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May 03, 2019, 01:25

.....has 56% of respondents approving the way Trump is handling the economy, the highest rating ever for that crucial measure which usually determines elections. Good news for those who believe in sanity.

May 03, 2019, 05:01

Just wish he'd stay away from the hamburgers.

May 03, 2019, 05:47

C'mon Denny you really think the Donald is eating hamburgers. My guess would be a little pate de foie gras to start, a well aged ribeye steak with some token greens and maybe a generous slice of creme brulee. With a nice Chateau Richebourg to wash it all down.

Personally I'd go for a crisp mozzarella and dried tomato salad, a Walker Bay sole and double slice of pana cotta. And for that meal I might even go for a Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc.

May 03, 2019, 06:41

Does'nt look so good in comparison to former presidents, although they were legitimate..:D

..Average presidential approval ratings through this point in term via ABC/Post and Gallup polling:

Kennedy 73% W Bush 71% HW Bush 70% Johnson 69% Eisenhower 67% Nixon 58% Truman 56% Obama 55% Reagan 55% Carter 52% Clinton 51% Ford 47% Trump 38%

May 03, 2019, 10:02


I think that the CNN poll stats - like all other USA poll predictions are geared towards creating false predictions in desperate efforts to influence voting patterns in upcoming elections.  The pollsters use pre-determined contributors to give them the figures they desire.    

That is why they got predictions so wrong like happened in the 2016 elections as is evident from the following states I picked at random:-

*    South Carolina  -   Pollsters  -  50:50 chance for  Clinton to win

                                     Actual result -  Trump won by 14,1%

*    Ohio                  -    Clinton to win by 9%

                                      Trump won by  8,6%

*    Michigan           -     Clinton to win by 11%

                                       Trump won by  0,3%

*    Pennsylvania    -      Clinton to win by  13%

                                      Trump won by 1,3%

*    Wisconsin        -      Clinton to win by 15%

                                      Trump won by 1%

*    Overall             -      Clinton to win by 12%

                                      Clinton had a majority of 1,03% over Trump  

In fact the spread iro of total votes cast was as follows:-  

Total votes cast  =   127 691 201

Clinton                  =    48,96%

Trump                  =     47,93%

Fringe candidates =     3,14%        

You better also note that because of major concentration of DP supporters being in three states (California, New York and Chicago)   the Democratic Party needs majority support of about 5% to win the Electoral College,   That fell far short of that situation so the end result was that Trump won the presidency.    

So that 38% story of yours is a pie in the sky figure.             

May 03, 2019, 10:54

....not so clevermoke ... am merely pointing out how this hillbilly president stacks up in comparison to former presidents at the same point in their term as president...not very flattering as expected

...and  there is a huge difference between Fat Donny's approval rating on the economy and his overall approval rating according to the poll that mozart has quoted

...according to mozarts CNN poll there is a huge delta between 43%  overall approval rating and the 56% approval; rating for the economy  - it's the difference between winning in a landslide and losing in one...suggesting that the Republicrims have their work cut out for them between now and Nov 20 /20...

May 03, 2019, 12:02

And I was merely proving that the polls used by CNN are always false based on the target group of people they always used to make forecasts.   It happened in 2016 and they are still steaming ahead full speed.   

The Democrats has no policy as to economics and job creation and they let the ordinary people down for decades and the only thing CNN has is false propaganda.   The fact is the polls give Biden a lead of about 7% in the polls and by 2020 he may be jail because of the Ukraine issue.

About half of the Democrats are in a grouping calling themselves Democrat Socialists and their  approach is based on neo-Communism.   Will that win them support from the electorate in general?    Anyone coming up with that will be lucky to get support from 30%  of the electorate,  

There are now  about 20 Democrats trying to be the  Democrat nomination and the Party is seriously divided.   Scientific study by University indicated that the support of the Latino's for the Democrats has dropped from 67% in the 2016 election to 50% at present,   That represents about  3 million votes lost to the DP.   The support by African Americans  dropped from 90% to 80%.    That represent a loss of another 1,7 million votes, 

Can the DP afford the loss of 4,7 million votes in any election?   Objectively I do not think so - they will lose another 9 state and there will be borderline cases  in a further 6 states.

