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Mar 08, 2023, 02:01

I’ll start by saying I’d rather  not live, if it had to be in Russia, China or Iran.

Mar 08, 2023, 02:08


Iran would come in last probably.

Mar 08, 2023, 02:39

The USA would be best, especially a coastline place.

Iran would have the most Beeno1s, so I would skip that. Abrahamic fundamentalists.
Russia would be the 2nd worst. 

China would probably be the best place out of the authoritarian regimes.

Mar 08, 2023, 02:39


Mar 08, 2023, 02:54

Living in China, Russia & especially Iran would be a form of slavery.

I was born in Woodstock,  so Woodstock  NY. or New Orleans for the music & food.

Mar 08, 2023, 03:06

New York is the wicked Babylon of today's world. Nice choice Blib. 

Mar 08, 2023, 03:12


Mar 08, 2023, 03:15

Then u must be a supertroll Blib. 

Mar 08, 2023, 05:54

Under present conditions I would not live in the USA where criminals and even murderers are protected by the State and law and order has been abolished.by the US Government - neither in any of the other countries mentioned.

A silly question - since the countries mentioned all have serious negatives and there are much better options.     I would prefer Austria and even Hungary as a resident country if I have a choice of an alternative residence of choice - they are not destroying and damaging art and culture - as well as recorded history in favor of the Woke Culture.              

Mar 08, 2023, 07:27

Texas...I suspect the Summers in Florida might be a bit too much for my taste...California's weather would probably suit me better, but they've got other problems...way too expensive to live there.

Mar 08, 2023, 07:44

In the USA I would prefer South Carolina.     

Mar 08, 2023, 08:00

We would have DumbMike in Russia pulling the cart like Boxer in Animal Farm to save money on energy. Then we could send him to jail where he will have to sign up with the Wagner Group which is 1 day of training with a spade and a gun without ammunition.

Boxer (@BoxerWorkHarder) / Twitter 

Mar 08, 2023, 08:05

If it wasn't for the ANC, Die Kaapse Wynland...great climate, people and environment in general.

Mar 08, 2023, 08:22

Stupid idiot - SB I clearly said none of the choices Mozart gave - and definitely not Russia.   I preferred Austria or Hungary.    By the way Idiotspeaker have you ever been to Russia - I was.  Through my life I met many Russians - they were highly-cultured, civilized and friendly people. 

I am not an idealogue and braindead idiot like you are. 

Agree with Draad though for living in the Western Cape - remember I was living in Durban and Tinley Manor for many years - and moving from there to Riversdale was like moving to a different country.

By the way Draad we had since Sunday had more than 25%  of the  annual average rainfall for the year.   Somewhat surprising in March and the weather was cooler than normal.   Wonder whether it will be the result of global warming according to the fanatic idealogues on site?         

Mar 08, 2023, 10:01

In the USA but with Iranian women…

Mar 08, 2023, 10:31

Under present conditions I would not live in the USA where criminals and even murderers are protected by the State and law and order has been abolished.

Mike you're aware that The Purge was a movie right, not a documentary!

Mar 08, 2023, 10:50

ouPlum, bietjie problems, you dunno what they look like with all of their protective wrappings, & then, there's Maria Sharapova ................................

Mar 08, 2023, 11:37

China for me, spent a lot of time there, day to day living is no different to America, NZ etc. I have mates that have lived there for many years and have no intentions of moving back to their home countries. (no they are not commies as most work for large international companies.)

Also living as an expat is different to being a citizen, If I had to become a citizen I would pick America based on civil rights (and then move to China)

I think some people still see China as it was in the 50s. 99% living in poverty doing manual labour in the rice paddy and everyone walks around in a standard brown uniform being told what to do every minute of the day.

Cannot comment on Russia as I have never been, Iran I have never visited (nor do I want to) is a big fat no as who would want to live in a country controlled by religious fanatics.

Mar 08, 2023, 11:44

According to opinion polling conducted by Axios of 9 countries all but China itself prefer America to be the leading superpower over China.


