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Nov 19, 2023, 20:26

I could not pen th e adrticle in full _ and could not fond the reasosn why Trump posing the biggest threat to the world in 2024.   So you tell. us why he is such a big threat and to whom.   

Trump alwaqys tried to prevent wars througvh negotiation - that was  proven in the past - Trump believes in a balanced budget and not limnitless spending - so why is that wrong?    \

He is not a racist or a person with dictatorial ambitions.    He differs from Biden in that regard - he never used the Justice Department or FBI to sspy on people atnending school board meetings or colluded with the press as to what may be published and what not.    

So tell us why he is the biggest threat the world is facing in 2024 and prove it factually.    

By the way the threat he poses is basically internal - he wants to clear up bueaucratic and political corruption in the USA - everyone know why that is the case.    But it would be  interesting  to know why he is such a huge threat.    So please get that get that and tell us why..           .        

Nov 19, 2023, 21:43


 I jined up and found the following:-

Paragraph 1

Ashadow looms over the world. In this week’s edition we publish The World Ahead 2024, our 38th annual predictive guide to the coming year, and in all that time no single person has ever eclipsed our analysis as much as Donald Trump eclipses 2024. That a Trump victory next November is a coin-toss probability is beginning to sink in.

Mr Trump dominates the Republican primary. Several polls have him ahead of President Joe Biden in swing states. In one, for the New York Times, 59% of voters trusted him on the economy, compared with just 37% for Mr Biden. In the primaries, at least, civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions have only strengthened Mr Trump. For decades Democrats have relied on support among black and Hispanic voters, but a meaningful number are abandoning the party. In the next 12 months a stumble by either candidate could determine the race—and thus upend the world.

The above si a real summary of the political situation at present.   Biden fucked up everything he touched and is grossly unppular as a result.   His policies is to blame for the economic instability in the country at present.

Paragvraph  2

The greatest threat Mr Trump poses is to his own country. Having won back power because of his election-denial in 2020, he would surely be affirmed in his gut feeling that only losers allow themselves to be bound by the norms, customs and self-sacrifice that make a nation. In pursuing his enemies, Mr Trump will wage war on any institution that stands in his way, including the courts and the Department of Justice

This is BS  galore.    Trump did do exactly the same as Clinton did in 2016.   However,he did no0t use lies and concocty conspiracy theories that Cklinton and the Obama Administnartion to concoct the Rusian Hoax as happened aduring and after the 2016 election.    He did not use the Asminsitartion to appoint the Muelkler special council andx did not get the media to spread lies about Russian Collusion did in 2016 up to 2019.

What is wierder is that unlike the Biden Administration diid ovewr the last three years was to utilizew the Justice Deparftment to undermine pposition to their regime..    There is no proof that Tr4ump will do anything but clear uop the olitization of the Justice Department and the FBI and CIA from using illegal and unconstitutional means to oppress opposition.   That inckludes using the FBI and CIA to collude with the media to cednszor news like happened under the Biden Administration.   

Paragraph 3 

 Yet a Trump victory next year would also have a profound effect abroad. China and its friends would rejoice over the evidence that American democracy is dysfunctional. If Mr Trump trampled due process and civil rights in the United States, his diplomats could not proclaim them abroad. The global south would be confirmed in its suspicion that American appeals to do what is right are really just an exercise in hypocrisy. America would become just another big power.

The attack on Democracy in the USA was ging  full scale under Biden and totally disfunctional.   When did Trump trample on due perocess and civil rights in the USA?    The suggestion is that Bioden did that on a virtual daily basis.   I must admirt this beat the BS spreading in the rest of the article.    It is in fact a deduction and lie baszed on exac tly what Biden is up to.   

Paragraph 4

Mr Trump’s protectionist instincts would be unbound, too. In his first term the economy thrived despite his China tariffs. His plans for a second term would be more damaging. He and his lieutenants are contemplating a universal 10% levy on imports, more than three times the level today. Even if the Senate reins him in, protectionism justified by an expansive view of national security would increase prices for Americans. Mr Trump also fired up the economy in his first term by cutting taxes and handing out covid-19 payments. This time, America is running budget deficits on a scale only seen in war and the cost of servicing debts is higher. Tax cuts would feed inflation, not growth.

=This is total economic garble - the o/bjective of Trump is to exportg of jobs tgo oher countries and the idea is to ame job exporting less attractive to the ultra rich.    The ibcrease of prices - ie inflatnion is a product of the present administration dure to BS policies and wreckless Government spending on borrowed money.    So the argument is that Trump will cut the uktra-rich to size.  Trump introduiced tax cuts to ensure that it would lead to small and mediumn businesses to make money and employ more people and it was not inflationary.    So why should future policieds differ fcrm what it was in his first term.   

Paragraph 4

Abroad, Mr Trump’s first term was better than expected. His administration provided weapons to Ukraine, pursued a peace deal between Israel, the uae and Bahrain, and scared European countries into raising their defence spending. America’s policy towards China became more hawkish. If you squint, another transactional presidency could bring some benefits. Mr Trump’s indifference to human rights might make the Saudi government more biddable once the Gaza war is over, and strengthen relations with Narendra Modi’s government in India.

But a second term would be different, because the world has changed. There is nothing wrong in countries being transactional: they are bound to put their own interests first. However, Mr Trump’s lust for a deal and his sense of America’s interests are unconstrained by reality and unanchored by values.

Mr Trump judges that for America to spend blood and treasure in Europe is a bad deal. He has therefore threatened to end the Ukraine war in a day and to wreck nato, perhaps by reneging on America’s commitment to treat an attack on one country as an attack on all. In the Middle East Mr Trump is likely to back Israel without reserve, however much that stirs up conflict in the region. In Asia he may be open to doing a deal with China’s president, Xi Jinping, to abandon Taiwan because he cannot see why America would go to war with a nuclear-armed superpower to benefit a tiny island.

What conclusion is the writer of the article coming to?    The world situation during the Trump Administration was stable and there was no evcidence that Trump's policies trampled on human rights.    Why the hell should there be blood and treasure in Europe.   That is real BS - is the writer encourage World War 3.    Ending the Ukraine war will save more lives and the war was unnecessary and could have been avoided if treaties were not sabotaged by the US Government.    It is wrong  to settle international diofference through negotiation?     Trump has nver undermined the US standing in the world - the idiot Biden Administration has done that and it has driven US allies away from the Biden USA and into the arms of BRICS.   

I find the above article based on totytal BS and scare conspriacy theories.    There is no real evidence provided to prove anything - it was just a collection of mad cap idiocy and total blindmess to reaqlity.   


Nov 20, 2023, 18:44

Well said Mike. I admire your patience and the time you took to shred this absurd article. 

You have to be insane to belief this rubbish.  If you can't see the difference in the world and the fortunes of America now and when Trump was President you are a complete mampara. Dumb as a rock. 

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