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May 26, 2024, 09:39

It is really amazing  what they come up wit iro of the issue based entirely on media  disortions as to what is happeningwith the string  of court cases involving  Trump in 2024 - 

*   one dating back toi the 1990's;

*   one dating back to 2013;

*   one dating back to the 2016;

*   and three dating back to 2021.

If there was any reality in the situation why were all the cases delayed to 2024 and then dealt with in fanfare in the media  with maximum coverage of the media supporting Biden in the election?

Background discussion

In the 2018 mid-term elecion 2 DA  Demcoratic Party candidates in New York - funded by Soros -  campaigned on the basis that they would ensure Trump be charged with crimes thus ensuromg he would be jailed. 

The 2021 charges stemmed from two sources - namely the discredited Pelosi Committee investigation of the January 6 protests against election fraud  in the 2020 election.   The other source had more direct impact on the 2020 election as well.  

So lets look at what was produced so far in the actual court.

The 1990's case             

 Carroll claimed in 2015 that she was sexually asauled by Trump sometime in the 1990's in the changeroom of a major chain shop in  New York.   Initially she claimed it happened in 1994 and showed the media the dress she was wearing  on the day the assault took place.    When that hit the headlines in the 2016 election the problem was the dress she showed as having worn iin 1994 only came on the market in 1996.   .     

The fact is there were no security camera coverage that proved that either she or Trump was ever together in the shop ever.   So what evidence Caroll provided - namely the dress she wore on the 1994 incident only came on the market in 1996 - so she changed the date to 1996. 

The Washington civil case followed  because Carroll claimed Trump when denying the charge libelled her by statements he made in public about her allegations.   She also laid the civil charge in Washington court - where there was  no real proof of any sexual assault taking place considered.    The Judge handling the case was always very partial to the Demcoratic Party and since it was a civil case there was no jury needed.   Fact is that in normal corcusatnces the first proof Carroll needed to provide was that the sexual assault actually took place and that Trump lied about it when he responded by denying  the allegations.

Since the claim wsa entirely based on what Trump said in denyming the incident - the situation was a farcical political case to damage Trump's election in 2016 and now again in the 2022 election.   The judge ruled that she should be paid $95 million in damages - a really ridiculous sum of moneytaking  in to account the circumstances.    .     .   

What was  really funny was a claim by Stav that a non-existen jury ruled against Trump in that case - there was no jury in a civil court case and an appeal would inevtably lead to her being  paid nothing or a nominal amount of $1 in such  a case and/or ordered to pay Trump's legal expenses in such an event.

The 2013 Case

This case was really funny and ws based on no evidence whatsoever.   Since there was no prooof of anybody being defrauded DA James decided to turn the charge into a civil case and not a criminal one.   Again to Stav a non-existent jury decided Trmp was guilty of committing  fraud in that case.

There was indeed no fraud proved in that case and the Judge allowed James a free hand  to determine the  valuation of the Trump properties in New York and what damages he should pay due to alleged "fraud" committed  Trump and the judge despite no proof of fraud being provided approved the allegations of the DA.

He ruled that knowing the sentence would be appealed that Trump -

*     should provide a guarantee of $500 million to the court within a week;

*      failing which Trump's properties should be taken over by the court.

Without dealing with anything relating to the case - a Federal Judge  reduced the guarantee to $175  million and scrapped the ruling of the New York Judge as to the Trump propeties.    This case is likely to end up in the Supreme Court and since there was in reality no fraud committed the court will inevitably ruled that the Trump legal expenses on the issue be paid by the state.

The 2016 case

After his 2018 election DA Bragg appointed a legal team to investigate the allegation against Trump about fraudulent money paid by Trump.   The legal team in 2019 could find anyo evidence of the allegation and the team members left  the office of the DA.

The DA then - after liaison with the WH and the Justice Department (who made a senior official available to lead the evidence against Trump.    There was no crime indicated in the original charge - but the Prosecutor raised the inference that the hush money may hav influenced he 2016 election.   The Judge refuse to let a pevious Election Committee Chairman to prove otherwise and the Judge refused to allow clear questions on the issue.   

There was no decision yet - but due to the conduct of the DA and his leagl team leader from he WH would inevitably appealled with potential devastating results for Bragg - he Justice Deopartment and Judges legal careers.   

