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Jun 08, 2019, 23:26

Dear Cloudy is like a child playing with fire. Oaks you had better watch this clip. Time to wise up.

Jun 09, 2019, 01:12

The problem is not one in New Zealand - there are as I an make out very few Muslims living in that country,   There are only 1,5% of the population who are Muslims.   - meaning than the total number of Muslims are about 64 000 out of a population of 4 250 000/

However, in the UK there are 1,8 million Muslims concentrated in some major cities like London with about 15%  of the population are Muslims.   There are areas in London where Muslims predominate and where Sharia Law is practiced and normal law of countries do not apply at all.  

In France the situation is that about 10% of the population are Muslims - making a total of about 6 million Muslims in France,    In Germany there are about 8 million Muslims.

With that large a population settled in those countries there ae ample field for radicalism.   The general situation is that Muslims do nor assimilate themselves in their new countries and stick strictly to their religious practices,   That create a kind of separate society with different norms in the countries mentioned.                

Jun 09, 2019, 04:00

Well dear keep saying it’s going to happen here so when or maybe IF it does, come back and talk to me and I promise I won’t keep you waiting.......and waiting for a response.

In the meantime can you answer those two questions on the other thread?  

Jun 09, 2019, 10:37

Mike as Murray says when there numbers are small they are all about minority rights. When numbers are up to hell with minority rights. 

This is the well worked oft repeated Muslim plan. So knowing that why allow any into your country?

What question Cloudy and where. 

You to be as blind as a bat and as ignorant as can be not to see the threat. Of course they are peaceful in nz at the moment!!!!

Jun 09, 2019, 12:19

Never mind Beeno it just proves you only read what you want to read and you’re never respectful of another person’s views.  And then have the gall to call me blind and ignorant.  Your prophecies are like those false prophets and I’m very aware of them so back to your noddy car you go.

Jun 09, 2019, 12:25

Ok here’s a question for you.....

If we are a disaster just waiting to happen then explain why many of your countrymen emigrate here every year?  Is it because they think this country is a lot safer than theirs?  Is the fear of being murdered in their own country more than the fear of living with a few Muslims?  Or are they just as gullible as you?  

Jun 09, 2019, 12:28


Anyone knows that Sharia law is a primitive barbaric law that is influenced by traditions from the Abrahamic religions.

Do you ever check multiple sources? You make an opinion, then find one source that matches this- and then think you are being objective. 

What utter bullshit...  if this was true, then people would be getting stoned and killed under Sharia law in the UK. 
You read the same tabloids as Beeno. 

This gives an example of how Sharia law is allowed in the US, as with other democratic countries. People can have their beliefs - but democratic law prevails if there is conflict. 


There are areas in London where Muslims predominate and where Sharia Law is practised and normal law of countries do not apply at all.  

Jun 09, 2019, 13:07

I would say right now nz is safer. As Mike pointed out the Muslim population is small but is growing. 

So Saffers desperate to get out could move to Nz. 

But what I have warning about relates to Nz future. 

So as I said on the other posts how many sleeper cells would you be comfortable with Cloudy. Would you like more given your immigration policies. 

Murray rightly says Muslim immigration must stop. Any sane informed person would have to agree with him.

Jun 09, 2019, 13:59

The problem with any country’s immigration policies is sifting the wheat from the tares. I think so far we’ve done a pretty good job. Ardern has said that immigration levels will still remain at a restrictive level and this was long before what happened in Chch. Parliament set these levels before she was elected and that still stands. So despite what you may think NZ is not an open door to everyone but thank you for your concern which I know is just a farce to enforce your argument.

Jun 09, 2019, 17:10


This gives an example of how Sharia law is allowed in the US, as with other democratic countries. People can have their beliefs - but democratic law prevails if there is conflict.  “

Do yourself a favour in watch the entire video referred to in this thread. 

