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Dec 23, 2022, 17:55

This global warming is a bastard, no golf for three days:

ORLANDO, Fla.  The arctic blast that is covering much of the nation this week leading up to Christmas weekend isn't sparing the traditional winter repellant of Florida either.

As the cold air pushes into the Sunshine State this weekend, Santa might wonder if Rudolph had steered him astray.

Low temperatures Sunday morning are expected in the 30s across North and Central Florida, with high temperatures only managing to claw their way into the 50s.

For several towns and cities in Florida and the Southeast, it will likely be one of the coldest – if not the all-time coldest – Christmas Days on record, threatening the records set during the chilly Christmases of 1989 and 1983.


Meanwhile coal  usage is up hugely in Europe, apparently climate change can wait.

Dec 23, 2022, 19:04

And now a new concern, falling iguanas.

When South Florida temperatures drop below 50 degrees, the Miami National Weather Service office issues a unique warning for "falling iguanas" in the forecast.

Iguanas are cold-blooded, and when the temperatures drop, the normally tropical reptiles slow and can become cold-stunned. If they happen to be in a tree or some brush, which is where they like to hang out, they might fall during their cold-stunned slumber.

A falling iguana forecast does not happen often. 


Surely the plight of the iguanas has to be elevated as yet another painful global cooling concern….what’s next frozen finches.

Dec 23, 2022, 20:50


We are not having normal mid-summer weather at all in the whole of SA.   It is raining very much also in the Western and Southern Cape.  So much so that the roses which start blooming end of November have not started yet.    One wonders how that is caused by Global Warming?       

Dec 24, 2022, 15:54

America braces for its coldest Christmas Eve EVER! Bomb cyclone is set to bring record low temperatures to Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania, as Montana National Park thermometer breaks because it's too cold and 12 are killed by extreme weather

  • Millions of Americans were shivering as the country entered the Christmas weekend, with record lows being reported and forecast
  • It will be the coldest Christmas Eve ever in Tallahassee, Atlanta, Pittsburg and Philadelphia, forecasters predict
  • As of Friday evening, 5,000 flights had been cancelled - with Seattle, Chicago, New York and Detroit airports all hit hard
  • Travel was treacherous, with a 50-car pile-up in Ohio leaving four dead, and 100 cars reported to have crashed near the Canadian city of London 
  • Blackouts were affecting millions, with outages reported in Tennessee and parts of Brooklyn and Queens, as well as from Maine to North Carolina

Dec 24, 2022, 15:55

Still worried about the Iguanas.

Dec 24, 2022, 21:07

Me too.   What you wrote will enhance hatred of iguanas by the global warming fanatics.    They want to remove cows from the world because they fart too much - so what about iguanas?     

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