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Nov 09, 2020, 13:33

While only God knows the future I do amaze myself!

I told the oaks the polls were once again a load of twaddle. How right I was! Biden up 10 plus points. Bwahahaha. Trump doing so well created a situation were only monumental fraud would help but if course carried huge risks. They pinned their hopes on the media and big tech covering for them. 

I said Trump should win in a landslide and of course if legal votes only are counted he does. 

I said that only mass voter fraud was the danger. How right I was. 

I bet arch loons like poor sharktit, his little echo rooitwit, the very dense Denise and the formerly decent poster blobbok have no idea what fraud has been uncovered.

They should have known though as both demonrats and Republicans have said that mail in ballots have great potential for fraud and we all know what liars and cheats demonrats are. It was inevitable. 

Here is just one example. According to the USA Constitution the state legislature determines voting rules.

The Governor of Pennsylvania wanted the date ballots could be received and counted extentend. The legislature had ruled that only ballots received by the Election Commission up to 8 pm on election day are legal. The Legislature refused the Governor's request so he went to the Pennsylvanian Supreme and won on a split decision 4/3.

However the ruling is completely illegal. Hence Supreme Court Justice Alito on behalf of the conservative Justices ordered the ballots received after 8 pm election day excluded from the count and counted separately.

Meaning Trump wins by 100s of thousands of votes in Pennsylvania. 

Can anybody explain why vote counting stopped in these battleground states and why in the dead of night 4 am in the morning hundreds of thousands of ballots were delivered which virtually voted for Biden? 

Doubtless the said oaks know all about the Dominium Software Glitch could be a huge problem as this software was used in 47 Pennsylvania n counties and a further 30 states!!! The glitch involved giving 6,000 Trump votes to Biden. 

Doubtless they know about how for some strange reason GOP poll watchers were prevented from doing their job. Or how Biden got so many more votes than demonrat senate candidates. Or how Biden underperformed Hillary in all but 5 battleground cities. 

The frauds are too many to mention. 

Naturally if you watch fake news you won't know. 

A whole lot of lawsuits will drop today in the USA. 

So as I said if the demonrats try the fraud route the Supreme Court will decide the election. 

Theoretically the GOP  has a 6-3 bench. I concede Chief Justice Roberts is no certainty. They guy traveled on the Lolita Express I hear so they may have something on him. Typically he judgment favour conservatives on small issues but demonrats on big issues. 

But Amy Coney Barret makes a big difference. 

The GOP who had twice as many Senate seats to defend than demonrats looks safe to secure the Senate hence the market uptick. 

The GOP  picked up control of three State legislatures and is expecting to pick up some 14 or so House seats leaving the demonrats with a razor thin majority. Nanzi Piglizi will loose the speakers hip should 10 democrats who voted against her last time do so again. 

It is truly astonishing that dispite losing three State legislatures and so many House seats Biden should win. Nobody can explain why  so many ballots appeared with only Biden on the ballot. No senate or House votes!!! 

Now USPS whistle blowers are coming forward and saying they were ordered to back date ballots! 

I could go on and on. If anybody wants to get some real news about this monumental voter fraud you can go to websites like The Gateway Pundit, Citizen Free Press, the Liberty Daily and Whatfinger for starters. 

I am happy to inform the oaks that the fake news media do not decide who the president elect is. That is the job of the Electoral College. 

Trump beat Obama's vote received record by over 500,000 votes I hear almost a million now. The pleasing aspect was the big increase in Black and Hispanic votes which is scaring the poor demonrats to death. 

The cadaver know as China Joe supposedly got 4 million more votes than Obummer!??Bwhahahahahaha. 

The American people know Kamala Harris will take over at some point. She is left of Crazy Bernie Sanders a full blown commie. Yet some oaks here think this ticket is fully worth this astonishing record vote. 

No they squeal, nothing could possibly have gone wrong with the mail in ballots. Nothing to see here. 

