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Jun 11, 2024, 06:30

There is a video going around, which apparently shows Nancy Pelosi admitting in a private conversation, that she takes responsibility for not having the national guard at the capital on January the 6th.

This is something specifically that Trump immediately brought up when this incident happened, and he mentioned Pelosi personally, many times, regarding the issues with the national guard not being present when the riots occurred.

Subsequent to this, there are also reports that Pelosi then spent $20 million on trying to blame Trump for the riots.



I hope these links work

Have you guys also seen the video from supposedly inside the capitol on the 6th..... of the protesters getting arrested, escorted through to another area of the building, getting released, fist bumping the people who arrested them, and then walk away.....with admissions from some of the people that they were paid to be there.....

Interesting times ahead 

Jun 11, 2024, 08:25

Now it seems that it is in fact Pelosi on the video, and she is now saying that Trump and his team just don't want to face the facts of what happened that day, and that this is "Revisionist History"

LMFAO.... you cannot script this shit.

Then you get the testimony of Steven Sund, the then Chief of Police of the United States Capital Police, who has continued to maintain that he was denied the national guard multiple times before January 6th, and for 71 minutes on January 6th.

Ja ...... the truth will prevail....

Jun 11, 2024, 19:34

Pelosi must have been drunk as per ormal when tshe said what she did on the video,

The Democrats and the leftst media called it an "insurrection" and it turned into maximal propaganda advantage,   But the House found huge gaps in BS spreading by the Dems, the FBI and the CIA and the released security cameras showed exactly what really happened,   

But the Democrats had a nasty habit to undermine themselves through the lies they spread are being proven as lies,   It would be fun to see how the issue would be dealt with by the Supreme Court if Smith's case ever get there,   

In any event Pelosi is ven lying int he video.  It is clear and proven that Trump phoned Pelosi and offered to send the National Guard to guard the Capitol and other centers if the protests got out of hand - and also the fact that the Head of the Capitol Security Police asked her a number of times to call in the ehlp of the National Guard.


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