According to Pew research conducted back in October 2018 most countries preferred America to be the worlds leader power over China, with Asian countries showing particularly large majorities in favor of US leadership.


Unsurprisingly favorable views of Russia among many countries has also declined


As well as that favorable views of Putin and Russia have also sharply declined among European right wing populist parties which traditionally had a more favorable view of Russia.


Mar 08, 2023, 11:56

My cousin living in the UK married a Chinese women. From my understanding she would never consider moving back to China due to the lack of freedom. I have no issues with Chinese people and culture and wouldn't mind visiting China, but I've have no desire to ever live in a country run by such an authoritarian government.

I think some people still see China as it was in the 50s. 99% living in poverty doing manual labour in the rice paddy and everyone walks around in a standard brown uniform being told what to do every minute of the day.

Well from what I believe parts of rural China are still very under developed and poor.

As for Russia. Again I'd never want to live in such a country but I wouldn't mind visiting St. Petersburg for a day off a cruise ship, but I guess that isn't going to be on the cards for some time.

Iran I'd have no desire to live or visit. Though having said that I did see famous American travel writer Rick Steve's had a show about his visit to his Iran and he did find the people very friendly and their some area's that where quite charming.

America, well it's not that I prefer it over home or some European countries, buts its by far the best of the 4 options Moz asked about.

Mar 08, 2023, 12:41

Arizona for myself.

Purple state, AZ Cardinals, The Grand Canyon, Scottsdale, the Waste Management Open. Borders California Nevada and New Mexico and close enough to Texas. Also after 14 years in the UK I could do with a break from the rain.

Mar 08, 2023, 12:49


There are about 5 women that a man sees during his life, that you remember forever...and it doesn't matter whether you knew them or if you only briefly interacted with them...

2 of my 5 are Iranian. With one of them, my girlfriend at the time said "It's okay, I'm looking too."

Mar 08, 2023, 14:17


Maybe you are not aware that the murder rates in the USA has increased massively in the USA - sometimes by 200% in some of the more dangerous  cities.   Fact is a city like Chicago is the most dangerous city in the Americas - both North and South.   Then we have the case that shoplifting and house break-ins are not regarded as crimes and when police are arresting people for criminal activities they are set free the next day by the  Prosecuting authorities. 

 A sick example was the 2020 riots in the USA organized by the Democratic Party that the media you believe in claimed was peaceful.  There were 46 murders by rioters- over 1 200 police staff members were seriously injured mostly by Molotov cocktails and more than $2,5 billion in damages caused by arson and looting.   Despite restrictions the Police arrested 1 500 rioters.    The moment the Biden Administration took over all 1 500 criminals were released and that included murder suspects.   The new Government was also not interested in stopping local drives to defund the Police.     The situation in the USA has let to a flight of hundreds of  thousands of people fleeing from California and Democratic controlled cities in the USA to States like Florida and Texas.   You are obviously not aware of anything since the Media is quiet about it because it could sour the image of the Democratic Party  

I agree with you about the opinion polls in 9 countries wanting the USA as the premier power country in the world.    I believe also most USA citizens would prefer that,   But is it still possible under the present corrupt regime?  Biden is up to his neck under control by China due to corruption involving him and his son.

One example is that Biden through his son sold 1 million barrels oil from the National Strategic Oil Reserve to a Chinese Company reducing the Reserve to the lowest level since 1946.   He also used the Reserve  to try and force down petrol prices in the USA - so the USA is in a desperate state and any war would be basically unsustainable.   

The second problem is that the US Army has become a severely weakened  army.    The flop started when 60 000 soldiers refused to take the Covid jabs and most of them was driven out of the army.   The disastrous withdrawal  from Afghanistan also had a serious detrimental effect.   The problem was that in the past was that recruiting of most of the soldiers came from rural areas and small cities.   The Biden Regime has decided that there should be a quota system iro homosexuals, women and races represented in recruiting - so the result is they could not recruit enough army personnel and is at least 25% short in recruiting targets.    Aside from that the recruits was to be  indoctrinated with crucial elements of the Woke Culture - like redefined history myths.   To think that that would give fighting ability by soldiers is a dream that would never be achievable.  