It would be interesting to see what happens in 2020 - but at this stage with the economy performing better than anytime in the last 30 years and unemployment down to the lowest level ever - the odds seems to be 95% in favour of Trump.    If that continues for another year  any Democrat candidate will be dead and buried in the 2020 election.                    

May 03, 2019, 12:03

Fat Donnie could easily pick up another 10% if he quit potpies, hotdogs and hamburgers. Hell he might even half his handicap in golf.

May 03, 2019, 12:07


May 03, 2019, 12:23

...not so clevermike, so according to you when the CNN poll says "CNN Poll: Trump's approval rating on the economy hits a new high." then this is not to be trusted / believed and clearly false for the reasons you have just stated...obviously just more left wing propaganda... ok got it 

May 03, 2019, 12:29

Sounds like his girth is keeping pace with his approval rating.

May 03, 2019, 15:25

CNN poll says 69% want the origins of the Russian HOAX investigated! The poll was slanted to democrats with even more Independents being canvassed than Republicans.  Probably the figure is closer to 73%.

So guess what will happen as the treasonous details of the coup are made public to an even greater extent.
Trump is proving to be one of and perhaps the greatest President the USA has ever had. 
How in the world can you expect loons like Brycy to understand greatness. Hahahahahahahahaha. The intellectual mouse examining Eisenstein! 

May 03, 2019, 15:27

Trump approval rating on Russmussen is 51%

Fancy still even today needing to caution some half bakes about leftist polls!! 

May 03, 2019, 15:32



May 03, 2019, 17:37

Here are the most important collar wages and blue collar jobs are growing faster than the economy as a whole......I can't remember when that happened last.

May 03, 2019, 20:40

National debt under Bozo: $22 trillion!

May 03, 2019, 21:13

National debt under Obummer as he begins first term. 10 trillion. Eight years later 20 trillion. So rooijackass under Obummer more debt was accumulated than under ALL previous 43 presidents added together. AND with nothing to show for it. What a disaster Hussein was.

The increase in the accumulation is starting to slow down.

May 03, 2019, 21:42  CNN is now reporting that the unemployment rate has fallen to a 49year low... BUT according toDonald Trump CNN is 'Fake News':D

May 03, 2019, 22:16


There is nothing funny about the report - it is the data released by the relevant Department,   

Let me explain something.    I listened to the  ABS broadcast of the election results in the 2016 presidential election.    When it became obvious that the outcome would be determined by what happened in the Rust Belt States (Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) - there was a number of issues raised, namely -

*    That the average worker in the USA is now worse off than he was 20 years ago and that resentment against the political establishment in the USA has built up against them for years now and seemed now to have reached breaking point;

*     That due to the trade deals negotiated by Obama the conditions were such that it would be  better for major US manufacturers to relocate to countries where wages were much lower than in the USA - with the result being growing unemployment in the USA, especially in the four states mentioned - but also in Georgia and the Carolinas.

Trump promised he would act in the interests of the working class and he would correct the imbalances that has built up over the last 20 years and longer.   What Trump did was relevant since -

*    he threatened relocated factory owners that a heavy import duty would be placed on imported goods manufactured by companies who moved their operations out of the USA - being the main reason for that practice to be stopped and for some major industries expanding their operations in the USA;

*    he desperately tried to stop migrants from entering the USA and through lower wages paid  to them take away jobs from American workers - this affected the African Americans and already settled Latino's even harder than it did other workers.

The fact is the real beneficiaries of the Trump Administration are the working people through less unemployment as well as - for the first time in three decades - substantial increases in workers disposable income.     

One should ask a logical question?   Bearing in mind their experiences over the past 50 years - why should the beneficiaries - the workers and their families - desert the President who proved that he is interested in their welfare after being ignored by the last 4 US Presidents the Bushes, Clinton and Obama?                

