Orbán Says US Sabotaged Peace for Ukraine. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder agrees

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Nov 15, 2023, 14:56

I think informed people all know this. However some very biased ,bigoted, boneheaded, buffoons posting here don't.

So these boneheads ought to take a look at this article:

On November 10, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claimed that U.S. lobbying was significant in preventing Ukraine from signing a peace deal with Russia shortly after the conflict between the two countries intensified in February 2022.

Speaking with the national Kossuth Rádió, Orbán agreed with former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder that the U.S. had undermined the Istanbul peace talks in March 2022.

What the former German chancellor said is a well-known fact in the world of diplomacy,” Orbán said. “And we also know this from all kinds of reports and intelligence sources, that indeed in 2022 in Istanbul, where all kinds of covert negotiations took place, there was essentially an agreement, which — so says the diplomatic rumor — the Ukrainians did not sign on American instructions.”

In an interview last month, Schroeder told the newspaper Berliner Zeitung that the Ukrainians “were not allowed to” make peace, as they “first had to ask the Americans about everything.”(ARE THE BONEHEADS GETTING A CLUE I WONDER)

Moreover, Orbán highlighted that Europe had been attempting to contain the Ukraine conflict since the 2014 Crimean crisis, via ways such as the Minsk agreements.(NOT ACCORDING TO AGELA MERKEL)

“The Americans entered this game, and since then the direction is not isolation and localization, but expansion. More and more people are getting involved, more and more weapons are being delivered, more and more money is being spent, the Europeans are taking out more and more loans and sending them over to Ukraine, so I have to say that the conflict is becoming globalized,” the Hungarian leader said.

In May 2022, the Kyiv-based Ukrayinska Pravda reported that Boris Johnson, who was the British prime minister at the time, served as a messenger for the West when he visited Kyiv the previous month, “almost without warning.”

Johnson allegedly told Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky that there could be no talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that even if Ukraine was open for some sort of deal with Russia, the West was not.

Recently, Johnson was hired by the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), a Washington-based think tank funded by the U.S. government, NATO, and Western military contractors, due to his “commitment to Ukraine’s victory.” Military-industrial complex firms such as BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, and Leonardo, as well as NATO, the U.S. State Department, and the U.S. European Command, have been listed as supporters on the CEPA site.

In an interview with news outlet Reuters last week, Zelensky declared that Ukraine will not stop fighting Russia until it recaptures all the territories it considers its own, with a withdrawal of U.S. support not impacting Kyiv’s stance in this aspect.

When questioned if he was “worried” about potential amendments to U.S. foreign policy should Donald Trump emerge victorious in the 2024 U.S. presidential elections, Zelensky responded that Ukraine would continue its conflict with Russia without U.S. military and financial assistance.(TO THE LAST UKRAINIAN)

Trump had previously maintained that he would have a peace deal between Moscow and Kyiv worked out “within 24 hours” if elected in 2024. In turn, Zelensky dismissed such statements by Trump as an attempt to “fix” the conflict for himself,                                 allegedly with no concern for the “price” Ukraine would have to pay.

“If it will change your foreign policy, what can I say? Ok, we will fight without you,” Zelensky said, alleging that continuing Ukraine’s drawn-out conflict with Moscow is the will of the Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian leader then proceeded to claim that the only “real way to stop the war” was for Russian forces to pull out from all the territories claimed by Kyiv. Zelensky also maintained that he was certain that Moscow’s troops “will do it,” without providing more details.

Additionally, the Ukrainian leader posited that “any” U.S. president would help Ukraine if they knew “all the challenges and the result and the damage of the war.”

Earlier, in another interview with broadcaster NBC on November 5, Zelensky invited Trump to Ukraine, pledging to persuade the former American president in just “24 minutes” that he would be unable to strike any agreements with Russia. Trump declined Zelensky’s invite in a written statement to U.S. media outlet Newsmax.

Such a trip would create “a conflict of interest” at a time when Joe Biden’s administration was officially dealing with Kyiv, Trump declared.

Its clear Zelensky has no regard for Ukrainian lives. At some point the scumbag will fly out of Ukraine most probably to his 32 million dollar palace in Florida with his billion dollar bank account/assets. I wonder if Zelensky is going to get away with all he has done selling out Ukraine.

Nov 15, 2023, 15:18


Careful analysis of the US Aid program to Ukrain is to covcer 100% ofc the costs of the Zelenskyy government in Ukraine,    It goers way beyond what is the war costs - the major portion includes "budgetary assistance".    So who is running Ukraine anyway?   Zelenskyy heads a US proxy Government in the new colony of the USA in Europe.   

By the way the appointment of  Boris Johnson tells as a real story.   Johnson is being rewarded by the Armaments industry in the USA for services rendered in their favor.    He was Biden's messenger boy carrying instructions to Zelenskyy to tell Zelenskyy not to implement any deals he reached with the Russians.   


Nov 15, 2023, 22:39

All moot really, this war is over….the Colonel told us that 16months ago. 

Nov 16, 2023, 01:52


It is not a moot point bearing in mind that the War is totally controlled from Washington.   It has never happened before that a country funds the FULL BUDGET of the country involved in a proxy war on behalf of the USA.     

