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May 17, 2024, 22:40

Watching the big hitting  Nico Jarry who is the grandson of Jaime Fillol  beat  Tommy Paul in a fabulous match today reminded me of an amusing evening back in the eighties. In those days our club hosted a Masters Tennis event every year. Many greats came to play….Manuel  Orantes, Stan Smith, the Gullicksen twins.

One year Jaime Fillol came to the event and for some reason one of our club ladies who came from Europe fell for the man from Chile. She was all over the tennis player at dinner, to the extent that we felt for her husband. Today they showed Jaime the 2024 version…a wizened old man. Hard to believe he was ever a heart throb…but so goes the human body.

The lady who was a real pistol has returned to Europe. But not before she performed another spectacular dinner trick. Oddly there was a bowl of gold fish on the dinner table one evening, which she objected to as inappropriate.  One blow hard told her if she took off her top….he would eat a goldfish live.

He never took her topless European beach experience into consideration. In no time she stood up from the table, removed her top and whipped off her bra.

The blowhard very reluctantly ate the goldfish….a bit wild but it beats a group today, surreptitiously trying to read their texts under the table. 

May 18, 2024, 08:11

Funny story - thanks Mozart.     I enjoyed the match last night - it was really a great match to watch.    Jarrry is a good clay court player - especially on slower clay courts where hard hitting is always an advantage.    On the faster clay couts - like Monte Carlo. Madrid and even  Barcelona - Jarry was not a major contributor.   Whether that situation will be repeated by Jarry in the faster Roland Gaross pitches is going to be interesting and that series start on Sundaty next week is debatable.   However, for the first time ever Jarry will be in the top 20 seeded  players at Roland Gaross or for that in any other tournament - hope he can play equally well in the French Open.   

Jarry would not want to be in the heart throb category - he is married with 2 children - but he keeps his priate life very secretative and although his wife's name and surname is known nothing - not even her age - is known aside from that in the media.   He is appaently devoted to his wife and kids and after the final in Santiago he had his probably 4 year old son in his arms when he was interviewed after winning the tournament earlier this year.   .    .        .        .            


May 18, 2024, 08:21

In Spain, we'd frequent Pals beach. Over some rocks and slightly away from the main beach, in a lovely cove, was a nudist beach.

My ex's dad and his boyfriend would always veto the main beach in favour of the nudist one. We'd keep our costumes on though, because reasons. Going nude with my ex, and her gay dad, was one liberal step too far for me. I didn't mind the general nudity on the beach at all but it was always packed, towel to towel type stuff.

One day, while my girlfriend was in the ocean, I was laying on my stomach with my face buried in the towel.

All of a sudden I felt someone sit down on me, and I felt prickly hairs in the small of my back...this was not good. I turned around to see who it was...

It was a nude masseuse, a great looking girl. Scanning around I saw Eric, my ex's dad, laughing his butt off at my obviously shocked expression. He'd quietly paid her and told her to give me a massage. Not one to back down from a challenge, I buried my face back in the towel and allowed her to do her thing. The problem being, I could feel her lady bits rested on my back.

After about 15 minutes she was done.

She stood up, and she was still standing over me when Eric said "Vamos a nader, Plum!" It means let's go for a swim, and he said it loud enough that almost everyone in the area could hear. They'd already been giggling at me earlier when I realised he'd paid this bloody good looking, and naked woman, to give me a massage. Being pretty bad at Spanish at the time, I replied in English "Maybe in 5 minutes."

At that, everybody burst out laughing. They knew I couldn't get up, and they all knew why.

Haha good times.

May 18, 2024, 09:22

The one memoy I had was of Paris in 1973 when i went to a strip club in  the Place de La Bastille area.    The girl actinga s stripper  came to me and asked me to help her in her performance.   I did not want to be a spoil sport and agreed to her request.   After about 30 minites both of us were naked with me having some real problems with an erection I wqs trying to hide.     In any event she took me behind the screen and thanked me for amy help and that is where the show ended.     


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