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Jun 10, 2024, 00:48


Jun 10, 2024, 13:32


You must celebrate before the inecvitable happen and you  start moaning about collapse of your ideal world Goes down the drain and that is not going to be long from now.

You obviously want a Labour Party win and indications are good that th ey will and just oen th e UK borders for illegal migrants like Biden is doing.    There is one problem though  - in the EU Referendum the strongest support for leaving the EU came from working class people - traditionally the core of Labor Party support.     In the subsequent parliamentary election in the UK Labour lost seats that have not vote for the Conservatives since the 1920's.    This illegal migrants story is what is put people under threat and the same thing may happen again.     

Jun 10, 2024, 13:58

God help us when Labour get in.

Jun 10, 2024, 14:31

It is the Democratic will of the people to block illegal immigration, and Labour need to act on this instead of forming some moral crusade about what people "must" believe.

Illegal immigration has been at its highest ever over the last 2 years with a conservative rule.

Jun 10, 2024, 14:57

Illegal immigration will skyrocket once Labour get in.

They believe in an open borders policy. 

Jun 10, 2024, 20:24

Illegal immigration will skyrocket once Labour get in.

They believe in an open borders policy. 

Immigration was lower when Labour was last in power, as were taxes, as were NHS waiting lists.

But you keep telling yourself that everything wrong in the UK is the fault of immigrants and listening to people who told you Brexit would be a good idea.

Jun 10, 2024, 20:54

Who said anything about Brexit for pities sake ? Or immigrants being at fault ? 

Labour haven’t been in power for fourteen years. A lot has changed, you have no idea what they would have done if they had been in power. 

Jun 10, 2024, 21:16

That is why a lot of people who lost fauith in the major Parties will support him in the election.   Another sisue is that the story that leaving the EU caused major problems for the UK.   There is no difference between the problms the EU countries and the UK experience at present and it is caused by exactly the same problems caused by he weak leaders Europe has at present,

There may be a "rebellion" by the voters  that could cause similar problems as happend in Europe to the leftists Parties.         


Jun 10, 2024, 21:20

The far right in the EU will influence policy, mostly on illegal immigration. The main parties will remain in power- that is closer to the centre. 

Most of the illegal refugees are coming over from France. This may solve the refugee problem if they are not allowed into France in the first place.

The vast majority of refugees and migrants who cross the English Channel to reach the UK come from France, not from their countries of origin.In 2021, over 28,000 asylum seekers crossed the Channel from France to the UK, and in 2022 that number jumped to over 40,000. Most of them traveled in small, overcrowded and unseaworthy boats arranged by people smugglers.While France receives a much larger number of asylum seekers than Britain - around 113,000 in the year ending March 2022 compared to 67,000 in the UK - only a relatively small proportion of the asylum seekers in France have congregated in locations on the country's northern coast with the intention of moving on to the UK.

Jun 10, 2024, 21:52

Who said anything about Brexit for pities sake ? Or immigrants being at fault ? 

Sorry I just assumed you where one of those everything will be worse under Labour lot. Because that lot tends to bang on about immigration before any other topic.

Labour haven’t been in power for fourteen years. A lot has changed, you have no idea what they would have done if they had been in power. 

They wouldn't have push a hard Brexit like the Tories did, and they wouldn't have elected a succession of truly terrible Prime Ministers.

Jun 10, 2024, 22:58

I don’t suppose they would have had Covid to deal with either ?!! 

Jun 10, 2024, 23:30

Nice one Becs….just because a party never had to deal with a complex problem doesn’t mean they would do any better. For example it was a labor government that supported  the idiotic Iraq war without exercising independent judgement.

Jun 10, 2024, 23:33

Very true, Mozart. And they revere a War Criminal ex-leader ! 

Jun 10, 2024, 23:46

Anybody supporting  big Government smothering anythin g else in th e country wiould support a leftist socialist and reactionary party will always vote for parties like th e D emcorats in the USA and Labour Party in the UK.

