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Nov 18, 2023, 05:51

As expected they are going on the attack and for that purpose lies are the norm.   The first case is clear - he had a sexual relationship with a Prostitute,   That is normally the first "discovery" of the Democrats when somebody do not submit to their wiashes.   The second reason is that Johnson does not have assets - normal with people who ail enrich themselves through insider trading and backhanders to help people getting past laws passed by the House or Senate.   Johnson is a criminal - he dares to live from his salary earned as a House member and now Speaker.

They lied in the House about an alleged loan one of the Committee chair got from his brother - obviously the alleged loans Biden gave his family and they then once they get backhanders from the Chinese, Iran or other corrupt countries they repay Biden the loans he made to them.    It was an obvious lie.   The said chairman apparently bought a farm from his brother and paid him the full purchase price for the farm - owing him nothing.   And there was a row in the House when the Democrat who came up with that story were told to his face that he  is a liar an he could produce no evidence on the issue - he claimed he read it in the newspapers as if that is a prove odf anything.   

It is like Garland said when questioned about why he instructed the FBI to act against parents attending school board meetings.    When asked for evidence to substantiate the violence claims - Garland said he read some newspaper stories about such violence.   He obviously could not produce any evidence of violence at such meetings and could not produce the alleged newspape reports.     The worm was squiming when he came up with that allegation.         

Nov 18, 2023, 07:54

I can understand Mozart's support for Haley though.   S he was Governor of South Carolina and picked as US Representative at the United Nations.   After two years her services were terminated by Trump - but the reason never came out.   . It now cam out that she had links wioth the armament industry and is making millions out of it.   Thatn is to my mind not an acceptable route for oliticians to follow.      

Nov 18, 2023, 11:09

Indeed Mike apparently Haley is only running for th GOP presidential Nomination to raise her profile further as she has zero prospects of winning.

I heard she has a deal with Boeing all tied up?

Haley is another establishment Globalist Uniparty operative. Ramaswamy put her to the sword.

Nov 18, 2023, 17:37


What bothers me is that the conduct of the site idiots - they would soon accuse Johnson of sexual misbehaver based on the Democratic Party standard allegations against opponents.     When anymb body criticize the US  Government their criticism should be regarded as zero because of the Democratic Party and their FBI collaborators.    They tried that trick on Gaetz and it misfired anxd on Supreme Court Justnice Kavenaugh.     

People like Bill Clinton and Gates were linked to the pedophile activities of Epstein - Gates wife even divorced him because of those activities - but nothing will be done in their cases.    .            

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