SHOCK! Democrat Rep. From Maine Writes Op-Ed: ‘Trump is Going to Win the Election and Democracy Will be Just Fine’

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Jul 03, 2024, 17:44

The poor demonrats, troubled by their demons, are completely unhinged. Just like the far left loons protesting in France beuase Le Pen won.Hahahhaahhahaha

A Democrat representative from Maine named Jared Golden stunned some people today, publishing a column in which he not only says that Trump is going to win the 2024 election, but also suggesting that this will NOT in fact, be a threat to democracy.

Given the world we live in today, it’s positively shocking to hear words like this coming from an elected Democrat.

Democrat party leaders may want to read the column and take Rep. Golden’s advice on calming down.

Donald Trump is going to win the election and democracy will be just fine

After the first presidential debate, lots of Democrats are panicking about whether President Joe Biden should step down as the party’s nominee. Biden’s poor performance in the debate was not a surprise. It also didn’t rattle me as it has others, because the outcome of this election has been clear to me for months: While I don’t plan to vote for him, Donald Trump is going to win. And I’m OK with that.

There are winners and losers in every election. Democrats’ post-debate hand-wringing is based on the idea that a Trump victory is not just a political loss, but a unique threat to our democracy. I reject the premise. Unlike Biden and many others, I refuse to participate in a campaign to scare voters with the idea that Trump will end our democratic system.

This Independence Day marks our nation’s 248th birthday. In that time, American democracy has withstood civil war, world wars, acts of terrorism and technological and societal changes that would make the Founders’ head spin…

I urge everyone — voters, elected officials, the media, and all citizens — to ignore the chattering class’s scare tactics and political pipedreams. We don’t need party insiders in smoke-filled back rooms to save us. We can defend our democracy without them.


From the Bangor Daily News: 

Jul 03, 2024, 19:20

Trump might just be a Trojan horse...looks like the left is deliberately setting him up for a landslide win...


Jul 04, 2024, 02:57

What the Democrats  accuse Trump wiill do is exactly wat they are doing  themselves.    They go into hysteria and attack the basic principles of the Contitution as if the Courts have gome against them in many rulings.   

The Courts based their decisions on the issue of covering  up of crimes and ilelgal charges against individual people - and ignoring the crimes committed by Democrats.   Take for instance he case of abortions The whole system was based on corruption stemming from the implmentastion of bureaucratic regulations.   The whole system ws based on paying people to be paid compensation to have abortions - in other words the poor were bribed to have abortuins.   The Supreme Court admitted that the system is totally corrupt and clearly mention it in their judgements.and ruled that since healthh is a State fnction - the States have to compile laws to regulate abortons.    

None of the States in their legislation allowed before six months and that is not abnning abortions at all when it came to abortions  that time spell,  The States basically ruled that abortions are not to be allowed later than 6 months into pregnancy - since it is common knowledge that early births after 7 months of pregnancy mostly result in smaller and weaker living children be borne  and cannot be allowed since it could lead to murder. of potentially live children.     After that decision Schumer attacked the decision and threatened retribution against judges of the Supreme Court     Before the decision was formally conveyed the Democrats organized "protests" terrorizing the Judges and their families and even threaten children of the judges when their children go t schools.   Such actions are forbidden by law - but the Democrat Juistice Department refused to  act against lawless Democratss and their actions.   Aside from that the Democrats lied about the decision and in propganda claimed the Supreme Court banned abortions - which is a lie.   

