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Apr 08, 2019, 08:29

It should be the most important issue involving us in SA but not enough for front attention in media or public forefront.

It's strange that some posters here will go on and on about world events while this country is sinking into the political quicksand. Is this a tendency of ostrich in the sand syndrome or is it just our tendency to avoid pain or are we just plain irresponsible and play fiddle while Rome burns. It's probably a mixture of all these factors with cynicism being the catalyst.

Those ex-pat guys who immigrated before the abyss, I must say you indeed had insight.

I see on the News that Ramaphosa might testify on the commission...tell me how do you cross-examine a president with tough driving and probing questions and if his answers are without credibility...drive further hard questions and eventually  put nails in his coffin. Window dressing???

We neither have the courage or honesty to do that.

Even that hex, Nomvula and Agrizzi's strong convincing factual testimony...will that stand the litmus test of honesty and integrity.

I'm very sceptical.

What's your take on this??

Apr 08, 2019, 11:48


When it came to judges in SA  Zuma made some critical mistakes in appointments,   The Courts have regularly ruled against the Zuma shenanigans.   I believe Judge Zondo will - like in all evidence thus far - be fair to witnesses - but he also asked  some probing questions himself.   I do not think he would be a party to protection of criminals in the ANC - even Ramaphosa himself will face some really critical questions. 

Unfortunately the Zondo Commission could not get off the ground soon enough and there first report will be after the elections,

Now back to the elections - the ANC remains in two factions - with the Zuma faction fighting another battle - ie the election list debacle.   There are too many scoundrels be their list and will cause havoc for the ANC.

I do not think the ANC would have an easy time in the elections - neither would it help the EFF as a result of the VSB scandal.    I think that the EFF support will remain below 10% of the electorate.    

The ANC has another problem though - in a municipal by-election in a Transkei Ward - the ANC lost 30% of the voters who would normally have supported them    The gain was by a religious party aligned to Jacob Zuma.   If that is replicated countrywide there would be a serious problems for the ANC and they are running scared in any event.   

The ANC would under such a circumstance would end up with about 180 seats in Parliament.   There would be serious questions as in such an event would be their alliance partners.

The Zumanoids would have about the following supporters:-

*     ANC                  -     circa  80 members

*    Zuma Church     -    circa   30  members

*    EFF                    -     circa  35  members

TOTAL    145   members

Not enough to firm a Government.    The EFF will have nothing to do with Ramaphosa - neither would Zuma's Church  Party.

The ANC Causus by a majority would not be able to have anything to do with the Zumanoids 

I cannot really see how things would develop - one will have to see what happens in and after he elections.  Hoewever, I am still hopeful that thinks will result in at least a more hoinest Government than under Zuma   





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