Jun 09, 2019, 17:14

Windomp ou sharktwit is so terribly ignorant precisely because he won't look at anything outside his little bubble. Ditto Cloudy. 

Can't but wonder if they even watched the clip I posted above.

 They are doggedly ignorant. 

Jun 09, 2019, 17:40

Windomp the early days where Mohammed had no power show that he was as gentle as a dove as were his teachings. Later when he got power he slaughtered his enemies and rape was committed. This is the Muslim pattern

His disciples noticing the blatant contradictions questioned him about this. He said Allah can change his mind if he wants. 

So which statements do the Muslims have to believe the earlier peaceful teach gs or the latter violent ones. There are many such contradictions so what to do. 

Scholars tried to organize the teachings as best they could into chronological time. They  created a rule for interpreting the Quoran whereby the later versus would over rule prior  versus which were contradictory. It's called abrogration. 

Thus it is the violent later versus that are authorative in Islam. 

This sly Iman suggesting you can take you pick re the peaceful and violent versus is being deceitful. I give him credit though for admitting the majority of Muslims hold to the violent  versus as being the authorative teachings of Mohammed.

Hence the latter Jihad versus are incumbent on muslims and when they take the Quoran seriously they can at any point wage Jihad against the infidel. 

Islam means submission. All must be brought to submission to Allah. 

Jun 10, 2019, 03:56


Lets have some clarity on the issue of Muslims.   In South Africa there has been an established Muslim community for centuries and their numbers are ten times more than their are Muslims in NZ.   In recent years there has been an influx of Muslims from Somalia and other Muslim countries - but those are mostly bad as they cause murders and attacks on fellow Muslims.

Whites are leaving SA for an entirely different reason.   They are discriminated against and has no future in the country,   Africa is a wonderful continent with massive assets - but with total disaster when it comes to governance.   Most Whites - about 85% - actually voted for ending of apartheid and effectively handing over the Government to the whole community  of SA - but they hoped that SA would not go the way of other African countries,

But poor governance took over and destroyed this beloved country.   Instead of helping the poor component of the community to enhance their interest they stole the money meant for the poor - to give you an idea under Zuma more money was stolen  by Zuma and his friends than the annual budget o New Zealand.   There are elements in Government that would not accept responsibility for what happened and in fact start racist attacks on Whites, Indians and Coloureds in SA.   

They want the farms to be handed over to Black communities to be utilized for subsistence farming and want the Whites out of SA to start with - and the large number of murders of minority population group members are constant.    Farm attacks is on the increase again and the fact is that it is unsafe to live in 8 of the nine provinces - the only relatively safe province is the Western Cape where I live at present,   

If I was thirty years old I would leave the hell-hole that this country became over the last decade asap.   The favoured countries they go to are the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia and only relatively few has gone to NZ.                         


Jun 10, 2019, 05:05 they come to a country where there is no discrimination and all races are accepted. My point was that the 1% Muslim pop in NZ didn’t figure in that equation and why should it? Like I said to beeno on another thread, we have our problems but on the whole we live in harmony with all people who come here. It’s not perfect but people keep immigrating so there is something they obviously love about this country. I know what that is but it’s ignorant people like Beeno who think they know and have the audacity to tell us how we should live when there are so many problems in his own country. Instead he would rather spend his days reading the Quran, telling Muslims how they should live and worse than that, following a president in another country who couldn’t care a less about him, his problems or his country.

Jun 10, 2019, 05:12

Sooo’s the thing. I listened to 3 mins of that clip and knew straight off the bat I would not get an objective view from Douglas Murray. More right wing bs.

And to add insult to injury, not only is he a harsh critic on Islam but he’s an ATHEIST and he’s GAY. Since when did you start listening to atheists and gays? Doesn’t seem so credible now does he?

However in light of our discussions I have taken it upon myself and at your advice I might add, to educate myself so I’m off to see some Muslim friends. It may take a while but rest assured it will be an interesting visit. When in doubt about the goose go to the gander. Laterz.

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