Another problem for the Democrats on the cases of people accused by the Democrats as staging an insurection on 6 January 2021.    Th ere was in fact no uinsurrection - it was Democratic Party abuse of legal rights of arrested people.   Thjere is evidence th at the Justice Department did not make available to legal representatives the seciruty camera evidence to deal with cour cases as required Constitutionally.   The Justice Department acted uconstitutionally since they kept the prisoners in jail without bail and terrorize the accused by threatenig  to keep prisoners in jail until they admit guilt - which is against the bqsic principles of the Constitution.  When prisoners give in to intimidation and admitted guilt the accused were taken to court and the Prosecutors needed not  prove the guilt of people in taking  part in protests - and the Courts them find the accused  guilty  and sentense them to imprisonment for the period they were held in jail illegally and they were normally  released within a month after they were found  guilt by the court.  That represent an abuse of the legal system as to the rights of people to be respected and regarded as being innocent  until the Prosecutors provide evidence leading to guilty findings and refusal to grant bail to accused in this case represent a threat to the judicial system,

In the case of the ruling  on immunity the Supreme Court ruled that Presidents cannot be charged after leaving office fr decisions the Preidents took officially especially in cases of emergency,   Not all actions of Presidents are official and whe it relates to actual criminality ch arges must be laid and the jusidical system should follow.   That decision based on presidetial official actions was for centiroes in place in the Republic and the Court had to protect future Presidents from olitical persecution.   The Court went on and stated that not all decisions of Presidents are officiall and if private decisions leads to criminality - the ex-Presidents must be charged for any criminal actions they were involved in.     However, that decision presented a problem for the  Democrats as tey  have to aly chrges witha  sound case being  proven and that represent a problem  for the judges- since the  Demcorats know that the fake charges  they laid against Trump will not succeed in courts and not in the media.   

In all cases the carges ag ainst Trump as not got off the ground.   One of the Judges in the Court wrote th at appointment of pecial Councils have become a new element in jusiprodence that is nt lawful.   In the past the decision to appoint special cuncils giving them powers to prosecute was illegally done and tha such appointments s hould be apprved by Congress and nto Justice Department staff.    The system ws also bedevilled by the appointment of mith - who never held a senior position in Government prosecution - but was a private lawyer picked by Garlad.   All special Council appointments in the past was undetaken by experiened governemnt emplyees with years of prosecutional experience and that means that  smith's  appointment was legally questionable.  The whole media argument is totally distorted and when Garland appointed Hur as special Council  the normal ractice has been adhered to - in the case of smith's appointment it was not the case/

The probem fr the Demcoras are that t hey have t ch arge Trump for actual crimes invovled and not te media propagada campaigns that the media is involved in.   The decision of the Court cannot be faulted on legal principles involved  - but the emdia sees it as entirely different from normal jusicial principles but laid down principles invovled in standard jusdicial processes.    The emdia knows te charges ag ainst Trump are based on political Bulshit originating from the Biden's office and not from th judiiial system  - hece teir attack on the Court decision.  

Unlike in the past the Garland actons as Attorney General are absed entirely on politics and not jusicial requiremnts of the standard jusdicial principles and that si why people on site do th e normal th ing  turning  the decisions of the Court on flawed information in the emdia as to actual decisions.    Te actions of Biden and his crime family ws private and not official and the FBI ws forced to submit the bank reports expressing fears that the Biden's were invovled in as money.   The problem is th at the FBI did ni act on the reports of the abnks and th us protected a money laundering operation f the Biden's.    That issue is obviously not covered in teh leftist media..

On te whole the actios of the Justice Department and the Biden Administration os totally in cnflict with criminal law and makes criinal actions against Trump more dififcult - while ot protects te Biden's from being dealt wih accirding to standard judicial practices/.

The actions fo teh FBI and Justiice Department is not only remiders of banana republic dictatorship practicies - but also is totally unconstitutional.    Tat is wh at is bothering  the rpesent election campaign based entirely on bullshit allegations of the Biden Adminsitration that would not be upheld by the higher courts - while it also prevets investigation of criminal activities in riebry and corruption by te Biden, Pelosi and schif crime families, as well as  the Clintons.   o the crimials should face charges after propr investigation and that is what the  D emcorats fear than eanything  else.   

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Jul 06, 2024, 06:09

The iigitimate Biden Regime is a tyranny. It's anti democratic, sunverts the Cinstition and is complely lawless. 

November will be the Reckoning. 2025 begins the Retribution which must happen.

The Demonrats will be hoping their vote rigging etc is up to the task. I see there are democrats calling for the murder of Trump. 

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