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Sep 14, 2023, 02:22

 Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee who made a historic break with his party when he voted to remove former President Donald J. Trump from office, announced on Wednesday that he would not seek re-election in 2024, saying he wanted to make way for a “new generation of leaders.”

He strongly suggested that Mr. Trump, 77, and President Biden, 80, should follow his lead and bow out to pave the way for younger candidates, arguing that neither was effectively leading his party to confront the “critical challenges” the nation faces.

“At the end of another term, I’d be in my mid-80s. Frankly, it’s time for a new generation of leaders,” Mr. Romney, 76, said in a video statement. “They’re the ones that need to make the decisions that will shape the world they will be living in.”

The announcement was in some ways the culmination of a long divergence between Mr. Romney, a genteel and wealthy former governor and traditional conservative, and the Republican Party, which has shifted under his feet and embraced a coarser brand of partisanship in recent years.

Sep 14, 2023, 02:34

Romney has been a feckless Republican and he was a poor Presidential candidate. But even a broken clock is right once a day and on this issue he is spot on. There is no way a diminished 77 year old man should be contesting the Presidency with an 80 year old who is showing more and more signs of mental incompetence.

Take Romney’s statement as the sour grapes of a man who wanted but failed to achieve that office….the message is still right. The US and the world needs a vigorous, hands on leader, without the baggage Trump brings or the inability to function on his own, that Biden has exhibited,

The risk of a President who isn’t fully in charge is far greater now than it was four years ago…America can’t afford to make this mistake again. In a crisis a leader has to be able to listen to and decide on views which are often in conflict and make decisions in a very short time frame. Biden is simply not capable of doing this.

But the country can’t afford to be paralyzed by division at this time either, which will surely be true of another Trump presidency.

If these men care about their country, their duty is obvious,

Sep 14, 2023, 03:01

Jeepers still some sanity in Yankee land or rather Hollywood. 

Sep 14, 2023, 03:06

Romney knows his political career as a Republican is doomed - him getting money from FTX to fund the campaign of the so-called Independent Senate candidate in Utah last year was the end of him as a Republican.    Maybe he should do what he really is and join the Democratic Party and make a deal with with Gates, Zuckerman and Soros to implement policies prescribed by them and become the Democratic Party candidate pretending to be a centrist, to bluff part of the public..   

Be it as it may as a dummy of the above three DP donors controlling the DP he would be an even worse dummy than Biden is at present.   Biden may start a war against Russia based on idiocy - Romney will start one as a servant of the Armaments Industry in the USA.      

A slight reminder - he reorganized Bains as a company and when he left he got an agreement to get a part of the company profits for an indefinite period.    Part of he profit inevitably came from Bains colluding with Zuma to destroy the SA Revenue Service.   It was so embarrassing for Bains they had to refund the SA Government the full amount they were paid for that job.    Wonder whether Bains got a refund from Romney when that happened.

Will you support him as a Democratic Party dummy candidate in 2024, since it is already obvious that Biden will be lucky to survive as President until the 2024 election?   



Sep 14, 2023, 09:04

Yes, younger generations need to be in control of their future destiny. Maybe some of the younger generations will be less corrupt.

Biden is far too old, He was giving a speech recently in Vietnam, and the people had to pull him off the stage as he was speaking gibberish. 

Sep 14, 2023, 15:18

Corruption means nothing in a liberal society.

As to the tales that younger generations may change things, as reported by liberals, it is deeply flawed, younger generations are set to fit into existing societies.

Changes come from installed generations not from generations that aim at installing themselves.

Part of the liberal tricks to put off all the changes they keep promising.

Sep 14, 2023, 15:29

Everybody would like to see younger candidates.   Biden was picked by the ultra-rich and promoted by the media as  centrist that would heal division in the USA..  He rarely campaigned and left his home in Delaware,    His actions since he became President has ben so far left and divisive  that he became the worst and most unpopular President the USA ever had.

The fact is the Democrats do not elect their own candidate.  Primary election results are manipulated by the DNC and the funders of the Party in fact decide who should be President and their media arm then goes all out to promote their candidate.

The Demorrat leadership are all over 70 years old and the younger ones have baggage train a mile long that will impact on their electability,    The only younger candidate that the news media are beginning to promote is Newsom - the Governor of California - an extreme leftist who ruined California and caused more than a million people to flee to other states.   Some even moved to Acapulco because they claimed the Mexican cartels are less dangerous than the state-protected criminals in California,

More and more people believe the political and bureaucratic crooks are protecting themselves.   They are corrupt and to clean up the mess will require a strong Republican candidate.  Unfortunately the other  Republican candidates are weak and will not clean up the corrupt mess,   .   

Biden and the Democrats relied heavily  on support from the Black nd Hispanic voters.    The Blacks have learned a lot from the Biden election - they are leaving the Democrats in droves and many of their campaigners are now campaigning to get Trump back as President.    In 2016 Clinton had the support of 94% of the Black voters - it did show  a slight decline in 2020 - but over the last two years the support has dropped to between 62 and 66% .   Biden got the support of  57%  of the Hispanic voters in 2020.   At this stage in some polls  support  has dropped to level-pegging with Trump or Trump lead by between 4 and 6%.    