They  have fancy ideas to waste money on unproven projects and those normally ends up in inflation and huge problems for the country as a whole as it mostly entail fruitless expenditure.   Labor Government was in charge in the UK from 1976 to 1980 and when Thatcher took over the  Govenrment was penniless and had to borrow money to keep the Government going.   When Cameron took over from Brown in 2012 the country was near to financial collapse due to fruitless expenditure,

What I am trying to tell you is a sure recipe for disaster for any country.   The basic principle has always been  that Governments should always cover current expenditure with current income of Government and may borrow money for capital expenditure that has a potetial income that would cover the loan costs - eg interest and repayment.   

The leftist Governments believe otherwiuse - if you do not have money to cover current expenditure borrow it.   That increase the country's debt and essentially is inflationary.   In the end the population suffer and then react against the leftists like happened in the EU elections and most of their fairy tale expenditure undermining food production is always disastrous.   

I think Macron is finished because of the migrant problem - but also dire economic conditions and his party will vanish into thin air as a result.   He pretended to be a centrist  but acted exactly leftist in policies.    As commentators said on sky news - he is finished and his tactic to call Parliamantary elections is going to leave him with a small minority party in Parliament.   

The German Government is even in a bigger mess than France and the reaction is much stronger.   The Socialists are now the fourth biggest Party in Germany  and the Greens are third by a small margin.    The chances are that the their other coalition partners are likely t get less than 5% of the vote and left with no members in the Reichstag,    The CDU and their Bavarian Partners will get 32% of the vote and they would not have support to form a coaition Government with the Socialists and their only option woould be a coalition inclusing both the Socialists and Greens - the latter party is a scourge in itself and the CDU would lose heir Barvaruan CSU Partners if that happen.    There only option would be a coalition Governmnt with the AfD.    

The first hing in both Germany and France would be to join peacemaking efforts under a Republican President  and get rid of he corrupt lot at presen in charge - restr0e a Constitutuion in Ukraine and force Puin to make concessions to keep Ukraine as a functioning Democracy and not a proxy Government of the USA in Kiev.   They should actually  save Ukraine that way and not get involved in wars causing suffering by the working class and poor in their own countries. 


Jun 11, 2024, 05:33

I don’t suppose they would have had Covid to deal with either ?!

Hard to imgaine Labour could have done a worse job.

Nice one Becs….just because a party never had to deal with a complex problem doesn’t mean they would do any better. For example it was a labor government that supported  the idiotic Iraq war without exercising independent judgement.

Do you still consider Iraq when voting in the US?

Jun 11, 2024, 09:56


Obviously - after more than 20 years the USA still  has troops in Iraq and Syria - which  is regularly attacked by proxy rebels controlled by Iran.    So the idiotic war in Iraq caused proxy wars in the ME.    By the way Bush Deputy President Cheyne was in charge of the famous "Weapons of Mass Destruction" lie Mueller was used to tell the Senate that.    Cheyne's controlled Company Haliburton got corrupt contracts from the US Defense Department costing the US Taxpayers billions and the same firm is now involved in the Ukraine War and operating from Poland.   

When Trump said the Haliburton contracts were corrupt - his daughter Liz Cheyne went on a campaign against Trump and although the Republicans sidelined her she was appointed  as a Pelosi representative on the January 6 investigations Committee- which was a Kangaroo Court Hollywood Farce in any event.   So much so - that they had to destroy thousands of documents they got - which showed up the hearings as farcical.    It was a criminal offence exercize to destroy Houe documents for which the guilty members of the House should be charged by the Justice Department but as expected they did not charge anybody.       

Trump at least negotiate the Abrahamic Accord that would have largely kept the ME peacefiul.  A law was apssed to the effect that all Iran US Dollar payments for oil be frozen as long  as they support proxy wars and terrorism.    Once signed Trump ordered the US Army ti witdraw from Syrua  as a first move to move th e army out of Iraq,   The Army command hating  the withdrawal negotiations from Afghanistan and turned against Trump on that score and they lied to Trump that they withdrew the US troops from, Syria,

Biden in his brilliance did order a totally chaotic withdrawal  from Afghanistan and the Armaments Industry ordered the BSter to get a new war started to off-set their production level decline and voila the Ukraine War provided the answer to their demands.    

At the same time he illegally unfroze billions of dolalrs payable to Iran and tore up the Abrahamic Accords and now the  ME countries who signed up to it  are now members of BRICS.  They learned one thing  - never trust the USA when they  have a dementia suffering  idiot as President.

