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Jul 15, 2020, 01:35

....who knows how much this shifts the needle in aggregate, but the lengths Left leaning institutions will go to achieve their aims is breathtaking. What numbers can we actually believe. In a first world country we should be able to use officially generated numbers with confidence. The dishonesty which started with the Russia hoax has now invaded the data bases that leaders rely on to make decisions.


lorida hospital handling COVID-19 tests confirmed to media this week that its near-100% positivity rate was overstated by a factor of 10, raising already-heightened concerns that numerous labs are over reporting the number of confirmed infections.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management posts a daily coronavirus update on its website, which features a list of the positivity rates of every COVID testing facility in the state. Hundreds of labs and hospitals throughout Florida are regularly testing state residents for the coronavirus. 

In recent days, numerous facilities have begun reporting 100% positivity rates, figures significantly higher than the statewide average of around 15%. Many of those labs claim to have tested only one patient, though others with 100% rates report testing dozens and sometimes hundreds of patients. 

Jul 15, 2020, 07:36

Still the same jargon about the effects of  Covid19  - I would like to see actual death figures last year for the first seven months compared with the same figures this year,   There is always a slight increase every year in deaths and the total impact of the Covid19 pandemic will then became clear, especially since comorbidities played a major role in the cases this year as it did last year,   

To ignore those factors means that the actual impact of Covid19 is hugely inflated and that is what the media is doing as a political stunt.                 

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