The fact is there are actual beliefs that the present army has only about 50 000 fighting soldiers left.    The present leaders in the Army is a total disaster.   It is a fact that the Afghanistan withdrawal was a real disaster showing incompetence by the Army Command and subsequent confessions that the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff is in direct telephonic contact with the head of the Chinese Army is really unbelievable.

The above being the case the world has become increasingly unstable over the last two years and China is just waiting till a new low in the USA military is reached and their oil reserve still going down further - before they attack Taiwan and South Korea.   Once those two countries are incorporated into China and North Korea respectively the world may wake up and realize that the USA is destroying itself through a totally corrupt and incompetent regime following policies prescribed by the Ultra Rich Americans with massive financial relationship with China.    

So whatever the people express an opinion poll is based on hope - but totally unrealistic in the present scenario. 

Mar 08, 2023, 15:05

70’s Clifton in their prime would give the Iranian girls a run for their money Plum.

Mar 08, 2023, 15:25

It depends which America you are talking about. I would never dream of living in one of America's large Democrat run hell holes where crime is rampant, decay is evident, poep on the sidewalks, needles, homeless folk etc. Then you have the moral filth and perversion to put up with large taxes and frankly cities that just don't work.

I would much prefer to live in Russia rather than these corrupt American cities. The Russian people I keep hearing are friendly and decent and where LGBT and woke BS are not tolerated. 

If you talk about the far better run Red States and rural areas its a different story. A state like Oklahoma seems great.

There is a risk that due to election rigging the US may collapse and become a total tyranny. So I would defer my choice until after the 2024 election. 

Mar 08, 2023, 17:03

So you would prefer to live in Moscow than LA….got it. 

Mar 08, 2023, 17:05

Clever…..30 years ago you were convinced Apartheid is the answer. Twenty years ago you were convinced the ANC is the answer. Now you think Russia is the answer.

Have you ever considered getting some adult advice?

Mar 09, 2023, 08:26


Mar 09, 2023, 16:11

Why are there so many Russians and Iranians in London, if Russia and Iran are viable options?

Mar 09, 2023, 16:41

Imagine living in Philedelphia. 

Imagine bring your kids up up zombie animal-drug city.

Mar 09, 2023, 18:57

I do really not know why you ask the question you asked about the three States mentioned.   Most of the members have never been to any of the three countries mentioned  and the only thing they know about those countries is what they got from the media.   In other words you should have asked them for there opinions of the people are on what there opinions of the countries concern and if they like to stay in the countries mentioned.

In any event I said I would not live in the USA - and neither of the other 3 countries mentioned    I went on to say I would like to live in Austria or Hungary.

Unlike the normal lot I have been to Russia and gave my true opinion of the ordinary people in Russia and other Russians I met through the years.   So maybe I know more about Russians than the other members.    CF made some comments about China that indicates how little most of us knows about that country and I appreciate his informative honesty.

As to your comment about me living in Moscow - I was in that city and hugely impressed with the fact that the people were friendly and helpful and you can walk into the Kremlin and the  gardens and buildings inside the fortress, provided you pay to view the inside of the buildings - all a national treasures - even the Communists protected it.      Despite the fact that there are better security than you find in Cities in the USA     My answer is simple I would not survive the first  winter I spent in Russia.   

Now back to it  - I would not want to live in any City under the control of the Democrats - but did say if in the USA I will prefer South Carolina.                    

Mar 09, 2023, 19:16

Yes just imagine being in Philadelphia:

Mar 09, 2023, 19:19

’Hungery’….you want to live there but you can’t even get the name right.

Mar 15, 2023, 12:42

It amazes one that people who have never lived or traveled there make the most noise.

Like some commenting on a rugby game they never watched or "experts" on the scriptures that never bothered to read it completely.

They never read history or geography books...they trust "others" and never do honest research.

Just pawns manipulated by emotions of fear, hatred, self-centredness, fragile egos and zero humility.

Empty barrel trolls making the most noise and pots calling the kettle black...hypocrites of the worst kind.

