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Jan 08, 2022, 22:26

It took 1 month to peak in SA, the shortest wave ever.

The UK appears to be just past the peak of the wave, and cases should start to decline. 

However, the wave decrease has stalled over the last week in SA, but hopefully, that is a reporting lag, and the wave continues to decline. 

Jan 08, 2022, 22:50

Jan 09, 2022, 10:22


Jan 09, 2022, 10:24

 TThe fatalities are a concern of late, but not nearly what we saw in previous waves.

Jan 09, 2022, 10:31

They added 500 earlier cases on Friday, so it's less of a spike, but the daily deats are still over 100.

Jan 10, 2022, 21:28

The question is who was healthy prior to the Omicron Wave and have died as a result of being infected.

The number in Canada show a low rate of deaths associated with Omicron.

Most cases are folks with lingering health issue unrelated to this virus but have recently unfortunately been infected with the Omicron Wave and their immune system is unable to cope with additional virus.

Mostly elder folks with lingering health issues living in poverty or in care homes.

Presently drug related deaths are close behind yet no issues with that TIDAL WAVE.


Jan 11, 2022, 20:40

UK cases drop by almost 50% today from 1 week ago.
Although kids are going back to school soon, which may slow the curve. 

The few Covid restrictions in place now are expected to be removed during the course of the month. 

Jan 11, 2022, 21:12


That is good news  going a different route from the  USA.    The Governor of Florida has minimized restrictions virtually totally is under constant attack by the Biden Administration and the fake media for "murdering his people".

However, there is a flood of  Democratic Party Congress  members, Governors and Mayors holidaying in Florida so the Governor is justified  to say if he has a dollar for all those - he would be a very wealthy person.

The Governor  is in fact correct.   The Democrats lay down rules and mandates - but they all take time out to go and have a  great time partying it away in Florida .    So they have rules for the plebs  that do not apply to the political elite.  

And dear  Nancy Pelosi has bought a $25 million mansion in Florida getting out of the hell she has created in San Francisco..    Not good for the Democrats - for the first time in 50 years there are more registered Republicans in Florida than Democrats  - with Latino voters joining up in their hundreds of thousands.    Bad news for the Biden vegetable and his Party.              

Jan 11, 2022, 21:45

The US got 1.4 million "reported" cases yesterday. 

Jan 16, 2022, 21:08

The rate of Covid is dropping by around 20,000 infections per day. The wave is reducing faster than it rose. It is surprising how it can reduce so quickly without lockdown. Maybe just running out of people to infect. 

Jan 17, 2022, 08:42

It’s not surprising at all, you blithering twit.

Jan 17, 2022, 11:09

Unless one is tested in a  health facility and/or dies in one then a number cannot be SA the numbers are way above the figures published.

Jan 17, 2022, 21:08

So ButtPlug, provide a simple explanation of how Omicron has dropped so quickly. 

Jan 17, 2022, 23:41

I would.

Only, you’re a massive wast of time my dude.

Jan 18, 2022, 00:15

so you cant. 

Jan 18, 2022, 03:19

See above

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