So the Iraq War is still pertinent - as well as the proxy wars in the ME is ongoing.    When the US Defense Force were questioned about the  Ukraine War they did not say the war was winnable and they could not foresee any end to the happy war situation.  They had no plans for what will follow the war and when and how it would end.    They just wants billion of dollars to continue the War.   Since -

*    2003 the US Defense Department books  have not been audited; and 

*    since 2014 cash grants to Ukraine have not been subjected to auditing,

the happy looting situation through  bribery and corruption running into billions was ongoing.

When Trump froze US Aid Projects worldwide because of corruption and ordered frozing of cash transfers to Ukraine - two of the kickback chiefs (Pelosi amd Schiff) tried to get Trump impeached because their corrupt incomes were effected.  

So the Iraq War is still pertinent - but what is more pertinent is the corrupt money flows from aid programs of the USA and EU countries relating to the Ukraine War.   Those kickbacks at one stage went through FTX - whose operations were praised by he WEF on their website. So billions in aid to Ukraine found their way through FTX to the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in the USA and EU countries., while FTX domated to the Democrat $110 million to cover the Democratic Party camaigns in 2020 and 2022.   The DP was not ordered to return the money so the privae losers would not be re-imbursed for their losses.       

Do some researh and  you would find the BS  all over the show.





Jun 11, 2024, 11:21

Labour would not have had Matt Hancock and friends stealing the Covid budget. 
The fast lane Covid bribes were the issue. 

Jun 11, 2024, 11:40

"Labour would not have had Matt Hancock and friends stealing the Covid budget"

How the hell Hancock got away with his handling of Covid, is crazy

Jun 11, 2024, 12:48

Oh no, because Labour are all Saints, right Sharkbok ?!! 

By the way, I too believe Hancock to be useless.

Jun 11, 2024, 14:33

@Becs, the performance of Matt Hancock was useless for numerous reasons.

Surely there should be prerequisite qualifications and experience to be in charge of a government department of health. (e.g. A doctrine, 15+ years experience of being a doctor, NHS experience managing thousands of people etc). 

Putting someone in the job that is not from that background, is like putting a Sport minister in the job of the finance minister. 

However, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The fast lane bribes where the Tories and friends pocketed billions- while refusing to pay nurses for overtime or agreeing to increase their salaries were shocking. 

I have heard that Labour might create a high court like in America - but with term limits. 
If this actually happens, it would limit the power of politicians and also make it possible to prosecute them,

Jun 11, 2024, 14:49

I’m afraid the Drs who have been in charge of the DFH in the past have also been useless. 

As far as I’m concerned, all Depts should have someone with experience in the field and, if incompetent, should be replaced. However, it all depends on who has been elected in the first place, doesn’t it ? 

Politicians always behave in that way, no matter what colour rosette they wear. How do you think they all get so damned wealthy ?! 

Jun 11, 2024, 15:52


 Define for me what are "Far Right" parties?   I know why the media use that scare tactic to describe center-right parties - expecia;;y of they poe a threat to th e leftist G overnments they supprt.  

In my opinion and based on laws passed when Trump was President the Republicans are no more far-right than the CDU of Germany is.  In the U S A you have two Parties with diametrical opposite policies - namely the leftist Democratic Party - which is shedding  their centrist elements and follow extreme leftist policies - also th eya re against the US  Coonstitution and try to sabotage democracy that way,   An example is weaponising the Justice Department to atatck opponents    I am not only talking  about the fake court cases against Trump - I am talking about the fact that the FIS Court found the FBI illegally spied on 278 000 people purely because they attend school booard meetings and object to the present system and the Catholic Church  of wh ich  Biden pretends he is one.     

I do not call the Democratic Part a Far-left Party I call them a Leftist Party - although they at times used far-left policies of which Stalin and Lenin would have been proud.



Jun 11, 2024, 18:21


No one decides what the left, centre or right is. It changes, even in our own lifetimes- and to a degree from election to election.

Whatever the average is at a particular moment, is considered the centre.

The farther away someone is from the centre (average), the more far (right/left) they are.

For example, illegal immigration is a big issue which is pushing people further right. 
Howvever this could become mainstream/centre, so in the future, it may just be standard even when the left gets back into power. So the far right will no longer have this as an option to campaign on- as it is considered mainstream thought. 