They only listen to one-sided views and cannot understand the context of the other man's because they are too lazy to go there.


Mar 15, 2023, 12:57

What a pile of sanctimonious, judgemental, attention-seeking and ignorant crap.

Listen Tit, I don't need to have visited Iran to know that I wouldn't want to live there.

You and ou Maaik take every single opportunity to remind us that you've been to Russia so you both consider yourselves to be experts . . . problem is, you're both such dull-witted and brainwashed morons that you have zero credibility and your stupid opinions are worth nothing.

I'd sooner take advice on whether to live in Russia from someone who's never set foot in the place than from a biased, preachy, stupid old drunkard like you.

Mar 15, 2023, 13:26

Obviously struck a raw nerve...your emotional cowardly reaction proves a few points.

Mar 15, 2023, 13:26

One of two towns in CA.....La Jolla or Santa Barbara.

Mar 15, 2023, 13:51

Some things were perfectly clearSeen with the vision of youthNo doubts and nothing to fearI claimed the corner on truthThese days it's harder to say"I know what I'm fighting for"My faith is falling awayI'm not that sure anymore
Shades of grey wherever I goThe more I find out, the less that I knowBlack and white is how it should beBut shades of grey are the colors I see
Once there were trenches and wallsAnd one point of every viewFight 'til the other man fallsKill him before he kills youThese days the edges are blurredI'm old and tired of warI hear the other man's wordsI'm not that sure anymore
Shades of grey are all that I findWhen I look to the enemy lineBlack and white was so easy for meBut shades of grey are the colors I see
Now with the wisdom of yearsI try to reason things outAnd the only people I fearAre those who never have doubtsSave us all from arrogant menAnd all the causes they're forI won't be righteous again

Mar 15, 2023, 15:29

So, the Russian Bot has returned...

It must be Great to have God on your side.
You are always right, so no need to provide logic or proof when thinking or speaking.
Faith is enough. You are special because God has chosen you...

The mainstream is wrong, even though it is fine to follow the outdated mainstream reality when religion was still a factor. 

To follow mainstream, and then a new mainstream takes over it must be frustrating.
Like sheep that graze every day, then being told they should graze at night instead. 

Mar 15, 2023, 17:36

 And the only people I fear

Are those who never have doubtsSave us all from arrogant menAnd all the causes they're for’

Perfect description of Putin

Mar 15, 2023, 17:46

Funny how low breeds, one who grew up in Woodstock, Cape Town and the other from The Bluff in Durban and the other from the cesspool of Jo'burg are experts of countries that they have not the foggiest about.

Full of hatred caused by the result of prejudice and lies that are spread by certain media with evil agendas.

Parts of Iran and China are beautiful, depends where you go.

Classic Story: Fly Fishing in Iran, Part I - Orvis News

Flyfishing in Qinling - Backcountry of China | Flyfishing Blog

Mar 15, 2023, 17:57

I thought Christianity disavows the concept of low lives….want to rephrase Chabal.

Mar 15, 2023, 18:14

Maybe let me clarify, all 3 have insulted and abused the sacredness of the family...including I gather yours as well.

That is unbelievably low.

Because of my family connection to Russia, we both have been victims of Russophobia which is extreme racism, apart from these verbal (written) attacks, I have had my car tyres slashed and the other day whilst visiting a restaurant someone using a screw driver or something similar scratched the paint work of my vehicle.

What scares me is my reaction to some low life who I caught at it...I would end up in gaol for manslaughter.

Mar 15, 2023, 19:16

I am not an expert because I visited Russia - but I have read about Russia extensively because it has such an interesting history.    It started many years ago when I went and saw a movie by the name of War and Peace based on the novel written by Tolstoy.   For me it created an image of a country which was mysteriously different to what I generally heard on radio or read in the press.

