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Jun 24, 2024, 18:09

…given you are on all your favorite topics. Last we heard 3 months ago the war was within weeks of being won by Russia.

Jun 25, 2024, 22:00

Pedobeeno is not going to go anywhere near this thread, he will do exactly what he has always done, conveniently ignore any subject that he got 100% wrong (which is every single thing he has ever posted)

Can I suggest that Pedobeenos Trumpet be renamed Pedobeenos folly?

Jun 25, 2024, 22:14

I’ll second that!

Jun 26, 2024, 09:20


So Ukraie is stil winning the endless war in Ukraine?   Talking  about BS - you are one of te main spreaders of that on site.

I never quoted anybody on site - but follow the daily situation of the actual war and not mad articles by the Ukraine and US media about their massive successes in the war.

Watch what happened in reality on maps provided by a wide range of media and organizations and not what propaganda articles in most of the media inclusivce of Colonel McGregor which I a times questioned as well.

I asked you a question elsewhere - what happened on your attack on the Global Warming Farce and npw you are ttlly silent on that one?  Have you been brainwashed on that isue as well?    

Incidently anybodty opposing the War in Ukraine and promoting  peace negotiuations are accding to you and other BSters supporting Putin.   That is what ignorant idiots on the issue actually believe.              


Jun 26, 2024, 16:00

Gullible fool!

Jun 26, 2024, 17:28

Gullible doos.  

Jun 26, 2024, 17:52

This written by you in Feb 22:

 If the Russiand had any idea about attacking the Ukraine they would have done it already - but they have no real interest in the Ukraine Kiev-controlled area - but the question remains why are 53 000 people evacuated from the Donetz area?   One would reasonably want to know why and by whom the area is under attack - making it too dangerous for women and children to remain in the area.


Gullible fool, I rest my case

Jun 27, 2024, 06:04

No Mozart idiot BSter

Thatw as written after the Ukraine Presidnt Zelenskyy and Russian President Putin signed an agreement based on the Minsk agreement negotiated by Macron and announced at a pres confernce in Kiev.   

However, which caused the Russians not to attack Ukraine.   But that did not acceptable by the US overlords in Ukraine and the Ukraine army sent 60 000 soldiers to Eastern Ukraine and arrested all Russian  Speaking Ukraine members of Parliament on te instruiction from Washington. 

You claimed tha no suich  agreement sg ned and claimed that the document handed to t he African Peace mission was never signed by anybody.   

That followed by  ceasefire negotiuation in Turkey in A pril 2022 -  which the Ukraine Government insisted that could only be negotiated if the Russians withdrew the army threatening Kiev.   So the negotiations started a week after the required withdrawal of Russian troops,   

Te egotiations started and accrding  to a video recording of the Ukraine Ambassador in Turkey who attended  the negotiaions stated clearly making good progress.   Next day the Ukraine Foreign Minister wa instructed by the State Department to lave the emeting  and not t intial anythig.

18 months later a story appeared in the WSJ that the negotiations amd e progress at all and that is why the Ukraine Foreign Minister left the meeting because the Russian insistence on conditions were demands that Ukraine could not agree to.   The statement of the Ukraine Ambassador and the Turkish Government showed the exact opposite the BS from the Wall Street Journal - which you posted on site.    Unbeleivable BS on your part and that posting fo the WSJ is unbeleivable as well.   It was obviously a propaganda effort to stop any progress in stopping  the war was nt accpetable t the US Overlords of Ukraine in  Washington.

So like alauys you are not even thinkin  g on anything on site and only ush  BS on site - be it about any code of sport as well.


Jun 27, 2024, 13:19

‘If the Russians had any ideas about attacking Ukraine they would have done so already’…..Municipality Mike.

‘In spite of the harshness and ruthlessness I thought I saw in his face, I got the impression that here was a man who could be relied upon when he had given his word.’….Neville Chamberlain speaking about Hitler.

……Two good examples of terminally stupid gullibility.

Jul 03, 2024, 09:49

Could be ouMaaik talking about Putin.

Jul 03, 2024, 15:10

It seems HasBeen has abandoned the good Colonel. Tell us about Russia’s total victory in May HasBeen.

Jul 03, 2024, 17:04

What a clown poor mozzietard has bcome. 

Indeed the nutter has been very quiet on climate change. He would get kicked out the globalist club if his buddies found out what he has posted here.

Colonel McGregor has given informed commentary on the Ukraine.

Poor mozzietard is still in denial regarding the reasons this war started. The idiot think it all started the day Russia sent in a small expeditionary Force. Bwahahahahahhahahaha that tells you all you need to know about what an appalling liar Mozzietard is

The nutter thought the Ukrainians would whip Russia and be marching to Moscow - that is how the clown reads the Russian retreat in the early days of the war.

Putin would be overthrown by his own people.

Putin was dying if cancer.

Sanctions would cripple Russia. Hahahahhahahahahaha

The Russian army and weapons would be no match to the AFU and US weaponry!. 


Was there anything these delusional mamparas were right about.

Today Russia has some 1.2 million troops and is in a very strong position. Slowly and deliberately the Ukraine Army is being decimated. Theybare struggling to get recruits.

Everyone now knows Ukraine cant win the war.

Trump will settle the war within  weeks of taking office. Putin will keep the territory he has. Where the Russians will end up we shall see. Odessa and Karkov could still be taken. Ukraine wont join NATO but will become a neutral buffer state.

The big question is when will the disgusting Mozzietard sell his Raytheon shares. Doubtless he is hoping the war will continue! A wider war in the middle East will see the scumbag buying more Military industrial shares. Good tomes for ou Mozzieatrd. He did well with his Pfizer shares and for him the Plandemic was a great success.

If you want to know what McGregor has been saying do a search on You Tube Mozzie. You will learn a lot. Don't expect me to spoon feed a dope like you. 

The truth is not in you. You and old Joe have a lot in common. Serial liars.

Jul 03, 2024, 18:26

‘The nutter has been very quiet on climate change’….look up this string below:

Jun 28, 2024, 14:59

This is a remarkable article….running counter to the narrative. I’m still waiting for the articles that point out 

1) 40% of global warming occurred before there was significant man made CO2 in the atmosphere.

Jul 03, 2024, 18:27

The nutter HasBeen-ou hasn’t been doing his homework.

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