However in the case of the Israel sitruation it seems somewhat similar.   The USA assist both sides involvced.   Biden unlawfully unfroze Iran frozen assests running into hundreds of Billions, and send huge amounts of money to Hamas in Gaza by "humanitarian aid".   Bioth "dionation benefits Hamas and Hezbollah directly and does not benefit the ordinary people in for instance Gaza - only the terrorists benefit, thus stabbing Israel in the back.   

Biden apparentl;y wants to benefit from all four issues involved.- and refuse to accept anything other what he demanded, the Repiublicans wants to deal with the issues separatly:in the relevasnt programs separately;

The four issues involved are -

*    approval for the costs of funding totally the Ukraine Government - a situation that potentially can undermine the benefits the USA hopes to get out of the war;

*    the approval of assistance to Israel for military assistance, coupled to the so-called  humanitarian assistance to HAMAS and unfreezing unlawfully of Iranian assets amounting to over $100 billion thus far;

*     the release of armaments Taiwan paid for - but cannot leave the USA without approval of the US President. - which Biden withheld thus far; and\

*     the securing of th Mexican border  and flowing in of millions of illegal migrants and drugs into the USA.   

The present US Government will not use the border securing funding for that purpose anyway and the money made available will be used to cover other Government expenditure anyway.   The border will not be closed since it goes against the instructions of Soros to the WH to implement an Open Border Policy iro the US borders , starting with Mexico - but now extended to even flights into the USA  directly.   

The fact is the EU wants to take out a massive loan to make funds available to send to Ukraine and Hungary, Slovakia and Poland refuse to sign in on the deal and participation of the Italian Government on the issue is also negative.    - so the EU cannot raise the loans legally

As to Ukraine the EU will not be of any further help for Ukraine and the German Government - - the main guarantor for such a loan - would likely fall before the end of the next year.    The strongest supporters  of Ukraine military aid is the Greens in Germany and they are losing support as fast is support of the AfD is rising.   There are a number of State elections scheduled for the next year and chances of the present coalition going into the various German States are going to destroy the coalition on national level as well.    Thus far according to opinion polls the various coalition partners suffer from seriously declining support - eg the Socialists from 29% support to 18%, the Greens from 23% support to 14% and the F ree Democrats from 12% to 5%,    If the Free democrats drop below 5%  they would have no Reichstag members in the Berlin Reichstag anyway. The increase ibn AfD support is u[ from fro 9% to 22%.    So support for further financial assistance by the EU countries is going nowhere,        .      /               .            

. .     



Nov 16, 2023, 02:09

How boring….yet another prediction of imminent Ukrainian demise.

Nov 16, 2023, 09:24

ure it is boring - especially when it comes to your repetitive  BS spreading .   I can quote 20 casses where you either lied as to what happened and is happening in Ukraine or when proved wrong you just ignored the facts and came back with the BS subssequetly.

*   The issue of USoperated and controlled bio-labs in Ukraine - you claimed there were none until Nuland under oath before the Senate got caught out and admitted existence.   According the Nuland the USA was trying since 1992 to close those Soviet era labs the USA tried to close - but 30 years later was still in operation.  A lie of the US Government that got exposed..   

*    You denied that days before the war started - Macron got Putin and Zelenskyy to sign a peace agrement based on the Minsk agreemkent of 2015 and impled that Macron lied about the issue.   Embarassing to say the least.

*     You did not even know about the Turkish Government endeavour to stop the war in early April 2022.    When reference was made to that meeting - you submitted a BS item dealing with so-called peace negotiations in Byelo - which had nothing to do with peace negotiations on army level.    You lied about the so-called meeting based on what a Ukraine colonel said happened.    

*     You denied that Johnson carried an instruction from Biden for the Ukrainians to sign any agreements with Russia.

*      Your latest denial aims at pretending their were outside the Crimea there were less than 4 million Russian speaking people in Ukraine.   Before the 2022 War broke out.   The Russians moved 3,2 million Russian women and children from the Donbas Region to safety in Russia.- so according to you there were no Russian speaking people in Ukraine left. 

*      Whatever you denied turned nut to be propaganda lies.and not the truth.     Amazing how the Rusisian speaking people fought a civil war in Eastern Ukraine for seven years and then claimed that the Russian speaking people support   the Ukraine effort in the War.    Only you would know that it happened the way you made it out to happen.   

I can go on and on about your BS spreading - so go and hide your had in shame.   You amongst others said - 

*    no bio-labs in Ukraine;

*    no Civil war in Eastern Ukraine funded by the USA on one side and Russia on the other side.  

*    you said there was no Turkish negotiations to try and stop the war and invented another meeting that you claim aimed at forcing Russia to negotiate peace submitting  to Ukraine and USA demands - a meeting that never took place;

*    You did attack the story of Boris Johnson visit to Ukraine dealing with rejection of an agreement signed 14 days before between Zelenskyy and Putin. ibn January 2022. 

*    You denied that a video existed of Biden threatening destruction of the Nord  Stream pipeline.  yet it now came out it existed  and the USA was the saboteurs involved.   

Whatsoever you said on the Ukraine issue was and remains total BS based on USA propaganda.


      .   .   .   .     


*    .   .

Nov 16, 2023, 10:41

Well said Mike you have once again schooled this lying  buffoon. I hesitate to call him ignorant because he has repeatedly had the facts laid out for him. However, he is not interested in truth because he is a full on Globalist propagandist deceiving as many as he can and hoping to profit as much as he can. 

What a demolition job on mozzz whose stature has reach dwarf levels. 

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