The Horse Shoe Theory

Horseshoe theory - Wikipedia

Jun 12, 2024, 11:13

Thanks for the above.  In terms of the above the Democratic Party is indeed far-left in the main - 145 of their 209 House members are far left supporters through their membership of the far-left ideology of the House committee they joined. . 

In that case the Republican Part is center right and the CSU of Bavaria and the Adf are right wing elements of the German political scene - not far right.   

The same system applies in France and most EU countries where far leftist and leftist rule collapsed in recent elections.  There is indeed no proof that any of the media far right allegaions can be proved,   

There is no rightwing organization that is advocating dictatorships in the countries they operated in - but the DP in the USA is using dictatorial conduct - which they accuse the Republicans of doing what they are already doing and practised in the USA.   I think opinion polls in the USA indicating Biden represents a bigger threat to demcoracy than Trump does - while the Democrats accuse Trump of doing what they are themselves doing at this stage.

Still weird - but no party in Europe and the USA participating as legally registered Parties are really far right - a term invented by the liberal media to try and scare people worldwide.


Jun 12, 2024, 11:42

No DumbMike, you dont decide where you are on the horseshoe- and then decide where everyone else is in comparison.

You start with the average, and then you see how far away you are from this. You lack the objectivity to do this of course

Jun 12, 2024, 12:21

Lol Shark

Jun 12, 2024, 14:19


I am a centrist and has been accused by memebrs t be a National Party  supporter by some of themselves accused  of being an ANC supporter.   

My home and views are entirely centrist and based on legal and proven by documentary evidence.  If the Demcorats were a centrist party I would even consider voting for them as I was a supporter of Kennedy in the 1960's - but the corrupt criminals now in power will never get my vote.

In the Uk I would be in trouble - the Conservaqtive Party is an unholy mess and the Labor Party  I woud never support as they are too far to the left for my liking.

In Germany I would support the CDU of Bavaria with some rightwing tendencies - but in the main center right.

In France I have a problem - I would not vote for the gutless Macron's party - but after that you have the socialists on the left and the conservatives on the right.   I would prbably vote for the latter.

Where I differ from you is that migration is the reason for voter support shithing to the right.   In some countries like Sweden and the USA gangsterism and law and order problems caused a shift in politial thinking and in the USA Law and Order has been undermined by the Demcorats and crime is out of hnd.   The third issue is uncontrolled fruitless expenditure on a wide rang of fields that cause inflation at a high level.   A major part of such expenditure is on the Ukraine War funding - while the war ase especially in EU countries dependent on for instance oil and gas imports being slashed and oil imports at much higher prices caused transport and production cost increases hitting the pockets of working class people very hard.

The other issue is the war on food production linked to the Global warming issue that is also contributing to food production and causes shortages and resultant price increases    The increases on egg prices in the USA is 325%  and meat has been oer 120% - while groceries in some stores ran ut and in other was limited with higher prices the result.     In the USA opinion poll 70% of th voters claim that Biden's rcxonomic policy was a disaster - only 62% of the voters believe all illegal migrants should be sent out of the country.

Combined that leads to inflation in a major way                       

Jun 17, 2024, 02:18


Jun 17, 2024, 16:41


It is very easy to d etermine where parties are when it comes to idetification,   Lets look at the USA in particular.   What politicians implement is where they are on the horseshoe.   

Take for instance the DP:-

*   They have proven policies written out for them as to their Greens Policy (Bill Gates) and the open border policy and law and order policy writtem by Soros.   Gates meet at least once a month with  the Energy Secretary and Soros' son meets with WH offiials mothly  to ensure that his father's instructions are adhered to.   The Greens are generally regarded as ultra-leftists and associates with leftist parties that ensure they can force throught there wishes thatt way.  

*    Eduation in the USA has adopted the Woke Culture.  They teach pupils to hate their parents and families and that the State will protect them from abusive parents who told the children otherwise - the typical education policy used under Stalin.   They encourag children to undergo sex change treatment and like happened in California they took the children away  when the parents object to it,   In the case of schools racial hatred is taught to people and they provide books on child sex in school liberies.   