Then we have Big Tech etc censoring for all they are worth. Should Trump win his legal battles, which is quite possible, then he must priorities dealing with these anti free speech fascists.

Justice demanded that the Clinton's go to jail, Justice demanded that the COUP PLOTTERS be jailed. Justice demands that all involved in voter fraud be jailed. 

My hope is that Trump wins in December and unleashes all hell on all these people. 

The fake news needs to be brought to book as well. 

It was a pity I was not around to keep the very ignorant oaks here inormed but they are not USA voters and don't matter. Ditto all the numerous fraud issues. Last one I hear brings  132 thousand ballots in Georgia into dispute re changes of address. 

All this fraud is of such a magnitude that if only legal votes are counted Trump could win them all. 

We shall see what happens. As Christians we know the final position and we win but not before some difficult times. Will explain that to the ignorant oaks later. Hahahahahaha. 

One last thing. At a Biden celebration BLM and Biden supporters got into fight.  A black guy punched a raving white woman Antifa loon. It was full on! 

BLM say Biden supporters are fascists. AOC is so disappointed in Biden she is said to be thinking of quiting. She won't as she is on the make big time. 

But the point is a civil war is breaking out between the far, far Marxist left and the socialist left. Hahahahahahaha. 

Nov 09, 2020, 13:39

There is now a body of evidence developing which must be frightening the pants off of the demS.

Not long from now, we will see the lefty media subtly convincing lefty protesters to go out into the streets for more peaceful protests. They'll blame Trump for the riots because he didn't concede to the criminal activity.

Unfortunately, the courts are not beholden to the media or big. 

Now tell me this ain't right outta the commie playbook?

Nov 09, 2020, 14:08

Boohoohoo . . . the naughty Democrats cheated. It's all so unfair. Sob!



Nov 09, 2020, 14:31

Rooitwit like the fascist Big Tech and media you are clearly really scared of voter fraud issues going to court. 

Tell me why GOP poll observers had to get a court order to be able to observe vote counting. Then the demonrats went to court to over turn the ruling. The Constitution says observers must be allowed. What did these cheats want to hide. 

Did you see the photos of the cheats boarding up the windows so nobody could see inside. 

Admit you are terrified that the courts will kick out all the illegal ballots and China Joe will lose big time. 

Al Gore contested the election he had running against George Bush the Globalist scumbag for 37 days after the election. 

But the demonrats think it's so unfair that the courts look at their voter fraud. 


You also must be as thick as a brick to think anybody could call Biden president elect at this point. 

Admit you had heard nothing of the few issues I raised. 

This is indeed the third COUP attempt. 

Wise up rooitwit you brain washed loon. 

Nov 09, 2020, 14:32

There is no other possible conclusion. Beeno was right on all fronts. :D

Nov 09, 2020, 14:51

"Beeno was right on all fronts."

Well, maybe not every single front . . .

Nov 09, 2020, 16:53

Beeno, you are preaching to beta-cucks. Let the beta-cucks bask in their "victory" before they begin realizing what they've done to themselves. 

Nov 09, 2020, 17:26

Organhuffer please don't insult beta cucks! Hahahahahahahaha.

Ou rooitwitterbug has a very bad record. remember how he went on about Russian collusion for years. Bwahahahahahahahahha he never was able to apologise for all his fake news rants day after day.

Rooitwits trouble is he has a very weak mind. Fake news CNN has the poor blighter thoroughly enslaved. 

Nov 09, 2020, 20:21

Definitely beta-cuckery. Just look at its avatar. :D

Nov 09, 2020, 22:17

Beenkop you can bitch and moan as much as you like and protest all the foul play in the world but it won’t change the fact that the childish, egotistical and arrogant bully is history. Being a pathetic troll has backfired on him.

Americans have had enough of his laughable antics

The fact that he has been beaten by such a weak candidate sums up how shit Trump has been.

The guy comes across as thick as pigshit. He can’t articulate a credible response to anything unless it happens to be written down for him.