The 2024 Georgia case   .   

This case bcame stagnant when the DA  concerned (Willes) went  rogue and spent money on the case on a fraudulent basis and a hearing  resulted in scrapping  of most of the charges laid by Willis was deleted altogether by the presiding judge and he ordered that her boyfriend should be removed from the case.    Willis appealed against that decision and the Georgia Senate is investigating  her for further allegations of fraud and she appealed against the Judge's decision.

It is unlikely that this case would go forward as the whole case is based on allegations by the DA who promised to copy the New York cases on the instruction of the WH and Justice Department, as well and in her evidence because the hearing referred to the findings of the January 6  Committee,    The obvious constant liaison between the Prosecutors and the WH is going to be a problem in higher courts.  

The Florida Case on the Mar-El-Lago document casse.

In this case the  the FBI went rogue and the Judge would have nothing of it.    Until the FBI deliver all the documents seized during  the raid return it to court to allow for inspecion by the Defense team of lawyers - this case will never proceed,   The Judge postponed the case indefinitely,   

The FBI and Justice Department actions are likely to have no proceeding  with the result.   serious concern and the  FBI and Biden WH cannot allow the documnts not returned to the Court as instructed by the Judge  became public knowledge as it would eb rfaised in court by the Defense.    Not an even remote case of this going back to court for hearing  of the charges laid by Special Council Smith.   

The other Smith charges brought  into issue to be clared up on a constitutional level and Smith took the question of Presidntial immunity to the  Supreme Court directly.   The court read him the riot act about legal procedures  the Supreme Court.   He was told clearly that the Court issues would not be finalized before the election date.   In the meantime Smith took the issue of immunity to a district court Judge and he ruled that he should take up the matter with the federal court = the fededral court did the same  and the case is now before the Supreme  Court. 

Only once the court has ruled on that issue the actual c harges by Smith can start - if the Supreme  Court ruled on that issue - the actual starting of the charges case could start.   The chances are the Supreme Court will rule against the Smith Application his charges would be dead and burried.         

           .   .      



May 26, 2024, 22:24

May 27, 2024, 05:32


What I cannot believe is that thinking  people do not realise that the charges have nothing to do  with crimes committed and is entirely based on political persecution of Trump.   If he  did not run as candidate in 2024 there would have been no charges laid against him.

All the allegations are  hogwash  from a judicial perspective if the following  is borne in mind:-

*    Charges of fraud committed by7 Trump or his Companies =- w hen no fraud was proved;

*     Where a porn actress - who were previously in a court case fined to pay Trumps legal expenses as to her claims of sexual attack on her - which she could not prove - and  swore publicly which $500 000 she would not pay according to law and hate Trump as a result. was one of the two key witnesses used in the Hush Money case.

*      The other key witness was a convicted fraudster who was a legal advisor on minor cases used by the Trump companies on a retainer basis and during evidence was caught lying  a number of times when he  gave evidence and admitted he stole $50 000 from the Trump companies and whose request to be padoned by Trump - who was unaware of the money stolen -  was refused by Trump in 2020

*       A court case where Carroll  claimed she was libelled  by Trump when eh denioed he had ever had sex with her - which was not required to prove that it happened  and where the ruling of the judge would be appealed and since she herself spread libellous stories about Trump would on appeal be proven by Trump's lawyers;

*       An AD from Georgia  who committed fraud using money supposed to be spent on the case was using  the funds to benefit her boyfriend and took him on luxury holidays in the Bahamas and Miami - which case is now in jeopardy;

*      Where the FBI committed fraud by releasing a false picture of what they found during  thir search of Trump's  home in Florida - and then refused to make available evidence on the case to the Ddefenders - causing the judge to postpone the case indefinitely;

*      A case at present before the Supreme Court  in respect of  immunity of Trump by official decisions taken as President - which may be decided by the latter court that the January 6 protests was an offical decision by Trump - which cannot be proved by Smith -  so that case is also near to death and buried.

The problenm for Smith is that he waas told he case of immeunity still under consideration by the Trump will need to be started only once the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity has been delivered in which case the charges agaist Trump would be stated in the court - which charges have been disccredited in a House report when teh January 6 incident was dealt with.   

