Russia-Ukraine war: How Russian soldiers are mutinying in face of ‘certain death’

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Mar 11, 2023, 22:42

Daily Telegraph UK

Mar 12, 2023, 12:09

I hope the above give you great happiness - but is it true or is it propaganda?

Mar 12, 2023, 13:13

I have videos of the Ukraine nationalists dragging youngsters off the streets in Kyiv to go serve and die on their frontline. Not everyone was born a soldier. 

Had a mate not cut for for war shoot himself on guard duty near the border. Another was a recce,loved it,wild life. He's now a pastor overseas. 

Mar 12, 2023, 14:58

Mutiny on all sides would be great. Give the warmongers each a stick and let them beat each other until last man standing somewhere on the border to decide who wins the war.

Mar 12, 2023, 15:19

War is a terrible thing...

Mar 12, 2023, 15:57

Agree with you - it always was a terrible thing.  However, to keep it going and not find a solution to stop the war is worse.   I aways distrust this kind of report.    If we follow all the reports on this war - constantly published on this site by warmongers - are true then the Russian troops are fleeing from Ukraine and the Ukraine troops are about to capture Moscow.        

Mar 13, 2023, 11:23

The youtube channel Perun posted up a video a few weeks back about Russia's grand strategy and Ukraine.

He makes a couple of very interesting points. One of them is that Russia may have already lost the war even if it wins on the battlefield.

He pointed out that even if Russia where to fully take the 4 oblasts its currently fighting for and Ukraine and the rest of the world agreed to recognize this and Ukraine agreed or was forced into accepting neutrality, look at the rest of the net outcomes.

Has the war helped protect Russia speakers?: No, far far more Russian speakers have been killed due to the invasion then where killed in the on and off fighting in the Donbass over the preceding years and that's going by the U.N's numbers and the numbers posted by the breakaway Luhansk's Peoples Republic.

Has the war weakened the United States?: No, America has got two major things it wanted for years, the end of Nordstream and European states now spending more money on defense. In addition it's now got a new market to sell LNG into. Its intelligence services have gaiend in credibility been fairly accurately been able to predict Russian moves. In anything its gained in power and influence.

Has NATO been weakened?: Absolutely not. Before the war some member states where question the point and purpose of NATO (Macron's braindead comment for example). Now there is no such questions. More than that European members states have committed to spending more on rearmament and NATO will also expand to include two new members with quite capable military. NATO's border with Russia will expand as a result.

Has Ukrainian nationalism been weakened?: Another resounding no. There is nothing like been invading by a neighboring country to help cement and strengthen the idea of Ukrainian national identity. Before the war, a larger minority of Ukrainians would have had a favorable view of Russia but that's plummeted since the Russian war.  There have been numerous reports of Russian speakers living in Ukraine, abandoning the Russian language and switching over to Ukrainian.

Has Ukraine been pulled back from its western orientation and back into Russia's sphere of influence?: Another resounding no. Its already more socially and economically integrated with the west. Europes power grid is now hooked up to Ukraine, increased rail links into Poland, reduced trade friction. It may take a while but Ukraine will inevitable join the EU.

Will the annexed regions economically make up for the cost of the war?: Very unlikely. While the east of Ukraine is resource rich, the infrastructure there has been wrecked and its population vastly reduced. Those who remain are mostly pensioners.  So Russia would have to go about rebuilding and repopulating it. Any infrastructure they build could be potentially vulnerable to at least partially hostile population. Even if they do go to the time and effort of rebuilding the infrastructure and population then there is the question of how and to how do you sell the resources too.

Has Russia's influence been enhanced. In the west, approval ratings for Russia have dropped significantly with far fewer people holding a favorable view of Russia than before the war. Perhaps in the likes of China its risen but I suspect most countries populations of those countries who report to be neutral have not become anymore favorable than before the war. There is increasing signs that the former Soviet states like Kazakhstan have taken advantage of Russian weakness to peruse its own nationalistic agenda (see the territory dispute with Armenia) and appears to be mostly complying with western sanctions.

Has Russia's economy been enhanced? Another resounding no. Firstly Russia has lost alot if not most of its access to western markets, which are the richest markets in the world. It lacks the infrastructure to sell to other countries on the same scale as it did sell to Europe. If your heavily restricted in who you can sell energy too, like say China and India, you hand them the leverage in price negotiations. They can demand lower prices because Russia has no where else to sell it too in quantity.  Russia's demography wasn't looking good before the war with a declining population. The war has accelerated the decline with probably with many many thousands killed or wounded and thousands more have fled the country to avoid mobilization. Russia has been a major arms export but Russian military equipment has suffered reputational damage as a result of the war. If you where looking to buy weapons, why would you want to buy from Russia, is it a reliable partner to supply and maintain weapons under all these sanctions. Will Russia need to spend years prioritizing the rebuilding of its own armed forces before it can supply significant quantities of weapons over sea's. Would you want to buy weapons system that seem to preform poorly against western equivalents. All of this and top of the hundreds of billions of dollars cost spent directly on the war itself.

Mar 13, 2023, 14:02


Thanks for the info - happy you believe the story.   Just one point of difference - the US is losing the plot - the present Presidency has caused instability throughout the world and the US Army is undermined from within based on the present weak army leadership and the Woke Culture and a decline in volunteers to serve in the army.  Fact.    The only thing that the USA politicians and bureaucrats gained from the Ukraine war is limitless corruption - the country as a whole gained nothing from it.      

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