The betrayal of the Century by Biden and his traitorous Administration

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Apr 29, 2024, 09:48

Biden has fially decided to betray all the USA obligations in terms of the US Constitution.   So lets start a list of what happened over the last four years:-

Betrayal of Israel and all Jews living  in the USA  

Since Israel was established in 1948 there was a number of wars against the Israeli neighbours and in all of those the USA was the staunchest ally of Israel - so what happened in 2022:-

*    Since Obama and Biden took over the Government of the USA they allowed hundredds of thousands of Muslims into the country and those were settled in the main in Minnesota and Michigan where they vbecame voters and now with an election looming - these votes count above everything else isofar as Biden is concerned.

*     So Schuner in a speech stipulated that Israel should hold an election in the hope that a new Government is elected that will govern as a proxy state of the USA  and that was repeated by a host of other Democratic Party House members of which 2145 is ultra-leftist demagogues,    However, the crooked Schumer were told by the Chief Rabbi that his own position as Senator was under threat - since the Jewish vote in New York ensure a victory by the Democrats in New York State - so Schumer was also under threat of losing.   After that he changed his tune partly - but not fully.

*    Muslim fanatics has a program to attack US Universities by riots.  Included in that program - encouraged by radical leftist professors - the Jewish students and staff at Universities are under threat of being killed by the rioters and effectively it stopped all Univesity lectures and totally disrupted the academic year.   Atatcks on Jews are becoming more evident a violence threats increased.    Under normal circumstances the Government will stop the riots in its tracks - but Biden is not going to act to stop the rot.   Let them kill Jewish people in both Israel and the USA - thE 100 000 votes of Muslims in Michigan is more important than the studies of millions of US students are.

*    As per normal the USA would rush supply of armaments to Israel - but after the 7 October attack by Hamaas on Israel the USA would have rushed needed armaments to defend Israel - this year it is totally different.   The US Senate would pass no law to help Israel unless  it is  under attack - unless funds are provided to fund the Ukraine war nd th e utra-corrupt G overnment in ukraine and for border control.   The funding of Ukraine is unpopular in the USA - the funding and support of Israel is very strong in the USA - but that according to Biden and the Demcoratic Party is of no value to them electorally so the funds now in desperation to help Israel the Republcians voted for funding of both the totally corrupt Ukraine Government and in desperation funding to help Israel - that being about a quarter of the funding provided to Ukraine.   

*     The said law include funding for border protection suggested by Biden - but what is happening with the funds have zero to do with border protection and the funds are to be isdtributed to USA cities with illegal migrant problems.   The funding for New York City is to amount to 2,5 billion alone.   The influx of illegal migrants into the the USA will continue unchecked - while the people suffer badlyt he migrants are to be treaed better than US citizens,   Incidentally the so-called Immigration Act is a farce since it empowers Biden to close the border for illegal human and drug trafficking if daily entry is above 5 OOO people per day.   All that Biden and co was interested in was keeping the border open and legitimize the millions already in the USA,

*      In 2019 th e USA reached the stage that there were no bulk imports of all into the USA.  Biden ordered a clmpdown on drilling  of new wells to replace those running  dry.   So what did Biden do?   He used the Strategic Oil Reserve as producing more oil than what was produced   in the past and introduced the most ridiculous level of f unding on the Global Warming farce ever.   The corrupt Biden even authorized the selling of oil from the Strategic Oil Reserve to China - leaving the Reserve at its lowest level since 1946 and the Biden Administration has no progam for increasing the Strategic Oil Reserve.    and if war with for instacne China  breaks out the US will not be able to provide petrol and diesel to the army for longer than three weeks and local transportation would be anniliated i9n the process.   The Biden Regime ahs a habit to provide false data to the country at large - but that will not help the USA and China is laughing all the way to the bank on that score,   China and North Korea will attack Taiwan and S outh Korea once China see the renewal fo teh  presidency of Biden in the election and will attack the two countries mentioned.   Basically there si nothing the USA can do to stop China in attaining  their objectives in thsoe two countries.   Taiwan and South Korea will fall withinthe next year and Biden will blame Trump for what is happening while he is President.  