May 03, 2019, 22:23

....not so clevermike you can't believe CNN reports because they are FAKE NEWS...president TRump said so and he would'nt lie to us would he?

May 04, 2019, 00:20

Well they were horribly wrong about Collusion....but in this case they are reporting a positive for Trump, it must hurt, you can take that to the bank.

May 04, 2019, 01:33

 Collusion is not a crime so expect more of that from the Russian asset... whereas obstruction of justice well that's a crime ...let's hear what White House TV Fox News says about that...

May 04, 2019, 02:11

No lets not....this farce is over. Next time somebody wants to sell you a used car, remember the lesson. Hell it's not like I didn't warn you!

May 04, 2019, 05:28

.... impeachment proceedings would look really bad in an election year and has been a successful ploy in the past... so i would'nt be surprised if they sprang that one on him even if they know it won't's not the end , it's just the end of the beginning...still plenty of mileage to be made of this one...grab your popcorn 

May 04, 2019, 09:34

No Brycy

It will have another impact - it will expose a DP witch hunt because it will not hide the lack of economic policy of the DP,   The problem is that Trump will not be impeached and the DP has no real reason for impeachment.   They have zero evidence of collusion with Russia and they have no other legal grounds - so the fact is that is clear already from what is happening,

If there was no proven crime there is zero grounds for obstruction of justice,   That is another myth that will prove nothing.       

The problem is also a number of DP big wicks may face criminal trial for a number of  serious transgressions and that would actually be a disgrace  that the DP will not get away with,  

The US votes has had enough of make up stories and as long as the present economic conditions continue the fact is that it could be a wipeout for the DP.   Biden will not be the DP candidate because of the Ukraine story and neo-Communist policies of Sanders will not be bought by the majority of US voters,   The other 18 DP candidates are all are in the main Democratic Socialists as well.   There policies will be exposed cruelly in the election itself.


May 04, 2019, 09:51

The Dems and the MSM have gone ballistic, like Ou Maaikie like to phrase it. The main culprits in the MSM are CNN and MSNBC.

Why have they gone ballistic? Because they know “winter is coming”.

It is like being on a runaway train and they cannot get to the driver to stop it.

I think many of them are now wishing that they never boarded the train.

May 04, 2019, 10:15

Hahahaha. And after posting my previous post I start flipping through some news articles and I come across this one:

Bill Maher says Trump and supporters are about 'owning the libs': 'I feel owned now'

Kicking off the show's panel-discussion segment, Maher began by recalling the "euphoria" that Democrats felt after they retook the House in the 2018 midterms because it meant they would gain "subpoena power" in the new Congress.

"Apparently not," Maher said, noting that Attorney General William Barr was a no-show at Thursday's scheduled House Judiciary Committee hearing.

"It's all about 'owning the libs,'" Maher explained. "You know, that's what they are out for, 'owning the libs.' And I'll tell you something: I feel owned now. You have succeeded. This week, when [Barr] said, 'You know what, I'm subpoenaed before Congress? F--- you, I'm not showing up.' You're right. And we can't do anything about it. I am owned."

The HBO star then asked the panel if there were now 21 Democrats vying for the party's 2020 presidential nomination -- but a guest quickly told him the number may be 22 because New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will reportedly announce his candidacy next week.

"Oh, for f--- sake," Maher reacted. "It's not even a horse race. It's the running of the bulls at this point."

Maher mocked Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., who entered the race this week, asking, "What's his slogan, 'Google me'?"

"My point is, all you 22 people who are running, you're asking what can you do to get my vote? Make me not feel owned," Maher continued. "Who's going to make me feel, 'Oh, I'm not going to feel owned in two years.'"

May 04, 2019, 10:32

...notsoclevermike if America can impeach a president for lyng about a blowjob,,, then sure as hell they can impeach one for 10 attempts to obstruct justice and the two campaign violations ,,without even considering accepting campaign help from a hostile foreign power...

May 04, 2019, 11:27

One wonders if this clown Brycy actually believe all that BS. 

