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So what is happening in Sothern and Central Africa recently could have catastrophic Results

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Jan 15, 2019, 11:01

The Republic of the Congo

The Congo had elections on 30 December 2018 and the election results were delayed by 9 days.   What came out was fraudulent and even though an opposition candidate was announced as winner of the Presidential component - but the Governing party was announced as winners of the Parliamentary elections,   

The present President (Kabila) apparently made a deal with one of the opposition candidates to take over and the deal embraces no action being taken against Kabila and his fellow looters through co-operation between the new President and the Kabila controlled Parliament.

It was clear that the real winner of the Presidential was not acceptable to the regime at all,   According to the Roman Catholic Church who had 40 000 election observers supported by 10 000 election observers of the  Protestant churches0 the real winner got 61% of the vote and the Parliamentary elections outcomes were fraudulent as well.

The neighbouring countries and the SADC has now asked for a recount of the votes as they fear another civil war in the Congo and further instability that could be destructive in the long run.   And the matter has been taken up in the Court for review of the result


The country is in chaos after the Governing party ricked the last elections in July to ensure a ZANU-PF victory.   The economy has collapsed and the inflation rate in November reached the ugly figure of 31% meaning an annual inflation rate of near to 400%.   The latest increase in the price of fuel of over 100% makes Zimbabwe into the highest fuel prices in the world.   

Riots have broken out all over Zimbabwe and the Government response has been -

*   using water cannon and teargas to try and disperse crowds of protestors;

*   when that was not sufficient they teargassed peoples homes and they arrested people in their homes';

*   when that did not work out they used live ammunition causing numerous deaths; and

*   they tried to burn down the headquarters of the main opposition party.

With the rise in fuel prices the inflation rates on food and accommodation will soon reach 100% on a month to month basis and some major shopping facilities have already closed down since they cannot get products to the stores and people have no money to buy the most essentials they need.

A further flight of millions of people into neighbouring countries is on the horizon and the globalists should be happy about the open borders situation in South Africa,


The situation is bad and the latest attack of the Muslim fanatics in Northern Mozambique killed 12 people and the fanatics are linked to ISIS.   Rooinek takes note please.   

Mozambique is in financial crisis because of a $2 billion loans entered into with a Swiss Bank - most of which vanished into fraud and there was virtually nothing spent on what the loans were for,   The previous Finance Minster is in an SA jail waiting for a court case to decide whether he should be extradited to the USA to face charges of fraudulent dealings using US dollars.

South Africa

Ramaphosa is a huge improvement on the looter which preceded him - but he is in a bind.    There is huge factions in the ANC with Zuma supporters in especially KwaZulu-Natal still active.   So Ramaphosa were  forced into an alliance with the devil in the upcoming elections and the promised economic improvements do not have a snowballs hope in hell of being realized.  

Racial attacks on Whites, Coloureds and Indians are increasing and can only get worse in the next few months before the election reportedly to be held in May.  The ANC has no intention to honour their election promises since it will destroy the economy and that they cannot afford,   I can see how we ar moving into the Zimbabwe direction faster and faster with land grabs without compensation is on the cards.   Food production will be destroyed and SA will face hunger sooner rather than later,

In the meantime the Muslim fanatics attacks also raise its ugly head in SA with the murder of two British citizens murdered by fanatics and attacks on mosques already in evidence.    Isis is alive and well in SA as well.   Rooinekl takes note please,        


Jan 15, 2019, 11:04

Ou Maaik, you don't need to tell me that ISIS is still alive and well . . . I'm not the one who said ISIS had been defeated . . . that was Bozo.

What bit of this are you not getting?

Jan 15, 2019, 14:48

I said organisations like ISIS and El Qaeda can never be eliminated as long as there are fanatics around and that would never happen.   They can be defeated in battles and reduced in potency - but there will always be a core that through murder and sabotage will continue the fight against people who differ from them,   

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