*     Law and Order is collapsing at an alarming rate in the USA and the import of gangstrs from all over he world into the USA strengthen insecurty in the USA.   There is no identity check done to ensure that ciminals - and that include terrorists - are not allowed into the country -  even those who were sent back to their country of origing under Trump based on their criminal record in the USA is now back under Biden and continue to add to the rising criminality under Biden.   So why si crimianls ruining  the country.   It all ties back t the reg ulations as to criminality compiled for Biden by George Soros and his organization.  Accoding to those - a arge number of cimes h ave been decrimilized and those include shop theft and break-ins into homes, common assault, vehicle theft and illegal occupation of homes without compensation being  paid to owners.   There were also th fact that whn criminals are arrested by the Police they are freed from jail within 24 hours without paying any bail and that includes murder and attempted murder cases.   When people dare to defend themselves against criminal murderous attacks and they kill the attacker theya re charged with murder and kept in jail subject to the ayment of tens of thousands of dollars in  bail money and in one case the amount which had toi be paid in bail amounted to $2 million - a political based case thrown out by the court.    George Soros' son visists the  WH monthly to ensure his father's orders are carried out by the Biden Administration.   The Demoratic Party extreme leftists are also campaigning  for abolishing  the  Police - sonething  still done in Demcoratically controlled cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago for example.   In the meantime it is open season for killing of Police through murder in the USA.   A reason for example is the murder of a New York Policeman where the Governor of New York State waned to attend the fuineral servce and was told to bugger off by the family - she is one in favor of  the Soros policies,   In despration the F BI released some stats sh owing serious crime is down by 13% in 2023 - but the public knows it si BS .  

*     When the issue of inflation came to the fore in 2021 the working class and poor families got into a situation that 49 million people in the USA - including 17 million children - are being fed by Food Banks.  Mozart tried to avoid the situation by claiming  based on a 2012 report that only fatties are encountering food insecurity.    Int eh  end h e had to admit that 22% of the population fot eh r ichestc ountry in the food face a major problem with food insecurity.   the issue of fodo insecurity was followed by further infklation and by now th e number fo people suffering from food  insecuity is likely to exceed 60 million people in the USA.   Most of th e people in the USA  - in fact thinks that Biden's economic policies are unaccetable with  onlky 28% of the voters approve support of hsi policies,     This issue si part fot the reason for condemning Biden's economic policies - he si more interested in getting re--elected than he is in the welf-being of the people of the USA. 

*      Unconstitutional weaponizing of the Justice D epartment against political opponents.    When a president undermines the oath of loyalty he promised to upheld and then went rogue and undermine basixc principles of the US Constitution.     

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Apr 29, 2024, 09:55


Please don't.

Apr 29, 2024, 09:57

Shitory Alert!

Apr 29, 2024, 10:19

Facts mean nothing to brainwashed idiots on site.   But I will complete the full saga.    

Apr 29, 2024, 15:36

Pictures not seen, symphonies not heard, posts not read…..tragic.

Apr 29, 2024, 15:45

Clicks ClubCard - Feel good rewards start here - You've Earned It

Apr 29, 2024, 17:37

Mozarrt is too stupi9.d tpo u,bnderstand what he is supporting =- but then eh is clueless when things do not come from teh  New York Times or Wall Street Journal.    

Apr 29, 2024, 19:32

On the contrary, I am skeptical of everything….especially the left and right wings and everything in the middle.

Apr 29, 2024, 21:34

It's obvious that the border/ migrant crisis is whatever end...and is having the same effect than the same kinda thing in the rest of the world...destabilizing the region and creating serious social problems and what end? Volstruise just refuse to see what's right there in the open...amazing...

Apr 30, 2024, 02:01

But I will complete the full saga.

Oh the agony.

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