Mozart you may be unhappy about indications she is top of the list about Trump's VP' Choices

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May 27, 2024, 08:22

The choice is likely to be House Rep Elise Stefanik from New York - the second highest ranked  Republican House Member after he Speaker.   Read up about her is suggested - be their is a slight reference to New York that he will pay special attention to New York C ity issues,   That and other important tasks she would h ave to carry out efficiently makes her - I believe - the real pick.     

May 27, 2024, 15:32

A Sarah Palin redux…great!

May 27, 2024, 17:13

Have you read up about her background?     In any event - I think that Trump may be looking  for a top class manager that he can delegate specific projects to and also specific areas of work in line with policies determined by the Republican Party.

The latter is likely the issues of upgrading  program for Blacks and Hispanics as well as education.   He obviously does not want a political crusader for the job.   And he also needs Governors that would execute Govenment Policies on State level.

He obviously does not want a useless and unpopular VP like Harris who is even more unpopular than Biden is    Stefanek has proven her abilities in that regard as Chjairman of Republican Party House members Committee.

There is one thing that bothers me abut the Trump issue - he is a favourite of increasing numbers of voters from the Black and Hispanic Communities that are not really supporters of the Republicans as a party.    SB would call it a cult - and in a away he may be correct - but the main problem is not the same as he implied - because it is linked to their daily needs.    

Many of the people living in tents on sidwalks and in parks need psychological and drug rehabilitation treatment - and Trump will need a team of people that could deal with those kind of problems.       

However, it is not only the VP job that is required.   Fox News said the needs for proper management of security issues also of the utmost performance and theys ugested Trump must make his team known in advance as well.   

Attorney General  -  Trump would like a person like Barr - but the situation is bad and the whole Department must be cleaned out of political bureaucrat activists and no more spying  on US voters because of attendance of school board meetings and Roman Catholics and other churches/    The candidates could possibley be Senators Hawley or Cotton.   The FBI secifically needs cleaning up - so there is a lot of work to do to nsure crimianls are charged and not released onto the streets to continue criminalty like is the habit at present.

Homelamd Securiy -   This is a headache in respect of th e Open Borde Policy at present applicable - again a good manager is needed.    It would be interesting to see who Trump picks for that position.    It would not only deal with that problem - but find out where the illegal migrants are and have most of the 9 million people emtering the country since 2021 o deal with.   

CIA - the CIA has been an agency with their own agenda and there senior personnel members are activists against past Presidents warned about,    I think General Flynn - a lifelong Democrat  - may now be nomianted to head the CIA.    

I see Haley has indicated that she is going to vote for Trump.   She with her experience may end up as Secretary of  State.   The oher people Trump would like to have in high Adminstrative prositions.    Ther ould be one project - she is a hawk - while Trump believes in negiotiations to settle international problems.   

The Speaker job will remain with  Johnson - but it is not clear who will be the leader of the Republicans in the Senate. 

The present sutiation is going to be hell to deal with.   Biden added at lea 150 000 additional Public Service jobs to a bloated Federal Public Service  dealing with a massive number of mandates and regulations issued by the Govenrment - whicch in real terms is regarded as red tape appointees.     Since hese eople were appointed as loyal leftists and supporter of the left wing agenda theyw ill be of no use to he ouintry as a whole - but being  Party agents undemining  the administration.   They needed to be weeded out and send packing.

As clearly stated in opinion polls - the country needs to return to normalcy - not the chaos prevailing  after  2021.   From a perspctive of normalcy the Republican Party can self-destruct if hey do not introduce systems that is based on law and order and protection of the community against ciminals and potential terrorists let into th  country through the Open Border policy and a safer environment they have at present.

Theone th ing  I wonder about is wh ether the Demcoratic Party will organize and fiund rioits in inner cities like they did in 2020 - they can do that to intmidate residents to try and create enough chaos.    The Demorats tried to use fake court cases against Trump - but it did not have their desired effects - so more drastic lawbreaking  will be neded to try and get  support from panicking people or by attacking Russia to cause a major war that could be used to cancel the election.   Nothing can be put beyond the corrupt  and incompetent crooks  at present in charge.





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