*   There opinion on sex issue si weird and far-left.   They claimed there are 52 different sexes in the USA  and they forbid for usage of men and women to describe sexual orientation and instruct that the term for humans must be "childbearing parent" and "non-childbearing  parent".    Education standards dropped at Government schools - because what is taught is so outlandish it is unbelievable.      

*     When parents object at School Board meetings about the above - Biden calls them "White Domestic Terrorists" they use the FBI to spy on  them as opponents of the Biden Regime.   To that he added the Catholic Churcxh, because of the church opposition to abortions.  According to court documents 278 000 people were illegally investigated by the FBI.   

*      In the USA a culture against history and culture has been developed and is encouraged by the Democrats and known as the Woke culture - in the 2020 riots hundreds of monuments have been destroyed because pupils for years has been told to hate the history of the USA.

*     In essense the Democrats as a whole promotes extreme policies like men being  allowed to particiate in female sport.   No sex change operation is required - all the athletes would have to do is caimed they feel like females and they have direct access to changerooms.   

One has to realluy wonder whether it is possible for any party in any democracy to be more leftist than the DP in the USA.   So their real ideology is extreme leftist,   The aim of the DP is clear - they aim at establishing an ultra-leftist dictatorship in the USA - hence the media hatred campaigns against any opposition to the DP.        


Jun 17, 2024, 17:11

Ou Maaik's position on the horseshoe is a piece of rust on the very bottom right hand side of the picture.

Jun 17, 2024, 17:54

So Rooinek - as expected you agree with the BS of the Democratic Party I refer to above,   But then years ago in a post stated that you support Communism - so I take youc omments from whence it comes - a leftist communist lunatic.   

Jun 18, 2024, 05:07


In the USA the division between the Democratic Party and the  Republican Party started in 2012 and was formnted by hate speech of the leftist press against the Republican Party and anybody supporting them.

As part of the hate agenda Obama started 2 subsidiaries of the Party called Antifa and BLM to protect the USA from a takeover by the Republcian Party who was accused of having Nazi and dictatorial tendecies,  That got worse when Trump became the Presidential candidate of the Republican Party in 2016.

As was proved to be lies concocted by the Democrats and their agents in the CIA and FBI to the effect that Trump was a Putin plant and agent in the USA, became the headline news from 2016 to 2018 and was repeated and became 24/7 daily headline news.  An effort to get rid of Trump as based on headline news let to the Justice Department appointing Mueller as Special Council with the idea that Mueller would find proof of the Russian Collusion story.

Mueller appointed 24 lawyers - all of them with  links to th e Democratic Party in the end could find no evidence of actual collusion between the Trump - there was in fact none.   Mueller in dessperation and urged on by the Demcoratic Party made a statement that although he could not find any conclusive evidence - he cannot exonerate Trump and pointed out there were some adverts from Russia supporting Trump in the election.   Both those "no evidence which could be supported by evidence"  story caused a new media storm by the leftist media.   The Russian adverts apparently cost $41 000 was very real BS - bearing in mind the USA election costs running  into billions of dollars.   A ccording to the Democrats Trump should have stopped the publication of the Rusian adverts - but the media carried on the claim as part of the Russian Hoax stories.   Both what could Trump having no links to any Government position do is obviously not of interest - what  was that Trump was a Russian agent and the media continued with  their daily spread of hate speech .   

Mueller also indicated in his report that he cannot "exonerate" from havong  potential links to the Russian Government.  There is no legal term in the USA about someboidy being "exonerated" - if a crime is committed he or she must be charged with  the crime and it must serve before a court of Law.   Nobody has the power to exonerate people from being charged with any crime.  The media then accused Trump as he could not be exonerated from being charged.   "Exonerated"  became a new invention of a non-existant crime dealing process - but the Mueller report became an issue - where and how did the Collusion started,   When challenged as to how and why the Collusion story started.   Mueller cxplaimed it was not part of his investigation - which apparently did not hold water.   

Barr seeing the flaws in the Mueller report then appointed Special Council Durham to investigate what happened that led to the allegaions as to collution - especially after the Director-General of Justice found that the FBI used the Steele Dossier as evidence to get FIS Court approval to spy on Page and in fact on the whole Trump election campaign in 2016.   

