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Apr 17, 2024, 16:09


Apr 17, 2024, 22:23

Have you got any proof that Putin is a psycho - something   like a pscyoloical report.?   

Apr 17, 2024, 23:13

ouMaaik, wtf'.'s the attraction ??....................  btw. I reckon you'd be happy popping your clogs knowing that the world's going to hell in a handbasket ................... you'll be, ja voetsek wereld, I won't be missing much.

Personally I hope you're around for least another four years of sufferance with ole Joe & the dynamic D'rats in the WHouse........................ & Trompie in die tronk.

Apr 18, 2024, 07:56


Who is to be blamed for that?    Very clear - another 4  years and the hell  you talk about of people suffering  and destroyed under Joe Biden and replacement o him beccaue e alreadxy is a v eg etable knowing nothing  about what his crazy administration will come up with will be destructive of everyhing  and the end of Demcoracy in the process will be the result.


Apr 18, 2024, 11:17

". . . o him beccaue e alreadxy is a v eg etable . . ."

Ou Maaik leaps to Putin's defence again but unfortunately the lowborn slut has garbled his reply so we don't know what that defence is.

Apr 18, 2024, 11:25

DumbMike says it is a fact.

When asked why it is a fact, his response is " because I already am a vegetable "

Apr 19, 2024, 02:37

What si a question I ask was what proof have you got that Putin is a psycho?     Civil question and then purely because I ask a simple question.  So I called thaqt lair in the WH a vcgetable is about as accurate the description really iss.     

Apr 19, 2024, 03:28

The destruction of a country which is no threat to you is ample proof.

Apr 19, 2024, 08:32

Mike, if you were a fish in a past life, I'm almost certain you didn't make it past the egg stage.

Apr 19, 2024, 08:37

Are you as crazy - Putin wanted peace and signed agreements on the sisue - the USA  with the  Puppet Government in Kiev they appointed in 2014  wanted war and caused tt to happen in the believe that with Western Arms they could beat Russia easily with th e objctive to change the  regime change in Moscow.    That was the constant theme early in the War.    Was Russia under  threat from Ukraine? Yes they were.   Was there  a civil war in Ukraine caused by the US  decision who should govern in Ukraine asccording to Nuland starting in 2014 and caused a threat agaist Russian speaking Ukrainians particualrly?  Answer the latter honesty - but you have no honesty so nohing can ever be expected frem you.  .   

There was adequate agremeents on what should happen and the fact that the USA sabotaged negotiations and insist on NATO membership of the country to get control of the Russian Black Sea  base at  Sevastiopol which was provided for in the Ukraine cosntitution of 1991. was dealt with in terms of the Ukraine 1991 contirtution  the Black Sea threat the Russins navy with headquarters in Sebastitopol since 1776   agreed upon as part of he Ukraine cosntitution - which the USA  Government made sure was destroyed in 2014 by the USA intalled  Government  in Ukraine - wsa an existual  threat to Russia.. 

Was there a threat from Uklraine - sure there alwatys was.   Take the atatck on the Russian music hall,    The terorists came from Ukraine claiming they being from ISIS and fled back to Ukraine after the attack.   That is what one should call stupid - but they were fleeing back to Ukraine where they would be protected.   Any country protecing terorists is a threat to all countries in the area.     The terrorists could not leave Ukraine without provision of the necessary arms and assistance.    So the USA warned Russia about the pending attack.   So how did the U SA knew about it - because they were aware of everything the Ukraine Government is invovled in.   The terrorists tried to get back into Ukraine whence they came using the same route they used originally.    They entered Belarus and from their into the alregely un guarded brder entered Russia..    Thy tried to use the same route they used to enter Russia  namely to cross he border into Belarus  from Ukraine and then enter Russia through the ungu arded Bearus border.   So Belarus send army units into the area and the Belarus route was closed so they decied to neter Ukraine through the virtual Russian army lines strethcing along the war frot in Ukraine and ran into the Cheznian regiments involved.           The terrorists could not get arms and enter Belarus withou help from sources in Ukraine.    They were helped to enter Belaus and they would have been protected  shoudd they succeeded to enter Ukraine from Belarius and they ran straight into the  Cheznan regients where they were badly assaulted by the  Muslims from Cheznia,   When they were asked by their general who cut off the ear of a terrorist they all in  one voice said  "I did|"     So accept ihe terrorist came from  Ukraine and was protected by the Regime the USA appointed in 2014.