A deadly piece of evidence that could cost the Demcorats badly as an abuse of democracy by the DNC amd especially where it was decided to use the court cases as election propaganda   against Trump's campaign  and where it ws decided to send Kerry to Teheran t negotiate a deal iro the 2020 election - which is a real crime in itself as it represented a political deal by Iran to help the Biden campaign and is in itself umlawful.

Biden is very unpopular as a President and the court cases are the only things they have to use is  the only real issue tthe Demcorats can use in the election.   It does not appear to work out positively for them - as there is no other means they can use to defend the Biden policies that actually effect millions of voters negatively - the rich are getting richer while the middle clss and working people as well as the poor are getting poorer due to inflation.   The second most imortant topic is Biden's Open Boarder policy - which are resented especially by all people in places like New York and Chicago as well as the Hamas riots in the USA threatening the Jewish population in the USA and Israel, while criminals and essentially potential  terrorists came into the USA as migrants.    

The support of Biden amongst Black men in particular is down from 80% in 2020 to 52% at present - while Sopprt by Black women dropped by 20% - the same percentage drop as is evidnt iro Hispanic support which dropped from, 62% in 2020 to 42% at present.   It is not known what effect the Hamas riots in the USA as well as the delay of arms delivery to Israel will effect the Jewish voters ad a likely drop of 20% is also possible  from 30% in 2020 to an estimated at most as 60% at presemt as against 72% in 2020, while in a survey 93% of the Jewsih people are living in fear of their future.    That figure is not good for the Democrats,  

                                 .        .                

Jun 06, 2024, 08:23

politics trump in jail Memes & GIFs - Imgflip539 × 463

Jun 06, 2024, 09:55

Cool.....I like the tie....or noose!?:D

Jun 06, 2024, 10:45

I hope this much focus gets put on Biden and his son in the near future

Anyways, have a lekker weekend everyone, I'm off for a long weekend.

Will crack my first ice cold one in 15 minutes

Jun 06, 2024, 17:47

What is realy amazing  is that they are so brainwased they do not realize that it is representing  the death of demcoracy in the USA  - it represents what is  happening in dictatorships like North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and China and in banana republic dictatorship worldwide.   .

In the present cases thus far not a single sentence of evidence was produced as to what law was broken and the presiding  judge even said the jury must not bother to determine what law was broken and his conduct was about on par with what was the case under Stalin - he intimidated everybody in the court - so bearing  in mind his daughter working for the Democratic Party and earned and the Demcoratic Party paid hder over $12 million for that work.   Bearing in mind that he is a major donor to the Democrats and received his instructions from the WH - he should never have been the judge  hearing  the case.

What the site lefties do ot realize that any future President can do the same against any potential opposition candidate - ie lay charges agaisnt his opponent and the opponent does not need a legal team - he will be declared guilty anyway.

I asked repeatedly on site what law or laws Trump broke and am not surprised the lefties does not know what law he in fact broke.   Even the prosecutors did not list a law in the charges - so they fools do not know eiher.   In fact nobody knows and is in real courts will not be countenanced - it represents nothing more than being a kangaroo court and is a direct threat against demcoracy.

In any event the Judge does not want to have his ruling appeal be heard before election day and delayed the sentencing  to middle July - and appeal hearing will take another two to three months - so the case would not be appealed before election day - another sure sign the whole case was based on propaganda politics before an election and not on anything else.    

This is ging to have serious repercuissions for Biden and his legal team that leads the so-called evidence they presented in court and represents the abuse of the USA legal system.   Undermining  judicial processes in courts in the USA is a crime and they can land their boss and themselves in  jail for many years,   They can also be stripped of their proefessional ability to work in he field of jurisprudence too and could end up to pay Trumps legal expenses as well.

Another four years of similar conduct will mean the end of demcoracy in the USA  - what the Democrats claim Trump would do they are already doing themselves.    The fact that the Justce Departent used the FBI to intimidate and invesgate 278 000 people illegally (a exposed by the FIS Court) and that could become worse under a Democratic Party dictaorship and can be used against any opponent to them in elections and any voter who even complain against the very real dictatorship they oppose.   This is the  case already in evidence - not only against Trump - but against anybody who oppose the dictatorship they have in mind for the USA.    There are strings of ch arges already against many people.      

One could call this stupid - but it is much worse - I call it total idiocy on the part of brainwashed fools who cannot think for themselves.    They are told what they may think and they fall for the BS.              



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