I also was intensely interested in the 1956 revolt in Hungary suppressed by the Russian Army and developed a hatred for communism as a result.   On studying the history and especially the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe one has to go back to the sell-out of Eastern Europe to Stalin by the Allies resulting in the most oppressive regimes in modern history.   I was also very interested in the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe as it is briefly reflected in the following from Wikipedia:-

"The Pan-European Picnic (GermanPaneuropäisches PicknickHungarianpáneurópai piknikSlovakPaneurópsky piknik) was a peace demonstration held on the Austrian-Hungarian border near Sopron, Hungary on 19 August 1989. The opening of the border gate between Austria and Hungary at the Pan-European Picnic turned out to be another initiative of a widely building peaceful chain reaction, at the end of which Germany reunified, the Iron Curtain fell apart, and the Eastern Bloc disintegrated. The communist governments and the Warsaw Pact subsequently dissolved, ending the Cold War. As a result, this dissolution also led to the disintegration of the Soviet Union"

Most people think that Russia is still a communist dictatorship - which it is not.   It has a Constitution that forbids dictatorial rule.    Initially it banned the functioning of the  Russian Communist Party - but that and was lifted by a Russian Court as being undemocratic.     It was the reason why I wanted to visited Russia - how can a country that was once considered as a cosmopolitan country with a cultural history become a cruel Communist dictatorship.   What I found on my visit to Russia was that  Russians hated and feared the Communist regime - but they also believe that the October 1917 regime change was funded by the ultra-rich in the USA who saw it as a means of enriching themselves.    Access to mineral resources was what the Rich Americans were interested in.     

Do you know that to date mass graves of people murdered by the State are still being discovered  all over what is today Russia.    The Russians fiercely resisted the invasion by Germany in WW2 and that was nothing new - they did the same with Napoleons invasion of Russia in 1812 - which was fore-shadowing the fall of Napoleon from power.    It was not the Allies that really won WW2 in Europe - it was the Russians and the Russian winter that destroyed the German ability to keep fighting longer than they actually did.    The  Allies made a huge historic mistake by allowing the Russian Communist Regime to conquer Eastern Europe and imposed inhuman Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe.

So what about Ukraine?    In the 13th century there were no country called Ukraine in Europe.   The fall of Kiev to the Mongolians let to the destruction of the Principality of Galicia.  Since then the part known as Eastern Ukraine was basically ruled by  the Muslim Sultanate of Crimea - a subsidiary of the Ottoman Empire and was largely de-populated with the only population being nomads constantly moving to pevent them to be sold into slavery.   After the Golden Hoard collapsed in the 15th century Western Ukraine became part of the Polish Lithuanian Confederation until the 1770's.    It was under Catherine the Great that what was Poland was incorporated into the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia (Silesia and Eastern Prussia Konigsberg) the main part of Poland and Lithuania into Russia.    Catherine the Great  also destroyed the Sultanate of Crimea and introduced the usage of the name Ukraine for the new part of the Russian Empire.      Her first move was to move people in the main from Russia into the de-populated area of Eastern Ukraine and both Crimea and Eastern Ukraine became totally Russified and established a number of cities in what later became part of Ukraine..   

In 1917 and 1918  there was an effort to establish an independent country called Ukraine - but the effort fizzled out and the Russian Communist Regime incorporated the Western Part of Ukraine as a Republic being part of the USSR.   That situation in fact was there never was an independent country called Ukraine ever in the history of Europe.   The situation was also influenced by the decision of the Communist Regime to include areas never part of Ukraine since the 1770's into the Soviet Republic of Ukraine.   The reason for that move was that many Ukrainians sided with the Germans  in WW2 and fought against the Russians.   They decided to incorporate  parts of Russia into Ukraine so as to ensure that the Russians would effectively be in control of the Soviet Republic of Ukraine.