His default is to dismiss and shout people down - professionalism plays no part of his world

I started off thinking he was ok but he soon grated on me with his pathetic little baseless rants. So fucking childish - the old fart needs a good slap

Live with it Beenkop you got it wrong, your hero has failed, he is a loser and a pathetically sore one at that

Nov 09, 2020, 22:54

I cant wait to see Trump thrown out of the Whitehouse.
They should get some of those women wrestlers to carry him out. 

Nov 09, 2020, 23:36

I’m looking forward to him embarrassing himself protesting fraud and telling us all that he has won the election

He is thick enough to think that the louder he shouts the more chance the world will listen

After the embarrassment has settled his debt collectors will come a knocking

Trump has achieved it all in 2020, he has contracted the virus, lost his job and been served an eviction notice.

Nov 10, 2020, 02:48

"He is thick enough to think that the louder he shouts the more chance the world will listen"

Who would know better than you?

Nov 10, 2020, 08:36

Interesting that the world leaders who have yet to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory are the same traditional US enemies who Bozo has sucked up to shamelessly. That's because they realize there'll be a real president in place now and they won't be able to pull his strings the way they pulled Bozo's strings and made him dance for them.

Here is an article showing how quick dictators like Putin, Xi, Bolsanaro and Erdogan were to congratulate Bozo in 2016 and how silent, grumpy and sulky they've been since their little lapdog was replaced by Biden.

Looks to me like Biden is Making America Great Again before he even takes office.

Nov 10, 2020, 10:10

I thought the comment from China was classic - they wanted Trump to win because his stupidity made them look good

Nov 10, 2020, 10:11

Oh omelette I see your political takes are as useless as your rugby ones - shock shock

Is Trump your Morne Steyn dumbfuck?

Nov 10, 2020, 10:35

Doubtless China wants China Joe to win as my other posts shows quoting China media. 

China own per corrupt senile Joe. 

Beeno right yet again. 

Nov 10, 2020, 10:39

No Beeno, the China call was tongue in cheek

Everyone looks good next to Trump as he is that bad

Nov 10, 2020, 10:45

"Oh omelette . . ."

Saffex, just to clear up, if you check out this post you'll see Augenoffner (aka GonzoTheGimp aka Alucard aka Ek aka Machiavelli aka JeromeV aka Dim-Sum aka Lestat aka Carpetmuncher aka Requiescat aka Desert Fox aka Apollo13) talking about someone else having "omlett" (sic) on their face. Moffie then appears on the same thread and "corrects" it to "omellete" (sic) so nowadays, whenever the two of them are together on a thread, I talk about "Omlett" and "Omellete". 

Please note that neither one is spelt correctly as per their laughable attempts to spell a rather simple word, so if you're referring to the AO/Dim-Sum/Alucard complex then it's "Omlett" and if you're referring to Moffie it's "Omellete".

Sorry to be pedantic but your spelling above implies that either one of these two poorly educated idiots can actually spell the word.

Nov 10, 2020, 11:10

"Looks to me like Biden is Making America Great Sane Again before he even takes office."


Nov 10, 2020, 11:18


Nov 10, 2020, 11:56

You're a cuck Saffy, a follower, a vacuous void who needs to be guided. You cannot think for yourself, and as we have seen, where you do attempt independent thought, there are endless lists of names and lots of aimless ranting and raving. 

Nov 10, 2020, 12:38

Oh omelette who do I follow exactly and who am I guided by?

What the fuck is a cuck?

The day anyone takes you seriously is the day Trump returns to the White House

You are the Mostert of this board, all energy no substance

You think you know so much but the reality is so comical

Keep paddling dumbfuck or is it dumbcuck?

Nov 10, 2020, 12:46

A cuck is what’s in the WH who has not only proved to be a pathetic leader and a liar but who is also a ‘vacuous void’ who should have been guided by those around him who knew more about the virus than he did, who obviously never thought for himself but relied on cuckoo black soothsayers who believed in sex with aliens, a cuck who probably never had an independent thought in his entire life and bases his very existence on ranting and raving.

