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Apr 28, 2024, 19:11

DumbMike somehow destroyed the last thread by overclicking or his Clicks device is now integrated with his login.

While the gag order and potential violations related to Trump's hush money case in New York, you raise a valid point.

If Trump is under pre-trial release conditions in other criminal investigations or cases around the country, committing new crimes could jeopardize those release terms as well.

Generally, conditions of pre-trial release prohibit defendants from committing any further crimes while awaiting trial.

Violating those conditions by engaging in criminal conduct, whether related to the original case or not, can result in revocation of pre-trial release and being remanded into custody.

For example, if Trump is also on pre-trial release in the classified documents case or the January 6th investigation in federal court, any criminal violations proven in those matters could allow judges to revoke his release and order him jailed pending trial, even if unrelated to the New York case.

Judges have broad discretion to modify or revoke pre-trial release conditions if they find the defendant has violated any of the terms or poses a potential threat to witnesses, the judicial process, or public safety.

 Committing new crimes, especially those involving obstruction, witness intimidation, or contempt of court orders would likely be viewed as grounds for revoking release across multiple jurisdictions.

Apr 29, 2024, 01:52

If you doi not realize it yet - the fact is that Biden made such a fuck-up of the USA in three years time - there was no way the Biden idiotic performances in the  WH could be used as a campaign issue to be defended and promoted in any election campaign.   There were not a single positive issue they could say Biden was successful in during  his presidency,

So the WH and the  Demcoratic Party had to find a new strategy - despite the fact that it is totally against the US Constitution and associated with  banana republic systems - and that is to lay fake charges against Trump and none of the charges have any chance of being  successful in US courts - maybe on local level - but definitely not on appeal.    

The weaponizing  of the Justice Department for undermining the opposition to the regime is actually based on normal methods used by dictatorships and not in democratic countries.

Let me just do a resume of the charges thus far:-

Case 1 -  Trump is guilty of fraud - but nobody was defrauded/   

Case 2 -   Trump is guilty of paying hush money - yet the Election Commission investigated it and found nothing wrong as to the usage of funds spent by Trump - turning this case into BS.

Case 3  -   The Georgia election inteference by Trump case has gone dizzy through corruption by the DA and regular meetings with the WH is not going  to get that issue back on the road.

Case 4   -   The appointment of the Special Council to investigate Trump is fraud with legal problems and will not be resolved before the election anyway.   It will just vanish  since the charges were based entirely on unproven political BS.

So try again - political banana republic charges has no standing in any democratic country and is not going to help re-electing Biden as President.   

Just one question - why are all the fake charges laid in an election year - two cases date back to 2016 and nothing  was proved in those two cases.   The other two stemmed from 2020 and 2021.    So 8 years and 4 years later and with  great media fanfare charges are laid.   Since then the media concentrate on the BS and it is purely based on a election farce.  If Trump was not the Republican Party candidate this year - no  fake charges would have been laid against him at all.  Think about it - the real issue is an election issue and for that the Biden  Administration norm is the same as it was for three years - fuck the US Constitution we want power to implement ultra-left dictatorial policies.   There never has been any administration in US history that lost as many court cases as the Biden one lost in three years - all based on abuse of power in unconstitutional actions.   All these charges are going to go the same way as to what happened in court repeatedly since 2017.                            



Apr 30, 2024, 21:39

He locked up yet then?

May 01, 2024, 09:48

Biden must have realized that what he is doing about using the Justic  Department to atatck opposition may set a precedent that Trump could sue in future.   He made that remark to distact people from what he is doing already and then end up the cali that Trump will do so in future.    

It is total BS what Biden and co is up to.   In 2016 Clinton was fined $100 000 for election malpractices  by funding  the Steele Dossier from election funds -  If anybody was guilty of trying to use lies to undermine he election did not work out - but Trump never had charges laid  against the real culprit - and let her stew in her own juice.    Since Biden's election malpractices conduct was even worse than Clinton - whose habit was when the Clinton's face legal poblems to have key witnesses committing suicide - the practice became widely known as "Clinton suicides" so nothing is beyond that bitch - he fears that Trump would act similar to what he acts to at present.   

I am sure Trump will claim damages running into billions for election malprractices  and use of lawfare against him.   The same with the media which concocted .lies about him for years and knew they were lying.   People who acted unconstitutionally for years now must really be afraid as to what can  happen to them..    .                      

May 01, 2024, 18:24

Doesn't anyone still read Trump posts?

This is like a fight that has far too much promotion.

Roll on November, until then I won't be putting any popcorn in the microwave.

Must say though, the general feeling I get online is far more conservative friendly than it was 3.5 years ago.

May 01, 2024, 18:25

Mike still had trouble identifying when he's being trolled.

Mike, one more time, they only make these posts to draw essays out of you that they will never read.

May 03, 2024, 18:13

Plum, Maaik weet, hy gee net nie 'n hel om nie...dis sy nr 1 hobby, sy oë drop hom net so 'n bietjie meeste vannie tyd.

May 03, 2024, 18:13

Plum, you still going to Canada?

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