Durham after an investigation lasting over 4 years found that the story about Trump being an agent  of Russia was started by the Clinton campaign and the DNC - helped along  by the Obama Administartion using  basically the FBI and CIA to feed stories to the media.   Durham found that the Clinton campaign and DNC were lies concocted by themselves and added to by the FBI and CIA leaks of stories to the media.   Durham laid a number of charges against Sussman a lawyer and Chancheko who passed the lies concocted by the DNC and Clinton through the FBI to the media.

A typical case of how the media handled he outcome of the Durham investigation came from the following story in The Guardian:-  

I was a typical Guardian lie - Durham was not appointed to duplicate Mueller investigation - he was appointed to investiigate how the Russian collussion story started,   The Guardian then falsely claimed that Durham did not lay any charges against anybody - which was a lie.  He laid charges against Sussman - a lawyer directly linked to Clinton - about a lie about how Trump had a direct computer link to a Moscow bank which was used by Trump to contact Putin.   When in Court Sussman claimed he was just informing  the FBI of the story - but he did it as a private person alarmed by the story - while in fact Clinton paid him to tell the story to the FBI.  That was followed by charges against Danchenko about the stories he told Steele to include in his famous dossier.   During the trial it ame out that the FBI oprovided the information to Danchenko and the latter passed it to Steele.   

When that came out during the court case Durham withdrew the Charges aainst Danchenko and openly in court says the real accused was in fact the FBI and to an extent the CIA.

The next phase of the anti Trump hate campaign relates to the origin of the Covid pandemic and how Trump as responsible for the pandemic when it came to the Covid pandemic.  What Trump did wrong in that case was never clarified - but the hate campaign only got worse.   In this regard the media distorted the functioning of the Constitution making Health a State responsibility - not a federal function.   Trumps only role was to help the States to handle deaking with the pandemic.   Trump did everything possible to enhance the development of vaccines and got early approval fo the vaccines by the Federal Committee dealing with approval of new medication in the USA to combat Covid - the normal period to get such  approval was normally four years.  

The hate campaign against the Republican Party and supporters reached even higher levels in the leftist media in the 2020 election and subsequent investigation was a complot in the USA that blame Trump and the Republicans for being a racist organization,   That came from an article in the New York Times in January 2019.  That campaign was taken further when a  policeman "murdered" George Floyd in March  2020,   The story was so bad that most of their readers claimed that there are thousands of such murder cases by the State and City Police - w hile in fact there were 19 such  cases in 2019 of which 11 were Blacks and 9 Whites.   Based on the media lies the Democrats next action wsa to organize the protests against racism and used the BLM and Antifa movements to turn the protests into riots.   There is written proof that the DNC using  $60 million prvided by Soros to fund the riots that took place in August-Setember 2020.   Duriing the riots during  which 46 people were murdered by the rioters - more than 1200 policemen were seriously injured by using  firearms and Molotov coctails provided by BLM and Antifa on an organized basis and arson and looting to damages excceding $5 billion in inner cotoes in the  USA.   The leftist media kept dead quiet on what happened during the peaceful protests the media claimed it was,   

The whole issue was worsened in the media until the Ritterhouse case came up.   The Prosecutor falsely accused Ritterhous to be a murderer when he shot and killed 2 rioters and wounded a third.  When the securoty cameras version was studied it turned out that Ritterhouse was trying to put out a fire at his faher's shop and then was atatcked by the rioters.  He was 17 years old and he fled to the police cordon about 300 meters away,   The rioters involved then used an object to cause  the running Riterhouse to fall down and the three rioters than started a physical attack on Ritterhouse - in self-defense he shot two rioters and whena third on pointed a fire-arm at Ritterhouse he shot him in the arm.   The case against Ritterhouse took a nasty turn when the Prosecutor in the case said he was not informed as to what was exposed by the video cameras and the Judge originally appointed By Clinton got miffed by the comments and told the Prosecutor in no uncertaint erms that he was BSting.   The leftist media also got a rebuff from the said Judge when they tried to identify the jurors.   Be it as it may the Jury found Ritterhouse innocent.  Biden went beserk and accused Ritterhouse from murdering Blacks and accused him of being a racist.   The problem was that all three rioters were Antifa supporting Whites and all had criminal recrds covering pages of charges never finalizzed because the wounded one moved away from states were the criminal charges was laid againt im.