When the Soviet Union  was dissolved in 1991 the Republic of Ukraine as an independent country came into being for the first time.    It was decided by referendum that a democratic constitution guaranteeing the human rights of all people be guaranteed  and the people in Eastern Ukraine supported the concept.    The problem started  in 2013 when in the last democratic election in terms of the Ukraine constitution was held and with the support of the Russian Speaking Eastern Ukraine and moderate elements in Western Ukraine a President was elected.    More reactionary Ukrainians in Western Ukraine started demonstrations against the new President and the USA Government saw an opportunity to gain a vassal state in Ukraine.    Ukraine by 2013 was the most corrupt country in Europe and many prominent American Politicians like Trump's initial campaign manager in 2016  - Manaford -  and Clinton's Campaign Manager in 2016 Podesta were typical examples of politicians across US Party lines who co-operated to gain money from Ukraine corruption.   The most prominent examples were the involvement of the Biden, Pelosi and Schiff crime families in Ukraine.   Be it as it may the Obama Administration funded a coup in Ukraine in February 2014 and as per a statement by the Obama Assistant Secretary of State decided on who should be the interim President  and cabinet of Ukraine - in other words a vassal state of the USA.    The coup represented the destruction of the Ukraine Constitution and as a result of that the Crimea - which in terms of the 1991 Constitution had their own Parliament with a 85% Russian speaking and 10% Tartar speaking population decided to apply to become part of Russia and secede from the Ukraine - subject to a referendum on the issue.   In fact the Crimea - which only became part of Ukraine in 1953 - voted by 95% to get united with Russia.   A number of opinion  polls conducted  by USA and German Pollsters  found subsequently that 96% of the Crimea population would have nothing to do with the present Ukraine at all.   This type of approach was confirmed by recent interviews by NBC.

I am not supporting Putin or Russia - I support a real constitutional Ukraine with its 2015 border and guaranteeing protection of all residents in terms of a democratic constitution  as provided for in the Minsk agreement - in other words an independent country of Ukraine within the 2015 borders.    I do not support the present Dictatorship in Ukraine at all  - a one party state that banned functioning of all opposition parties in Ukraine.   Peaceful settlement is what is needed  - but that is totally unacceptable to the USA.


Mar 15, 2023, 19:27

I take it the one from the Bluff is Snarkie.

They now identify as neo nazi's supporting a comedian Zelensky...lovely bunch.
Nothing apart from the odd sporting commentary is interesting from them.
Atheists are like that.....the hate is deep from within them and has nothing to do with God.

Mar 15, 2023, 19:41


Childishness is your own problem not mine - you make personal attacks on people you know nothing about.    I never supported the National Party and voted for the Democratic Party in the 1980's.  I was brought up on a civilized basis by my parents in the true Cape Afrikaans tradition to treat people like human beings and my parents never supported the more extreme policies of the apartheid regime.   They in fact ensured that the farm workers children would get educated so as not to keep them as laborers - a number of them became professionals and business people as a result.   For myself my relationship with the NATS became poorer in the early 1980's and became so bad that I was put on pension by them in 1984 and is still a public servant pension beneficiary.   So your first accusation is BS.

My efforts to enhance the well-being of the extreme poor became part of my process to enhance opportunities for the poor.   I was involved in many projects like Housing Development and educational and sport facility development in what became the KwaDukuza Municipality.   I found it easier to get money out of the ANC Government by co-operating with that Party - but I never voted once for the ANC.    One of my most notable achievements was the Construction of the Albert Luthuli center in Groutville which is now part of the Empangeni  Technical College.   Second allegation is BS again.

The third one is ridiculous as well.   I do not support the political corruption in the USA that benefit from the Ukraine War and am in favor of peace in Ukraine.  I do not support Russia and have no wish to live in Moscow.    So try again  childish BSter - your remarks are chronically idiotic.                

Mar 15, 2023, 19:55


As for Russia. Again I'd never want to live in such a country but I wouldn't mind visiting St. Petersburg for a day off a cruise ship, but I guess that isn't going to be on the cards for some time.

Let me suggest something to you - when normality returns fly to Moscow and take a cruise ship operating between Moscow and St Petersburg.   I advised a friend and his wife about that one and they came back and said it was the best holiday cruise they ever took.

I did not know that Russia banned the teaching of Ukraine in schools in Eastern Ukraine.   Can you please confirm that and give me references on that issue.   I obviously would oppose it.   I doubt whether that is the case in areas already part of Russia - Russia is a huge country with many languages being spoken in it.  Language education is not banned in Russia.      

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