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Mar 09, 2023, 20:34

when this jackass tried to question McCarthy about the J6 videos. 

Bwahahahahaha. Love how so many lies are coming crashing down.


Mar 09, 2023, 21:11

As usual, Jonathan Pie speaks for me . . .

Mar 10, 2023, 08:06

Brilliant & thanks, remembered the fella forgot his name.

Mar 10, 2023, 08:06

Shame, I thought you don't do the potty mouth thing.

Mar 10, 2023, 08:12

Apart from the multitude of f bombs, do you agree with his assessment of the Jan6 deadly riot ?

Mar 10, 2023, 09:08

No, of course's typical to deflect, obfuscate, deny, turn a blind eye and's acceptable for Trump to lie and claim election incite the degenerates and to kill  5 innocents who died trying to defend Capitol Hill.


Mar 10, 2023, 09:18

Trumpanzees ..... what a perfect fit.

Mar 10, 2023, 09:42

It's a bit old but here's Jonathan Pie saying farewell to Bozo . . .

It's actually worth transcribing the last bit of that epic rant:

"He'll be remembered as the worst president in modern history. A man with so little reverence for the seat of office he was elected to that he's willing to sell presidential pardons for a cool two million a go . . . a man with so little respect for his devout followers that he's willing to ask them to donate to his Stop the Steal campaign so he can pay off his debts . . . a man feeling so castrated since his resounding loss that he's demonstrated his power by sending as many people to the electric chair as he can before leaving office. Donald Trump, the unpresidential president . . . loud, brash . . . like a pantomime dame without the dress or the make-up . . . without the dress anyway. I mean, what sort of shit white supremacist makes himself look like a tangerine? A lame duck a l'orange president . . . a fucking lunatic who wishes child rapists well . . . the people's president who gives billions to the top 1 per cent . . . a sociopathic, ill-informed, self-righteous, sub-literate, gurning, dog-whistling, know-nothing xenophobe for whom all Mexicans are rapists, all Muslims are terrorists, struggling third world nations are shithole countries and where white supremacists and Proud Boys are fine and special people . . . an ignorant, amoral, war-hero-mocking, petulant, authoritarian who showers praise on murderous dictators while undermining America's allies . . . a heartless, paper-towel-throwing demagogue . . . a covfefe-inventing, tax-return-withholding, flatulent pig. A president who takes no responsibility, for whom the buck stops somewhere over there . . . a president who quotes Mussolini . . . who openly wants to fuck his own daughter . . . a vicious, reactionary scumbag . . . a Putin-fellating, spiteful charlatan . . . a gluttonous, lobotomized, mushroom-dicked sexual predator parading his dangerous ignorance as if it's a virtue . . . a disgusting, morally bankrupt bully . . . a supremely entitled, tasteless, talentless, draft-dodging, gaslighting misogynist who locks kids up in cages . . . a bleach-injecting superspreader who abolished the pandemic preparedness response team because it had Obama's name on it, resulting in four thousand deaths a day . . . an economy in tatters, job numbers down the Swanee . . . is it great again yet?"

LMAO! Classic!

Mar 10, 2023, 10:23

"Apart from the multitude of f bombs, do you agree with his assessment of the Jan6 deadly riot "

I don't mind the F-bombs, and I don't condone the J6 Riots...I'm a law and order kinda guy, so I'm against hooliganism of any kind...but I do think the J6 riot was deliberately politicised and completely blown out of proportion...a bunch of rednecks interfering with a governmental process - yes...actual insurrection...not quite...not even close.

Mar 10, 2023, 12:42

There were no evidence of any deaths other than those caused by the Police.    The Democrats gave out information that five  Policemen died in the riots.   The one name they provided was seen on video walking around in the Capitol after the alleged death occurred.   They lied about all five - if it was so why did they never provide the names of the other four "deaths".

I have learned over the last 7 years that The Democrats concoct and spin endless lies if they thought it could be used to politically benefit them.    There were two deaths - but both were effectively murdered by the Police - the two women posed no threats to the police.

The other issue is that the incident happened in January 2021 - yet there are hundreds of prisoners held in awful conditions in jail without trial.   That Gestapo style of police action should never be supported in a democratic country -  even under the previous SA Government could be held for 90 days without trial and in exceptional circumstances that time was extended by another 90 days.   Yet in the USA holding hundreds of prisoners without trial has been held in prison for 783 days on average.   They are not allowed to apply for bail and evidence in trials were withheld from the prisoners and their legal representatives and in other cases evidence was manufactured that had no reality to what actually happened.

So why not have a proper judicial investigation done and arrest the liars who undermined the normal judicial processes.      That will also apply to member of congress and especially ex-members of Congress that is involved in a campaign of lies and thus undermining the rights of people entitled to a real and honest court hearing in the USA.

The fact is the DP leadership of liars and crooks should mostly be in jail.   Their lifeblood is merged in bribery and corruption.     


Mar 10, 2023, 14:29

Hey, remember when Denny came on here and closed his posts with


How man deaths resulted as a result of those “mostly peaceful protests”?

Damage to property into the hundreds of millions of Dollars. Damage to young minds…priceless.

Preach to us again, aunty Dentsie…you hypocrite.

“Sies” se gat.

Mar 10, 2023, 14:46

Well said Mike and absolutely true. 

Not a single Capitol Policeman died on Jan 6. Not one. Tucker challenged Garland to name then. Silence. 

Poor old dense Denise doesn't know about this. He stays glued to fake news Globalist owned propaganda channels. 

But Oaks let's remember what has been said about Jan 6. It was an INSURRECTION. It was all about an attempt to topple THE US go government they said. It was a planned insurrection by domestic terrorists they wailed! Well somebody as dumb as Biden must have planned it. The people were not armed for one. Hahahahaha.

The powerful magnetic doors were opened from the inside. The figurehead the QANON SHAMAN, was given a guided tour of the building. Bwahahahahaha. The ONLY PEOPLE KILLED WERE TRUMP Supporters. One shot in cold blood by Capitol Police officer with no cause. The other woman was beaten severely  by a Capitol Police officer.

Trump had offered national guards. Refused by Piglozi and Browser. Trump said to protest peacefully. We are the party of law and order etc. 

ANTIFA, and Feds all at the scene. Why has Ray Epps not been questioned? Why has the Scaffold Commander not been questioned. Why are they terrified of the video footage.

Why no trial for the 100s in prison. Why solitary confinement. Why grandma's arrested.

Why did Nazi Piglozi in an historical move refuse to allow minority lead McCarthy to choose the minority members of the Committee but instead she appointed two GOp Rinos who hated Trump. Could she possibly want a biased committee.

Well it's pretty clear now Nazi Piglozi  is heavily compromised as are a number of other Demonrats. Further I suspect that then Senate Majority leader is also in on this. 

The Demonrats will fight like HELL to stop evidence coming out but in the end it will come out. 

Mike I saw on Twitter a picture of apparently 4 Trump supporters killed on Jan 6. Will see if I find it.

The Stalinists on this board are covered in mountains of EGG. 

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