instead of the 'National Enquirer'?

It's just a question.

Apr 25, 2024, 05:06

Its too late ............... die oom's so far up Putin's tailpipe, he's beyond resurrection, skoon verlore.

Imagine having that piece of shit as your role model ??

Apr 25, 2024, 05:10

Oh yes ............ he doesn't answer questions but ole Joe's forever to blame.

Apr 25, 2024, 09:14

Ja, he's always defending Putin, has never ever said a bad thing about him and has never had a good thing to say about decrepit Joe and the Democrats. Matter of fact if he crawls deeper up Putin's evil asshole there'll be no space for Donnie.

Apr 25, 2024, 09:16

I do not  trust any media outlets - because they tend to spread propaganda which  cannot be  substantiated by documentary proof.    I kmow where the National Enquirer came into the picture in the Hush  money case.  .

Let me explain something to  you about that New York Court case.    There is a system in the USA that in stste courts judges are selected on a party basis  - while in federal level courts and in the Supreme  Court Judges are nominated by the President and then msut be approved by the Senate after an investigation by the FBI.   

That makes the Judges in New York easily manipulated by the WH and DNC especially insofar as trials involving politial issues - like the cases of Trump - extremely questionable and on appeal rejected routinely by federal courts and the Supreme Court.   The judges at State level cannot deal with crimes on issues dealing with federal law compliance.   

So  in the case of the Hush money payments the Prosecutors now claim that by paying the money it entails election inteference in the 2016 election - which comprises a Federal breach in the first instance to be handled by the Federal Election Commission responsible for breaches of the law when it comes to any federal elections    The allegations  against Trump in the 2016 election was handled by the EC and after invetigation he was cleared of any misdemeanour.

The same cannot be said of  Clinton and the DNC.  They were fined a $100 000 for paying for the Steele Dossier that was proven to be lies concocted by the Democrats and was used  by the FBI - who admitted it was BS  - but still used by them to get FIS Court approval to spy on the Trump campaign.    The Court afterwards censured the FBI for submitting  applications to the Court for illegal operations and they were censured and fined as a result as well.   The same court dealing spcifically with Foreign Intelligence Oprerations in terms of the law specially allowing for creation of he Court - that is supposed to dal with foreign agent operation in the USA and spcifically with invovlement of US Citizens in such oerations - last year exposed that the FBI spied illegally on 278 000 US citizens not bcause they were invovled in foreing  spying in the USA - but because they attended School Board meetings and were members of the Catholic Church - especially those using the Latin version of mass in their services.   

But back to the New York Hush  money case.  The intitial prosecutor specially assigned to investigate the matter found no illegality and resigned from the DA Office and Bragg ten decided to proceed with charging of Trump.   What makes the case still weirder was th fact that an advocate appointed by Biden to a senior position in the Justice Department is now the lading Prosecutor in the case.

Weirdly enough  - unlike what is normal provision in the USA Courts - no allegation of what he charge entail was included in the original charge sheeet and it was stated that the criminal allegation will be provided in the court when the  lead Prosecutor will deal with it in court.   What came out was that Trump is being accused of paying hush  money to illegally interfere in the 2016 election.    That means the State judge is now saddled with a "crime" alreadsy investigated by the Election commission and found by the latter Commission to be non-existent.    In a twist the Prosecutors tried to use a New York Law dealing with payments to Mafia underlings by the Mafia godfathers to potential witnesses as a means to ensre tit dis nit ah pen in cuirt cases involvng  the Mafia 'godfathers  to charge Trump with "election inteference".

Despite the Guardian article the allegations are BS and Federal Courts would find it thus.   So the real objective of Biden and his election profram is to keep Trump from campaigning in the election by keeping him in Court and not on the campaign trail which si now an important issue - while Biden is on his campaign trail..   

In other words - the analysis in the Gurduian is BS and in fact laughable and so is those on CNN.    A professor fom Boston wrote an article published by the New York Times that the cherges Trump faced is a historical mistake that could create future precedents that could be used against any candidate running for election in future.  

A funny part is that in 2019 a women working as a senatorial assistant for Biden in the 1990's accused Biden of sexual mollestation that occurred in the 1990's had to flee to Russia due to threats against her and is now a teacher of English in a Moscow school.   What it comes down to is that type of thing  it is a normal practice of Demcorats to invent sexual abues by potential  opponents of the Democrats - but everyone know already that Trump has a very dubious reord of sexual activities - but if he is to be guilty fo a crime - why was Clinton with his association wit h Epstein not charged for travelling 28 times on Epstein's plane to pedophile island?  

So let me get back to the media - on politial issues one cannot trust the emdia from any angle as reliable.    Let me explain something to you - ever since 2016 TNrump ws accused of colusion with Putin iro of the 2016 election and his conduct as to dealing with policy issues during  his  presidency.    The media outlets lied to the public about it o a daily basis  and in the end two Special Councils were appointed to deal with the issue.  Mueller could find no evidence supporting the media stories on the issue - but made two rather dubious comments that turned out to be BS.   The one deal with  "exoneration" - a favorite term used by the Democrats, while in fact here is no allownce for anybody who committed a crime  in the USA to be "exonerated by anybody.   Such a  person must be charged in a Court of Law and af ter found guilty he can be pardoned by the  President, 

However, the Demcorats love the term "exonerated"  as something which theyin fact regard is legal despite the fact that it has no legal standing in USA jurisprudence.   Even during the Biden issue as contained in the Special Council report on his handling of classified documents the Demcorats in the Hous defended Biden after the Speial Council did not recommend charging him with a crime when it came to his handling of classified documents, .    The Special Council in that case decided that although Biden was really guilty of  abusing classified documents for illegal purposes - he cannot recommend charges against Biden because he has a poor memory and in any court case juries would not find it possible of him being found guilty of criminal intent.  That made the Democratic Party Members  in the House calimed the S peccial Council "exonerated" Biden from being charged - which in fact was BS .   The real fact is that Biden is non comus mentus and in a trial the jury would not find him guilty becasue of his mental state.

I will not bli.ev e a word coming out of The Guardian - they have no crrdibity when it comes to objective news  reporting and is a complete left wing radical BS spreader/    In any event I do not beleive any newspaper or media outlet that reported for 8 years lies about collusion between Putin and Trump - which turned out to be lies concocted by the Clinton election campagn in liaison with the DNC and the Obama Administration.   None of the media apologized for spreading BS when it became clear by numerous finding s that they lied to the public.    They ahve nw got a campaign toc harge Trump with crimes which are all based on BS concocted by the WH and the Justice Department  and even leftist leaning legal experts said it is actually political BS.    





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