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May 12, 2024, 05:40

Since the attack on Israel in October 2023 th Biden Regime has been doing everything possible to undermine Israel in their fight against rdicalizd Muslims in Gaza controlled by Iran.    It may not be prncipled opposiion against Israel by the Biden Regime - it relates entirely to sabotaging Israel in the hope that the Muslim communities in Michigan and Minnesota t vote for him - in other words the princples ivolved elad to etrayal of Democracy in the world.    To  expect assistance from the USA by Israel is to expect miracles.   After the attack in October 2023 the Biden Administration went rogue and is now shown to be undermining Israel in a number of ways that is leading to ea amngst USA allies that the elftist regime could turn on other allies as well.    No woder political leaders worldwide fear that the USA - like a rudderless ship is going t cause destruction of the concept of Democrcy in the world.   

So lets see wh at they are up to when it comes to undermining of Israel.

*    Immediately after te attack staff attached to the Deartment of Homeland Security openly attacked Israel and the Secretary Mayorkas refused to act against them,   

*    In the media some of the ultra-leftists called on Israel to call for new elections in Israel so as to elect a Government  that would establish a proxy Government comtrolled by Washington.   This was supported by Senator Schumer - a Jew himslf.    This is a real mystery - but it showed that the USA letists are determined to see Israel being destroyed.

*    In view of th e strong support in the USA of Israel - the House passed an aid package to provide armaments to Israel,   Biden and the Democrats  refused to support the aid package unless the Republicans support the much larger aid package to Ukraine.   The matter was deadlocked until the Republican House membes were asked by Trump to support Israel by accepting  the Ukraine aid involvement.

*    After the approval - Biden addressing supporters in Michigan - said e provision of the arms assistance would be delayed until the Israeli Government do the Biden Administration bidding.   He acted on it and nothing is going to Israel despite the Congressional approval.    What Biden is doing is total undemining of teh USA Constitution.

*     The democratic Pary terroris subsidiary Antifa was then used to organize Muslim protest meetings an rios at Universities  throughout the USA - the funding of the riots were two major Democratic Party funders - George Soros and the Prizker family.   When proestors shout "Death to Israel" ."Death to the USA" - and "Death to all Jews"  while theatening Jewish students with boduily harm went on unlimited.   Biden played both sides by stating that he students have the right to protest - but pleaded  with the rioters to stop intimidating  US stuents.   In the end the situation and academic year being destroyed the Polixce arresed a number oif agitoators and stuents invovled in violence and destrction of university premises - but released without charges within 24 hours and allowed t return to the streets t organize and participate in further riots.  

In the case of Israel the saying applies - "with friemds like the USA who needs enemies",


May 12, 2024, 06:37

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