Saffex.....that’s what a cuck is:D

Nov 10, 2020, 13:29

Careful there Cloudy, we have at least one poster on here who firmly believes in sex with aliens.

I suspect Omlett is referring to cuckolding when he talks about "cucks" . . . something he probably has experienced himself. 

Nov 10, 2020, 15:10

Thanks for explaining cucks

Omelette is clearly ahead of his time

For once he has impressed me!!!

Nov 10, 2020, 21:28

A cuckold is simply a term for a man whose wife is unfaithful....

Nov 11, 2020, 00:45

Gosh how stupid are these people ....’thanks for explaining cucks’ Dave says to hysterical Hannah. Waaaaaaaaahahahaha!

Nov 11, 2020, 01:45

Yeah the word cuck is soooooo widely used!!!!

At least I know how to spell omelette!!!

Nov 11, 2020, 10:49

The fat lady hasn't even warmed up yet. 

Trump will have a 2nd term. 

Then guys like Hoppalong Dave & Redneck will suddenly go quiet. 

Truly amazing how easily these two bozos are drawn to the ignorant.

Nov 11, 2020, 11:09

Welcome back CC....  it's good to see you return

Nov 11, 2020, 11:11

Welcome back CC!

I think the discovery phase of the litigation will produce blatant and organised voter fraud.

There will definitely be enough to warrant larger investigations. Possibly national. And if that occurs then Trump will get a second term because States won't be certified in time.

So all the little dem footsoldiers better hope they covered their tracks well.

The good thing for the Republicans is that the footsoldiers are regular people and not political figures that can be shielded from jail time. The threat of that jail time is gonna cause some little birdies to start singing like crazy.

Fun times ahead.

Nov 11, 2020, 11:25

For a man who has just "lost" the presidency..... Trump sure looks extremely comfortable and at ease with everything.... and he is very quiet indeed

Fun times ahead indeed.....

Nov 11, 2020, 12:01

Howzit DA. How are you?

Yeah ... any idiot can see there's something fishy going on.

It will all out. 

There is more to this election than merely a change of guard.

Biden will usher in a dark age.

The time is not right though. 

Like you said ... strange and interesting days lie ahead.


Nov 11, 2020, 12:58

All good thanks, I hope the same for you

A few people have been rather absent, I hope they are all still ok

Nov 11, 2020, 14:00

Let me guess ... Dumb Fuck Dave has bored all with his "Quotas are legends in the making" posts, right?

Though so. 

SA rugby belongs to the natives now.

I have zero interest in local rugby. 

Even my beloved Lions hold no interest for me. 

Cant remember when last I watched a local match. 

Its all gone to sheeeat.

Nov 11, 2020, 14:49

Jaco Kriel is back at the Leeus.

At least that's something.

Nov 11, 2020, 18:38

Bwahaaahaaaa Trump will have a second term

Clown Cunt I know you are profoundly stupid but your sabbatical has clearly taken your stupidity up a level

Good to have you back dumbfuck

Trump a second term - classic

There is more chance of Jesus and his second coming

Useless Trump is history thank fuck - the world does not need a child running the States

Nov 11, 2020, 18:55

"Useless Trump is history thank fuck - the world does not need a child running the States"

Unfortunately he may run again in 4 years time, so I wouldn't say he's history yet, but for this election, yup he's toast.

Nov 11, 2020, 20:05

The Democratic Party need to focus more on the rural Americans, as they are the most unhappy (next to Black Lifes Matter). 

What if the rural Americans and Black Lifes Matter merged into one group. there would be allo of difficult branding decisions. 

Something like - Redneck Lifes Matter. 
or Radical Mob matter. 

Both groups have similar agendas. (if the craziest ones from each side are removed)

Nov 11, 2020, 20:23

Mobs of rural Americans is largely a fiction conjured up by the media to fool dumb liberals.

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