The anti-Biden campaigns of Democratic Party House members and Senators

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Jul 07, 2024, 16:40

The mental and phusical decline in Biden is undermining of House members and Senators in marginal States and Districts and the fear of election losses is imminent for them - especially those suuffering as a resuklt of the Biden Open bORDER Policy and inflation.  So they arfe pretendibng theya re not supporting  Biden BS ev en though in the hpuse and Senate they voted for Biden proposals and necver spoke out against it in the Hopuse and Snate,

That lead them into desperation and the House meetings will resatart tomorrow when the Demcoratic Party os going to discuss the issue raised by a number of House members and Senators in pub;icly.   

I still th ink there is a complot to get  rid of Biden - but the only thng that can save him  is that Harrfis is even more unp[opular than Biden is.   In the meantime Senator Pokahonta Warren and Governors Madame Hitler Whitmer and Newsom - best client of Presidentr Xi -is working behind the scene to get the President\s job.   

The fact s H arris - t he Lau,ghing  Hyena - is as incomptetent  as Bidena nd can only be a puppet President  and the other three are all as crooked as Biden adn the rest of th e D P leadership are.  They all have stinks that reach high heaven and th eir c hances of doing  better than Biden is remote.

The other one trying  to get the job is Clinton  the second biggest crook n th e  - only Al Capone ws more crooked.  

What a lot from whom the Democrats have to destroy the USA and enrich theselves            


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