Rusty Bowers Spearheads Republicans Civil War: Sensible Conservatives vs Trumpanzee Nazi's

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Aug 01, 2022, 16:38

The Coup Committee (aka Jan 6th Committee) has achieved its goal of splitting the sensible conservatives from Trump's red-neck base. 

When I say redneck, I am not talking about poor conservatives.
I mean the type of shit that was threatening Rusty Bowers and his neighbours with physical assault - and calling them paedophiles etc. 
Degenerates, who are not actually true conservatives. 
People that hide under the banner of God, and use God as a means to justify their evil. False Christians... or even people that are not religious but just want America to become a fascist state. The type of people that normally would not even usually vote, and remain hidden in their mother's basement with a heap of guns... Contemplating what school should be the next target.

If Trump does get back into power, he is Hitler and will take America down a dark path. A bit like Russia who are totally brainwashed given they only have one political party, one media, one everything that is approved by Putin.

Trump's attempts to cheat in the election go back to the start of 2020, and eventually culminated in the pathetic attempt to overturn the election on Jan 6th. 

Sensible Republicans (and the non-corrupt) are moving away from Trump. 
Trump was a big brother reality TV show president, while Mike Pence was the person actually running the country- at least in terms of anything that was sensible. 

Aug 01, 2022, 20:24


Who the ehll is that idiot?  Has he ever acheved anything in any political field?    He is supposed to give evidence before the January 6 Committee about something  he knows nothing about.   and suddenly he is great guy  rated by CNN and he became a hero of yours.    The fact is the Committee is a Kangaroo Court with one predetermined agenda  and they have no real proof o anything.    They re determined to undermine the Republican Party and they ae advertised as such by the fake media.   

Anyone glorified by CNN is a farce anyway.   Trump will avoid the dark parth Biden is leading the country into - at least he is not a backhand thief like Biden.     It would mean a return to constitutionality and the rule of law - not illegal mandates issued by Biden on a daily basis.

The Dmcorats hates Trump because he was trying to clear up their corrupt activities - but was indermined y the FBI and by plants Obama appointed to the Justice Department.     They fear the day when the clearing out of State Capture appointees occur and the crooks go ro jail as a result.    In the meantime the USA is rated as one of the most  crooked   countries  in the world and the fight is on to protect the real crooks in Government 

Meanwhile the Rusty Bower idiot has nothing to fear about being attacked.  No Republicans incite violence against opponents - that is the real prerogative of the Democrats.  latest example is the attack by Democrats on the homes of Judges and the attempted murder of a Republican candidate in New York.             .    

Aug 01, 2022, 20:53

Rusty Bowers was a typical conservative, that was respected by other conservatives. 

Then Trump tried to force him to commit election fraud, and Rusty did his duty and refused- just like the conservatives in Georgia. (They were also subject to the same type of threats and abuse from Nazis). 

Now Trump says Rusty is a piece of shit. So all of the Trumpanzees say he is shit...

If you are going to have values, whatever they are - you need to stand for what you believe.
A proper conservative understands this, as does a proper human being.

A Trumpanzee redneck has no values. Whatever their master says, they follow. 

Trump will be going to jail soon. It was important to get the sensible conservatives to see what happened to avoid more division in the country. 

It was never going to be possible to change the minds of the "evil Trumpanzee rednecks"- but without the sensible Republicans, they are nothing. 

Aug 03, 2022, 03:20

It was important to get the sensible conservatives to see what happened to avoid more division in the country. 

Is there any other peace time POTUS who has divided America more than Trump?

Aug 03, 2022, 03:20

.Now Trump says Rusty is a piece of shit. So all of the Trumpanzees say he is shit...

Blind sighted gullible morons 

Aug 03, 2022, 10:58

America has become a cult, so many of them are conspiracists. Marjorie Taylor Greene is seen as a possible presidential candidate...

The corrupt shareholders and lobbyists just want to pay no tax, so they will do or say anything.
Even their politicians are going along with the Qanon stuff just to get votes, and the backing of lobbyists. 

Many Americans fear they have peaked as a society. Democracy is dying, many want to appoint Trump as the master of society. Someone that is totally unfit to be a president- regardless of his ideology- if he even has one. 

Aug 03, 2022, 13:47


Carry on believing the BS about extreme Conservatives in the fake emdia.   The fact is the January 6 Committee   has a predetermined program  and outcome - they want to ensure Trump is out for keeps as a politician.   Why should that be?

It is because the crooked politicians attached to both parties are not investigated for corruption and bribery should eh regain power and a lot of crooks would face jailtime.   The list is long and getting longer.    Biden at the top - but half of the House and Senate members are crooked - the vast majority of whom are Democrats,.    That include Cheyne as well on the Republican side.   

I do not beleive Trump should run again in 2024 - he is too old anyway - but favor de Santis to be the Republican candidate,    The problem si that De Santis is going to beat the hell ou of any Democratic Party Quasi-Communist crooked candidate.   DeSantis has more Government experience as a highly popular Governor of Florida.     He will walk the Republican Party nomination contest and kill of the Democratic Party crooks as well.                       

Aug 03, 2022, 13:50

Desantis is at least a sensible conservative.
He is not part of the Qanon, nor is he a pretend religious politician. He is a 21st-century conservative. 

As are Mike Pence, Mitt Romney and various other possible presidential candidates.  Ok Pence is religious, but a sensible religious person. 

As long as it is not one of the MAGA whack jobs, the US is in far safer hands. 
Make America Sensible Again - as Rupert Murdoch says

The likes Marjorie Taylor Greene is a dumb redneck and does not belong anywhere near the government. 

The belly rubber Harris is not worthy of being vice president, but at least she is a semi-intelligent and sane person. 

Aug 03, 2022, 23:36


What6 or who is  Qanon - it is defiitiely not part of the Republican Party.  What makes them part of anything?

There is no chance for Pence or Mott Romney in the Republican candidate list.   As to De Santis - the Democrats hate him as much as they hate Trump and for the same reason .   They know he will crack down on the shot the Obama and Biden administrations adhered to.   

The MAGA whack jobs - all Republican Party candidates adhered to MAGA - do you even know what it stands for - and even those not supported by Trump adhered strictly to it.    It is an idea to resurrect  the USA as a Nation and destroy the Socialist/Communist  rubbish the Democrats turned into. 

Before you write junk on site - please do some fact-checking.         

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