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Dec 08, 2021, 10:59

"Never go full retard, man"

Dec 21, 2021, 18:05

Just heard that the DA for Shithole (USA) gas been asked to resign.

You remember her as the DA who after the police investigation decided that no charges would be laid against "Justice" Smollett regarding the "White Racist" President Trump attack.

Well it appears that the DA  has a close relationship with "Justice" sister and was the one on the inside who advised his sister to tell him to remain consistent in his interviews and sworn statements.

Nothing like Demorat Justice hey.

Corrupt, racist BLM DA with a degree in Injustice.

Just another one with a political appointment and rotten to the core.

No wonder the country is on the skids....with these scumbags investing every avenue they can.

Dec 21, 2021, 19:31

She went full retard


Dec 22, 2021, 00:34

I think these Bladdy Loonie Morons are born with a hard-on for everything that "Good Folks" do for the country and all citizens.

No wonder Africa is in the state it is in....

Black and screwed forever.

Now they want to live in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia because they want to live like White people.

That is until things do not go their way.

The sad part is that the weak at heart Lefties do not see through these morons and encourage them with migration, open borders and everything else they want.

Send the F.....s back.

Dec 22, 2021, 06:53

AJH...this isn't a black/white thing. Some just like to play victim, I know of plenty lazy and unemployable white people who uses AA as an excuse why they are not working...give them an opportunity and they p!$$ that away, blaming the boss for their's a mindset...

Dec 22, 2021, 09:03

I second that, Draad

Overall I think blacks are a few crucial percentage points less likely to build 1st world countries and I have my theory as to why I think so.

However, in my personal experience…the amount of whities I’ve hired, only to later be let down by them, is very long. Most blacks I’ve employed haven’t let me down and do the work they were hired to do.

The problem with whites in Europe and the US is that they are virtue signalling their asses off at the moment. They don’t really care that much about all the causes they march for. It’s just trendy makes them feel like rebellious little flowers. So precious and unique

Dec 22, 2021, 18:23

Agree their are some very hard working folks of color who are also outstanding citizens.

But the masses are not.

Just look at the inner cities of most large US cities for example.

Can you for a moment just visualize a WLM (White Lives Matter) group being formed and being supported by the people.

Unfortunately  BLM are supported and financed just to ensure their votes at elections for you know who, yes the Demorats and to fill the coffers of the BLM leaders.

Good folks come in all shapes and colors but unfortunately some colors have savage intentions.

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