At this stage things are looking very bad for Biden and even worse for other potential Democratic Party candidates.    I would  also prefer a younger candidate for both parties, but  it si likely unlkely that such a person would emerge before 2028.

.                .


Sep 14, 2023, 15:29


Sep 15, 2023, 04:41

It could be the perfect solution ............ could end up uniting a divided nation.:ermm:

Sep 15, 2023, 08:10

So Biden caused more division than Trump ever did nation wide and Romney who will be anther Dummy President of the ultra-rich will unite the country.   The career politicians in the USA are all tainted.  When in the Senate under oath Nuland stated that there are indeed Bio---Labs in Ukraine.   Mozart and the rest of the drama queens on site previously denied it existed and then change their minds and gave the stock garbage explanation that there are Soviet Era Bio-Labs in Ukraine and the USA are helping Ukraine to close them down.   So in 32 years there were indeed no closures - Great progress with zero closures    . The fact is that the USA funded and constructed a new bio-lab in Ukraine in Odessa - completed and starting research in 2018.

However there were 2 complete idiots in this case:-

Idiot 1   -    Nudal said the Laborities were not developing  biological weapons.   What represents bio-logical weapons.   The COVID 19 gain -of-function research in the Wuhan laboratory  created a virus that somehow escaped from the Wuhan Lab and caused  pandemic in which allegedly circa 20 million people lost their lives,   Any creation of dangerous pathagons represents a threat to humaniy and hence is effectivly a biological weapon.

Idiot 2  (Romney)   -  A day after Nuland gave evidence in the Senate Tulsi Gabbard  who was a Democratic Party House member - published a plea for closure of the more than 26 bio-labs still operating in Ukraine.   Romney on the internet stated that she is a traitor - he is as stupid as Idiot 1 is - and accepted  totally the evidence provided by Nuland in the Senate.   Gabbard - who use to be a Democrat he life long and fought in Iraq as an officer of he US Army was so badly attacked b Democrat that she cancelled her Party membership and is now registered as an independent.   

If Gabbard was DP candidate I would support her as President.- the rest of the DP potential candidates are are all in the super shit category.    


Sep 15, 2023, 14:49

Clever you really need to stop misrepresenting people on this site. 

Sep 15, 2023, 16:35


Maybe I am a it hard on a few members on this issue of the bio labs in Ukraine.    When Putin first reported the existence  of the bio labs in Ukraine.there was an outcry on sight and most members claimed it was a lie.

When The story got confirmed the US Government claimed that there were indeed labs in Ukraine and that they were trying to help the Ukraine to close them down.   The unlamented Soviet Union died a permanent death in 1991 and a number of independent countries  of which Ukraine was one came into that year.    When in 2022 Putin submitted a report the response dating from 1991 they are trying to close down.   

That was the tack that nearly everybody on site accepted as the true situation.    However, that info tanked soon afterwards when proof was expose that a specially designed bio lab was constructed in Odessa completed in 2018 and fully funded by the US Government  both from a construction and operational perspective.    However there was anther snag.   The Russians did capture one of the bio labs and found full instructions from Washington to destroy the pathogens and not let it fall into the hands of  the Russians.   By then the storm died down substantially since it was clear the bio labs in Ukraine was real.   

In September 2022 Senator Rubeo asked Nuland whether there are bio labs producing bio weapons in Ukraine.    Being under oath and lies can lead to jail time if you are a Republican can land he in jail and she then admitted their are bio labs in Ukraine and she made the nonsensical statement that the bio labs only do no dangerous virus research are not producing biological weapons..    She then went on to claim that they are indeed worried about the pathogens falling in the hands of the Russian.   She then made a rather hysterical statement that if viruses did escape in Ukraine the Russians would be blamed for releasing it.    

The whole thing smelled like a cover up by the Biden Government especially  when a day after the Nuland Senate evidence Tulsi Gabbard made a statement on the internet that according to evidence she got from a whistleblower there are indeed at least 26 bio labs  in operation in Ukraine and called for those bio labs to be closed as they represent a threat to humanity.   Whether Romney knew about the Nuland Senate evidence is not clear.   He on he internet accused Gabbard of being a traitor.   She demanded an apology which Gabbard never got.  

By then it is apparent that Stav, BB as SB  forgot  about the previous discussion on site  and they claimed it was a Putin lie and  not of any value.  I do not think you followed that chorus, but is was clear they were talking BS.   Even the Biden Administration (who could ever be accused of abusing the truth by over use)  admitted the bio labs existed  they again claimed  Putin lied about.   Stav went further afterwards and  he fell for the Nuland BS about biological weapons.    My question to him was what the hell is bio weapons?   Any gain in function resulting is new more virulent viruses being developed of which the Covid virus developed in the Wuhan lab and causing the pandemic in which an estimated 20 nillion people died woldwide was  indeed a bio weapon.   Any dangerous new pathogens can be fatal to mankind if they somehow got spread..

