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Jun 05, 2024, 10:20

The emdia is in panic about far-right advances in the election - to them  any opposition to the iberal and socialist policies of the EU is Far Right - while the socialists and communists are OK and not Far-Left.  

They fear Conservtives will advance to a level the main stream media is panicking about.   The people are suffering and even starving in Europe - like they do in the USA - and that may cause major upsets in countries like France, Germany and the Netherlands - while agriculture and food pduction is under attack by the Greens and other leftists and the effects on Europe is too dangerous for people to accept.  

Read the following  comment from Sky News/Foc News - london - on that issue:-

 European right-wing populists are poised to deliver a blunt warning to mainstream political parties as they are predicted to make dramatic gains in the European Parliament elections starting on Thursday.

Voters in the 27 countries of the European Union (EU) are expected to elect the historical first right-leaning majority in the European Parliament for the next five years, in a sign of frustration with traditional political parties perceived to have failed to address the rampant migrant crisis and economic challenges facing the continent.

"It's a reflection, a frustration with what is happening in Europe," Alan Mendoza, the executive director of the London-based Henry Jackson Society, told Fox News Digital. "People are turning to the parties who have answers on this basis and who are standing up for these issues as far as some voters see it and saying that that's where they're going to cast their votes."        

Jun 08, 2024, 10:14

The war agaisnt cow and other animals in Europe support is declining at a amssive rate and is one of the causes of inflation of food prices and decline in production of food in Europe,    The other cause is the Ukraine War which  caused a massive rise in input costs of farmers and in inflation in food prices.   .  

So what is the real situation in Europe at present accoring to opinion polls in EU countries:-

*    49% of the voters reject the War on Cows and other Animals

*    31% are neutral on the issue and support moderate parties that is not happy with the present execsses - but support elements of control of seme excesses supporting the cntrist approach which etails a no for the War on Cws with moderate views on the peace settlemnts in Ukraine:

*    20%  support the reactioary Greens and leftist socialism in the EU countries support both the War on Cows and other animals and the Ukraine War.

The results are not final in the Ntherlands even though  the leftist media claim it was a victory for the leftist Greens and Socialist parties.   The projections of voictory by the leftist of the ressults in the Netherlands are misleading anyway.   They projected that the elftist got 8 of the  31 Dutch seats in the EU Party and kept quiet on the fact that the BBB - in alliance with the Wilder's Party got 2 seats as well.   How the other 14 seats are distributed .is unsure.    Four of the members would be from the previous quasi-conservative Governing Party that lost the last naional elections in November 2023.   Tha means that the Party support for this Party claiming they ahve conservatives viewws on Governance  dropped for 27% before the November election to  12.9% at present while the support for the righteing partie incresed from  30% in the  last  election in the Netherlands to 37% at present.   

It would be interesting  to sea what the outcome of he election in Ireland would be.    The resent Government in Ireland is centrist-leftist - with the centrist party being the main opposition party is in Opposition.    There are no Conservative Party represented in the Irsish Parliament - but there are 8 opponnets of the leftist ideals of the present EU Goverment.   It is expeced that the center leftist is going  to lose bigtime in the EU elctions with the conservaties getting a much bigger share of the votes.               

In other countries support for the ultra leftist socialistts and Greens according to popinion polls to be in serious decline - so the site lefties and socialist supporters is likely to be disappointed with the decline in support of their ideals.   

Another fallse stroy by brainwashed idiots is that the UkK leving the EU is the reason for the poor economic perfromance of the UK.   That is also BS since the same crisis situation in the UK is an exact mirror of what happned in EU countries - where as a result the leftist Ukraine War supporting parties are suffering badly in the present EU election.   Parties supporting  all-out the Ukraine in the war are going to be defeated in France and Germany and in Germany the CDU party are moving to the right as well - more to the side of th e CSU of Bavaria - a party always in the apst supported the CDU as election partners - but with minimal differences to the AfD conservatives in the rest of Germany.    

In fact it is not sure what will happen in Germany after the heavy losses f th e Scialists leftists and Greens in the EU election. loss  .            .       



Jun 09, 2024, 22:38

It was a bad election for the leftists in the election:=

                                                          2019                           2024

*     EPP (center right)                        185                             184                  -1

*     SED                                             154                              138               -16

*     Renew Europe                             108                                80               -28

*     Greens                                           74                                 52               -22

*     ECR                                                62                                73               +11

*     ID                                                   73                                58                 - 15

*      Left                                                41                                 36               -5

*     Independent rightists                      53                                 98              +45   

In summary the leftists lost  a total of 71 seats - meaning  that they will have 348 seats - while the comservtives gained a total  of  71 seats - with the center-right and conservatives having  413 seata.

The Greens were percentage wise the worst losers and hopefully that would end the war on cows and food production.    Their agony seems to be  not the farting of cows - but their  screams of agony that cause massive agony through noise pollution for even the hard of hearing.    

What must be added that the RN Party got double the votes of what Marcon's Party and in desperation Marcon dissolved the French Parliament and wanted elections held on 30 June and 2nd round on 9 July 2024.   Most commentators think Macron should realize his time as French President is gone and finished,      

The leftists like SB and others must be very unhappy about the outcomes,  since it is likely a similar trend will happen in the USA  election in November 2024,       /.                                             

Jun 09, 2024, 23:30

The far right is making some inroads, but the main reason is they are anti-immigrant- illegal refugee in particular. 

All the left wing has to do is sort out illegal immigration and listen to the Democratic will of the people - instead of forcing values onto people.

