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Nov 11, 2022, 22:07

Take a look at this. Actually I could flood the board with evidence if the Rampart election rigging tat stopped the Red Wave predicted by the polls. 

Bye the way all you ignorant MAGA haters Trump endorsed 219 winners and lost 16 and incrrxiblev92%win rate. 

He also got 1.1 million more votes than DeSantis. I see Globalist Rino Paul Ryan says Trump mustn't be 224 nominee. Too bad Paulie unless health issues arise Trump  will be the nominee. You know a man by his enemies so all this just consolidates Trump's as the outsider taking on the swamp. The Man taking on the Globalist world order

Evidence of election Fraud

I haven't got time to waste on some very ignorant twits here as I am busy using what time I have where it counts. 

Sorry the link has not worked I will try to sort. 

Okay here it is:

Nov 11, 2022, 22:25

I wonder if the ignorant oaks here know the rigging going on n Marocopa county Arizona. Do some research ya dumb bunnies and find out. The counting in Maricopa is expected to end on Monday. Nevada maybe in Saturday. They need tie to create fake ballots. 

You will note Herchel Walker is in a run off in the Senate race in Georgia. Note the two ballot drop spikes. Without which Walker  wins comfortably.

If Kari Lake wins the governorship in Arizona the whole rotten house of cards is going to blow up. The Globalists are desperate to stop her. From What I can gather the last of the demonrat drops have happened and there are more than enough votes left for her to win comfortably. That said there are any number of ways to crook so we shall see.

As I said I could spend a day showing you evidence of voter fraud as bad as in 2020. The Pennsylvanian Supreme Court (with a demonrat majority) ruled that certain things that happened in 2020 were illegal and couldn't be done in 2022. But no change to 2020 allowed. Mastriano of course was shafted as was Dr Oz. 

I can only say the election posts on the board, with some exceptions are pathetic and I don't have time now to spoon feed boneheads.

Nov 11, 2022, 23:24

Wehe . . . who didn't see this coming?

The Red Wave turns out to be a Red Ripple and the Trumpanzees are shrieking rigged elections again.


Nov 12, 2022, 00:48

Nov 12, 2022, 00:50

I can't tell who does more whinging, Trump, Rassie or Beeno!

Nov 12, 2022, 13:24

Exit polls from the National Election Pool (NEP), which includes a consortium of news outlets and the Edison Research group, found that:

63% per cent of voters 
aged 18-29 voted for Democratic House candidates.


Just like in the presidential election, the younger Demographic are demanding that the Republican party's ideology change - if it wants to win an election. Conservatism will always exist, but if a party can't win an election they need to evolve its ideology. 

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