I have often wondered why US scientists are so fascinated by dangerous gain of function research.   My question to you remain  as to why should that be?

I know you are not a Romney admirer so I decided to post the scenario about him jumping ship and becoming the Democratic Party candidate.   It was obviously a farcical story,   Fun how somethings stick with people.   In the 1966 Governors race in Minnesota won the election and a new catchword was published in the Tme magazine and read as follows


It never materialized, but in the elections since 1964 Reagen came to the fore being top campaigner for the Repubican Party and in the 1966 he was elected  as Governor of California,   This kind gentleman was a wonderful President and he was instrumental in the fall of the Soviet Union  =   probably one of the best US  Presidents ever.  



When that sattements ws published on site    .   

                 .             .   

Sep 15, 2023, 17:58

Gain of function research should not be exported because it faces challenges at home. I’m not sure it should be done at all, Covid is a timely warning. But if done, it should be controlled and secured to the maximum.

My going in position is we should leave well alone and if the US was involved in Ukranian or Chinese labs, we should stop.

Sep 15, 2023, 19:41

Agree with you totally/    

Sep 17, 2023, 03:26

Trump says cognitively impaired Biden will lead us into 'WORLD WAR TWO' - during gaffe-laden speech in which he appeared to say he was leading OBAMA in the polls

  • Donald Trump warned 'cognitively impaired' Biden will lead the U.S into World War Two if re-elected for the top job 
  • The former president seemingly meant to say 'World War Three', and not the conflict which ended in 1945
  • He also appeared to suggest he was beating former President Barack Obama in 2024 polling

Sep 17, 2023, 04:13

America needs fresh leaders – Biden and Trump should both stand down

Any system of government that pits a vengeful crook against a fading old-timer is not working well

Sep 17, 2023, 07:37

Trump outworks people in the prime of life. He is a ball of energy. We can all see the energy and clarity of thought displayed by campaign rallies and interviews. As RFK said recently Trump is the most formidable debater since Abe Lincoln. 

Informed people all know THE perverted Obummer Admin outsourced their gain of function research to their puppet and corrupt Ukrainian state. 

Harsh words are very appropriate when dealing with loons like sharktwit, stavASS, Blobbrain etc. They spew their vile lies and sheer nonsense on this board on a daily basis. 

Very surprised to see mozzz on the right side of a issue for once. Other than the climate change hoax he flops every time. 

Dont equate the dynamic Trump with that burnt out old pedophile and corrupt traitor Biden. They are world's apart. Trump was working  an 18 hour day when President. Biden has spent half his time on holiday! 

Yes Mike the American people are turning against the Demonrats. All they have left is cheating in elections and Assassination. 

Sep 17, 2023, 08:07

717 years in jail

there will be time off for good behaviour .

Sep 17, 2023, 08:42


You are to wake up from idiocy dreams soon and maybe then you would realize how stupid your dream really is.

By the way I read the Guardian article and was amazed by one quote:-

"Biden supporters protest this is all desperately unfair. He is fit and spry, they insist. He has an impressive legislative record, has vanquished the pandemic, beaten inflation, stood up to Russia and China. Maybe. But many Americans see things differently, as Donald Trump shockingly demonstrated in 2016."

"He has an impressive legislatiive record" is one of the worst records known to mankind.  Whatever Soros and Gates wrote for him as legialation has been passed without the opportunity for debate in the House and was then rejected by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional.   He has not beaten inflation - petrol prices are on the rise again and h e did fuck-all  about the Wuhan Pandemic other than to shut down the US investigation as to the Wuhan lab origin of the pandemic .  The fact is he had bugger-all to do with the development of the vaccines - that was done by Trump before he left office.   He stood up to Russia and China - balls he did nothing other than cause the start of the Ukraine war and the reps like Kerry and Blinken he sent to China was sent packing in disgrace by the Chinese.   Both China and Russia knows that Biden is a corrupt bloody idiot - whose only achievement in foreign affairs was to fart in front of  royalty.   Everything else Biden touched has turned into shit.

What the Guardian is no doubt aware of is that in the Democratic Party does not select select their Presidential candidate,   It is done by the funders of the Party who used their media interests  to promote that candidate that would be a puppet of the ultra-rich.   If there are signs of the campaign not having the desired outcome the DNC just manipulate the outcome of the primary elections - such as happened with the ultra-corrupt Clinton in 2016  - according to the book written by Brazelle - the erstwhile Chairwomen of the DNC.    By the way every time Sanders stood back as DP candidate in the primaries and there is a danger of him winning he is donated a luxury home as a present by the DP.    He already own four such homes.   Funny for a person who personifies Communist ideological ideas.    .      

The only indication from the article is that the Ultra-Rich is  becoming restless and we may soon find out who they have in mind  as their puppet in the WH.   .             

Sep 22, 2023, 18:10

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