Jun 10, 2024, 02:25

Cheese is R200 a kg...normal bulk cheddar. 

Jun 10, 2024, 03:35

Why ?

Mention Biden & I'll bliksem you .

Jun 10, 2024, 06:35


You can try - but it would not help you.   Biden is doomed - the people have had it with the establishment BSters trying to turn Governments into a leftist banana republic dictatorship and Biden figures are getting  from bad to worse.    Now Virginia - which he won wth  a 10% majority - is now being a battleground state.   Add to that the New Jersey, New York and Connecticut,  where circa 115 000 people attended Trump election rallies in recent weeks, it is quite possible to be also becoming battleground states.

The Blacks and Hispanics in New York and throughout the USA is realizing that they are being promised the  world by the Democrats and after elections deliver nothing is getting sick and tired of being treated as platation slaves outside election time and support of the Democrats is dropping as fast as jet speed.  The Jewish top rabbies in New York and Florida told the DP they cannot promise that the Jewish population - who voted 72% in 2020 for Biden will vote for the Democratic Party this time around with the existenal threats against the Jews by the fanatic Muslims the Biden regime allowed and even encouraged to enter the USA.

So I do not see Biden even getting  40% and the Kennedy Democrats (8%) would help to destroy the Democrats further.   If that is indeed the case the ultra-leftist control of the Democratic Party is not going  to last beyond the November election.   The ultra-leftists hate the USA and everything democratic it stand for in the constitution.   

Instead of being a united Democratic Party - it is clear that the ultra-leftists and moderates will split into two separate parties after the election.    It could mean the end of the two-party system in the USA and start of a 3 Party system in that country.    

In the meantime major donors from Sillicon Valley - the hotbed of extreme leftists in the USA - has contributed $12 million to the Republican Party election funds.   Even the liberals see how despicable the Democratic Party and Biden in particular has become.   The weaponizing the judiciary to act against Trump and in fact all opponents of the Biden regime is backfiring badly against the DP.   Since the NY court cases donations to the Republican Party election funds have reached circa $100 million, of which $70 million coming from millions of small donors.   


Jun 10, 2024, 06:43


Although Ireland voted on Thursday it is the only country iro which the election took place on Thursday Ireland is the only country in Europe where no results has been declared on the official EU election website.  The election must have produced chaotic results for the Irish Government and the socialist leftists in Ireland - so it would be interesting to see wheher another Netherland situation has developed in Ireland as well.  


Jun 10, 2024, 07:08


As per normal you are dead wrong.   It is not only the migration issue that cause havoc for the leftist parties - it ential millions to fund fancy green projcts- inflation largely causd by those projects - and added to by the Ukraine War that infuriate the voters.   The Greens and their war against food production are also rejected by millions of voters.   

The other Party group started by Macon called Renew Europe has gone badly as well.   The Renew Europe group of supporters dropped badly losing 28 seats and even that Group - who supported  the leftists regularly in the past has collapsed badly and they now sounds like as far right as the right wing parties and even the EPP majority group moved to the right as well - otherwise they would have been destroyed as well.

Looking at that the situation leftists are going downhill fast with the hard left  can only rely on 237 seats in the EU Parliament out of 725 seats.            



Jun 10, 2024, 07:25


Time for you to visit Riversdale where small Cheddar cheese production caused the prices for Cheddar Cheese now being costing R145 for 1,25 kgs.   1,5  kgs of shredded chese  in fact cost R185.  

There are three small cheese manufacturing companies operating in the area - where milk prduction is very high comparative to other local authority areas in SA.    Two of the three producers are on farms and the other one is in Riversdale itself.   That reduce transport costs massively.

Another comparativly cheep food is meat - whith the Riversdale abattoir being privately owned and meat from the area being supplied to the area from Knysna to Swellendam and weekly supplies of loads of meat provided to Cape Town as well.   Transport costs make meat delivery expensive in other areas - but remain comparatively cheap in Riversdale.

We can still afford braais and potjie costs - despite a weird world others live in - in  Riversdale.  

No wonder Seeffs have a waiting list of over 300 wanting to buy homes in Riversdale of which very few comes onto the amrket at ridiculously high prices.   I for instance bought my house in Riversdale in 2015 for R910 000 - if I put it on the market it would be for sale at R2,8 million.   But Still Bay is much worse.  Sea front homes - one property was sold for R90 million - it has three homes on the site -  and another with one home for R23 million.

      .                .   

Jun 10, 2024, 08:27

ouMaaik let me know if you want to have a friendly bet on the US election.:)

Jun 10, 2024, 09:59


My main suggestion on election issues is that you should rather bet on horses ridden by Richard Fourie - the odds are better and the winning  chances too.   He is likely to ride another 60 winners by 31 July 2024.  I do not know whether I will be able to find a site where I could bet on election outcomes - but I do not know what the odds will be on Trump winning.  I think the chances of Biden  winning is decreasing by the day,  If you bet on outsiders Biden would be a bet - with loss being assured,   


Jun 10, 2024, 13:25

I still have no idea at all which way this upcoming election will go ...

As much as Biden has lied to the public, so has Trump, but to me Trump seems to be gaining some king of traction from the outcome of this latest legal case....

Who knows ..... my gut tells me that the worst thing that could happen for the people who are against Trump, is what just happened with this latest guilty verdict ..... but it could also just as much turn people against Trump...however, whether it was a good verdict or not, it does seem to have galvanized a lot of people to Trump's side in some way.... but time will tell.

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