Biden carried on the attack by claimimg that all opponents of his Govrnment were all "White Domestic Terrorists" and in the end it was revealed by the FIS court that the FBI investigated illegally 278 000 people because they attended school board meetings and protested against the schools using child prnography in schools and decline in education standrads in Government schools.   In response the Biden WH also accused members of the Catholic Chuerch for opposing abortion and was consequently being attacked by Biden for being "White Domestic Terrorists".   That mantra was continuous and never-eding.

The situation also was that the WH under Biden used the FBI and CIA to censor news that was detrimental to the Biden Administration.   That aspect was covered in a House investigation as to what really was going on and a Judge ruled against the  unconstitutional conduct of the Biden WH in that regard,  The Justice Department then appealed the case and the ruling of the Judge in the relevant regard now being heard by the Spreme Court.   In advance the media claimed that the Supreme Court would favor the appeal lodged by the Justice Department - but that is unlikely and the preparation for anhoter attack on the Supreme Court actions being partisan is expected.  

I gave the above examples how the leftist media caused the major divide  between the Democratic Party and Republican Party and the emdia calling the Republcian Party a cult is continuing on a virtual daily basis - while for instance the CNN discused using the Russian Hoax as an election strategy in 2024 and the denate on that one is now re-itroduced by the leftist media.

The Demcrats are unable to justify their disastrous performance with Biden as President - so personal attacks and hate speech against the Republcians is all they have available to use is the discredited stories of the past.  

Maybe it is time the USA follow the SA example - after years of bittter campaigns involving the ANC, the DA and the IFP - the 3 parties and some other smaller parties decided that the country  should be governed by a coalition comprising the parties mentioned as a Goverrnment of National Unity despite their past past political differences over the last 30 years,   In the USA such an approach will be impossible entirely because of media hatred stirred up by especially the leftist media.   As Biden repeatedly said in public - all opponents to him and the Demcoratic are are all "Donestic White Terrorists".   The Blacks supporting the Republicans are according to Biden "not Blacks at all".   

No Demcoracy can survive when a Party call opposition to it "White Domestic Terrorists".   The move by the Democrats to continue their hate campaigns in that regard is helped along by unconstittunional attacks on oposition parties becoming the norm.      . 


                       .                 .                                  



Jun 18, 2024, 05:51

ouMaaik your political leanings are the very antithesis of democracy.

Jun 18, 2024, 06:02

"But then years ago in a post stated that you support Communism"

Not quite. I said I supported the concept of Communism but recognised it can never be successfully implemented because of human nature . . . and yet, now with AI . . .

Jun 18, 2024, 08:08

In any event supportuing the basis of communism means you support the same tendencies and methods used by the Democratic Party policies en it comes to development of a dictatorship in the USA.

The fact is the majrity in the USA believe that Biden is a bigger threat to Democracy the Trump is = so fake charges against Trump and using the FBI to spy illegally on 278 000 opponents of the Government is serious signs of  dictatorial conduct.

Let me deal with another statement of yours about Trump paying hush money to silence Daniels allegations against him is not a crime in the USA - their are and never has been laws aginst hush money payments.  it may be unethical - but it is not illegal.

I have repeaedly asked what law Trump broke in the Bragg case against Trump so please enlighten us exatly what law Trump broke.   None of the anti-Trump  brainwashed peoeple can anme the law he broke and even the Judge told the jury they must find guilty despite differences on legal opinions on the laws  invovled and must find Trump guilty based on the evidence provided by the Prosecutor.   So even the Judge does not know what law Trump broke.  

So please enlighten us as to what laws Trump broke.   Also why Bragg and the Justice Department met with the WH lawyers before he laid charges and why the Justice Department released a senior official to handle the case since Bragg would not have been able to handle it.

In any event - please tell us all what Law Trump broke. if yiu cannot then one assume you are too brainwashed by the leftist mediaq to tink for yourself - in other words a dead head idiot.       



Jun 18, 2024, 20:19

"Not quite. I said I supported the concept of Communism but recognised it can never be successfully implemented because of human nature . . . and yet, now with AI . . ."

Road to dangerous to even can't be serious?

Jun 18, 2024, 21:24

You know what the KGB's term for Rooinek would be?  They would have called him a "useful idiot"

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