So what next?    There were also the US controlled bio-labs operating in Ukraine and the nenwly built bio-lab in Odessa funded by the US Government in 2018 operated and control by the USA.    Milliosn fo people ied in teh COVID pandemic originating from teh Wuhan lab stemming from the gain-in-function virus research funded by the USA Government.   The USA in the end that there are bio-labs in Ukraine after y ing about it initially.   Nuland evidence in the Senate exposed  that venture of the USA in Ukraine.    USA was the rogue threat  not only to the Russian speaking people in Ukraine - but internationally.- inclsuiv of the neaby Russian  teriroty and peopel in Russia itself.   

Try and lie youurself out of the above - it would be entertaining. Let me suggest a  report contradicting the above - I suggest an article from the Wall  Street Journal would help and be a propaganda lie as well.      

          ,     .               .   

Apr 19, 2024, 13:25

Repetitive drivel alert. But here’s a kindness. Be aware when you spend an hour writing these propaganda pieces, be aware, nobody is bothered to read them once they have read the first one.

Apr 19, 2024, 16:24

No Mozart

You, thrivce omn propg anda pieces - I look aty actu,al documents on what actuallym hapened - not media drivel.   You never made any commentss on the Russian Hoax lies that ahs been in the emdia since 2015 - the only main line item in news boadcasts.   I ahve asked you a number fo times about why Nuland picked the Ukraine Govenment with the approval of Biden.   

Why did the USA Government refised to negotiate a peaceful settlement in Ukraine - despite a proven request of Putin for such  negotiations.   Why did the USA sabotag ed negotiations by other couintries?

Why did Zelenskyy in his election campaign in 2019 got a huge majority because he promised the voters he would thrugh negotiation settle the Civil War in Ukrain e.    Why did he not act at all on that promise.   There are two options, namely eitther --

*     he lied  to the public in accordance of the example sset by US  polticians; or

*     he was told that he will not get any aid from the US Government  if he follows that route?

Tell me how did the USA try to stop the Civil War in Eastern Ukraine from 2014 until 2022 and thus prevent the utreak of the major war in  2022? 


Apr 25, 2024, 23:16


Apr 26, 2024, 08:57

Crimeaq was part of Ukraine ffrom 1991 and was akrgely self-G overning with thir own Paliament in Ukraine.  The Naval base in Sevastopol was operaed by Russia in terms of conditions laid down in the 1991 Constitution.   85% of th e people are Russian peaking people and 10% are Tartars.   The ukraine speaking people amount to less than 5% of the populaion.

The Ukraine constitution tahta llow for Ukraine was scrapppet Government in Ukraine.   So 94%  of the people voted to become part of Russia and the fact that Crimea is part of Russia and will remain part of Russia - s th e phto above about Cimea is toal BS 

The other joke si that Russia has vastly superior rocket systems than the US A has and that is what you do nt realize.   That in fact is why th e USA  is going to suffer if they keep on with their war policy.    When last has the USA  won a war since WW2?   

Biden is a vegetable believing  that negotiations to settle the Ukrane issue is uncessary and too complicated for him to understand.    So Trump convnced the Houe to pass the aid package to strenthen his hand when next eyar he negotiate a peace deal in Ukraine.   

So dream on about th e war - it s going to end th e moment Trump takes over the Pesiency and the world will return to stability and discard the present chaotic situation replacing it with the stability needed.

Th e vast majority of US Voters beleive that Trump was hugely better than Biden in handling foreign relationships than Biden is = the majority beng over 25% .        


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