Brcy go to the Drudge Report and look at the headlines HAHAHAHA the dope is in for a big surprise! 

May 04, 2019, 11:31

Brycy, read the report and the “instances of potential obstruction”. Then listen to what Barr told the Senate and then, to finish it off, try and find the explain where and when Trump obstructed justice. Don’t just tell us that “the report says so”. Name those instances where he actually did obstruct justice.

May 04, 2019, 12:03

Windomp asking ou Brycy to get factual is a big ask but of course you are right and the half bake should try. 

Come on Brycy let's hear from you. 

May 04, 2019, 20:21

What's the difference between lying and perjury?

May 04, 2019, 21:17

Ceradyne let Fox News legal analyst explain it to you

May 04, 2019, 21:48

Vlag, I know the difference well, but I'm not too sure about Brycie:angel:

May 04, 2019, 22:25


Napolitano said that Avenatti wouldn’t get bail. He got bail. 

Napolitano said that a sitting president can get indicted. He can not. 

Napolitano said that Giuliani was going to cause chaos for Trump. He didn’t, did he?

Napolitano said that Giuliani would lose that subpoena argument  with Mueller. Mueller didn’t even give it a go.

Now, why don’t you give it a go and explain to us why, where and how you believe that Trump obstructed justice. 

May 04, 2019, 23:21

...i see the attacks on Judge Napolitano are coming in thick and fast ...he is obviously on to something otherwise the Magats would'nt be trying to demonize him ,silence him and sully his name...i would believe him over all the Trump dummies any day...

May 04, 2019, 23:39

Yep. There we go again. If you cannot win the argument, you attack the opponent(s) and not their arguments.

This is the deal. I don’t think that you really even know what the alleged grounds for obstruction of justice are. You are just kowtowing the MSM. In addition, those are all points that Napolitano made and which were debunked. I saw an article where another legal expert has debunked his ideas that he raised in that clip. I just could not be bothered to go and find that again as well.

Fact is that Mueller has pulled a fast one with the whole obstruction “finding” and the left has latched onto it just as he wanted them to do. It was never his job to exonerate Trump on anything. He was supposed to determine whether he was guilty of anything or not. He could not do that.

May 05, 2019, 05:34

Oh dear, once again the sensitivities of the Trump groupies have gone ballistic. Easy now, don't start on me, I care about him, about his diet an all, no sense in winning another term when halfway through he has a cardiac arrest. Fat Donnie is just not doing himself any favours.

May 05, 2019, 11:51

Oh dear indeed. An old friend used to have this Afrikaans expression, which only really works in Afrikaans: “Soek jy geselskap of is jy net lus om kak te praat?”

May 05, 2019, 13:39

The country is in fabulous health, popping at the seams, the road traffic is just one indicator......full lots at all the shopping malls is another.

Just think if Europe and the rest of the world were also booming .....this would be the first great era of the 21st century.

Just think if the Democrats were a normal opposition and the Rhinos supported their leader how much further we could be to resolving the many untended and complex issues only Trump has had the guts to tackle.

For the first time since Maggie we have a problem solving world leader and so many just refuse to get the message. No he's not pretty and if you cross him he isn't going to be nice. But he's competent, and that makes him pretty much unique in the political world,

May 05, 2019, 17:05

Exactly, if a prosecutor can't find grounds to prosecute he should just shut up. 

Mueller is complicit in the Uranium 1 scandal. He also has to explain why he didn't investigate the DNC and Crooked Hillary collusion with Russia where real proof of collusion exists. 

Also why did Mueller refuse to look at the DNC servers which he knows the FBI didn't look at either. 

Then Mueller must explain why he never looked at Clinton's collusion withe the Ukraine! Here again there is hard evidence it took place.

As for judge Nap he was a great supporter of Trump but changed over night. I personally can confirm his dramatic about turn as I saw it for myself. Reason was he asked Trump for a Supreme Court nomination and was turned down. 

A loser like ou Brycy hasn't a hope in assessing this great American President. Dumb twit. Perhaps the greatest America has produced. Think what he has overcome! 

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