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May 24, 2024, 20:05

I watched a discussion on CNN where  the main topic for discuussion was that while the TRump supporters seems to be happy and looking forward to a better future - th ere is a lack of enthusiastic support for Biden.    CNN seems to believe that it is a bad sign for the Biden campaign.  

Living in the USA the issue may be clear to you and do you feeel CNN has a point in that regard?

Signs are that Djokovic may withdraw from the French Open.         He was lethargic to anything and seems to be going through the motions.    He stated he did not know what happened in Geneva today in the match he played there.  There was consequently a media claim that he may be suffering from  Traumatic Brain concussion during that incident in Rome about 2 weeks agoo,   .   Recovery may be delayed if he plays,     .    

May 25, 2024, 13:01

Lots of theories out there…..Biden gave his followers free money early, only to ensure inflation when he didn’t need it. The first debate is way early on June 27th. It could be significant….Trump wants Biden to take a drug test because of his odd aggressiveness in the State of the Union address.

But if Trump doesn’t establish a big lead, the Dem ground game will gobble him up. Hold your nose and wait for  2028.


May 25, 2024, 13:16

DumbMike is a Trumpanzee, which has given him the authority to claim sources are fake news, unless they go along with the narrative he wants to believe.

CNN is now a credible news source because it has suggested something that that DumbMike wants to believe.

May 25, 2024, 14:54

I am not a Trump supporter - but I can idxentfy when the emdiia misleadxs people like you with th e esult you cannot think logically on issuess.   I do not use only news media I use a number of othe sources on the nternet and can identify issues like the Russian Hoax and the pesent stunt to lay charges against Trump in an election year is an outright attack on the US  Constitution and democracy in the USA .   

Aside from the  media and other sources - I also stdy what hapened in elctions from the 1980's to date.  I will interpret opinion polls based on pst experences in States ad Citoes,   That is why the leftiist media go into panic mode on election-rellated issues such as the one that 52%   od th voters think Biden is a greater threat to demoocracy than Trump.    

A gave you a fact once about why the House Republicans passed he Bill on Ukraine funding, but becaue the media did not report on that one = the fact is that the Speaker had a discussion with Trump before the law was tabled and the end result was tapproval of the funding.

Unlike Bden - Trump knows that the only way problems in Ukraine and essentially the war will inevtably lead to be resolved through peace ngotiations.    /     

So based on his previous methods for negotiations with foreign countries he used to hold aces that influnece ultiate agreements.   If Ukraine was on its last legs - Putin would hold all the aces in such ngotiations.   ,   

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