Poor Demonrats stuck. Kamala polls worse than old Crooked Joe. Other candidates poll very badly.

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Jul 10, 2024, 07:51

I see the new Emerson Poll puts Trump up 6% in Wisconcin. A big lead! 

Mozzietards favorite  war mongering Globalist Uniparty sell out Nikki Haley asks her Delegates to back Trump at the Convention. Judging by comments on Twitter this will not save her political career.

Mozzietard should stop smearing Trump and jump on the Trump train. He however loves Biden war mongering and  open borders as it benefits his shares so he could well jump ship. The Trump GOP doesn't need the likes of this fake Republican. 

Note the polling of the various other Demonrat candidates. They are terrible. 

The Demonrats are currently in a civil war. Many Demonrats are screaming that they will lose if Biden stays in the race. Others say no Biden, as Dementia ridden as he is, must stay on. The Biden Crime Family of course want Joe in the White House fir obvious reasons 

Here is the article. 

Demonrats in a total bind

Jul 10, 2024, 08:24

The Democrats had a caucus yesterday to diuscuss Biden's campaign and only one member said someth ing amazing  when asked if all House members are no ibn line to support the Biden idiocy.   When asked whether all on the sxame page - his response was so much problems were raised  that House members were not on the same book.   


Jul 10, 2024, 09:33

Mike I don't know if they have any option but to go with Biden. If Biden has a stroke or something and can't continue they would be slated if Kamala a "Black" woman was overlooked.

I see Biden says he will Vero a bill that seeks to ensure only US citizens vote.

Polls show American don't want illegals voting even 48 percent of drlemocrats think this.

Ou Mozzietard first concern is of course how will all of this effect his share portfolio :D

Jul 10, 2024, 10:31

Jill Biden has so much to do with this ...

What was sickening to watch, was how Jill Biden congratulated Joe Biden after that first debate with Trump....

"You did well Joe... you did really well Joe", speaking in a voice that only a mother could, to a five year old child......before literally helping him off the stage, thinking the cameras weren't on them.

She absolutely craves the attention that comes with being the first lady ...... and her and Hunter are pushing Joe to stay in this race.

Maybe Jill should paint another big "NO" on her stomach and strut around in her bikini to convince Joe not to run for president ..... I mean...  it worked the last time

Jul 10, 2024, 16:23

They are leading in Wisconcin …..is this some kind of American Brigadoon?

Jul 10, 2024, 21:07

The last polls I saw is that in a straight fight against each other - the Wisconsin polls are as follows:-

\Trump 50     -    Biden 45

If Kennedy  and other candidates stand - the polls finding was =

Trump 44   -    Biden 36        Kennedy    -    11      Others te rest. 

So who are the "they" you referring  to?.     

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