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Jan 06, 2022, 14:05

The Great Replacement (French: Grand Remplacement), also known as the replacement theory, is a white nationalist conspiracy theory, disseminated by the ...

America has been seen as a predominantly white country, but the Demographics are changing significantly. Much more than what I have been aware of...
Minority groups often make up the poorest people and have the highest birth rate.
The demographics of children will soon see traditional minorities groups become the majority in America. 

As usual, there are 2 sides to the story.
1. Anyone born in America is a national American and should be given equal rights. 
2. Why should other races have so many children - particularly people that can't afford them. 

For example, in the 21st century, Western birth rates are around 2 kids per man and woman. 
Yet in third world countries, like Africa - the average is around 7. (3.5 times higher).
Is this the future...The world becomes South Africa?  White people will have to become apologists for everything...

This is why perhaps so many Americans are going along with the big steal. They know it is not true, but they see this as the last throw of the dice to retain control, because with the current numbers Democracy is not on their side. 

Democracies don't work without a strong middle class. If the impoverished become the majority, the far left will just destroy the profits of the economy to sustain more social welfare. 
If the majority become poor, there will never be enough tax money for comprehensive social services. 

I support "some" socialism - like subsidized tertiary education for young people.
Middle-class socialism where there is a return on investment. Not just giving away money to the poor that do not work. 

Jan 06, 2022, 14:49

Mob rule.

Jan 06, 2022, 16:03


There is no conspiracy theory here - there is an absolute move by the Democrats to establish a one-party state.     They have thrown open the border to get votes from aliens entering the USA from 115 different nations from all over the world.   They would pay the aliens from state funds trying to buy their votes.    The fact is that the plan can only work if they allow for voting without identification and through vote harvesting after the election date to ensure that the election is run according to Stalinist principles - where the real votes will not be counted as per normal and  millions of false votes will be counted

The Democrats has two methods at their disposal  - the one is mob rule which they already used in 2020 and is bound to use it again this year - the other outright oppression of free speech and lies they used successfully in the Trump era to spread discord.    In the end the attacks on the Police and law enforcement is ongoing and that lead to mob rule by gangs in especially the Black areas in the USA.    

Biden is not the real President - he does what he is instructed to do and would not even talk to the press and answer their questions - the handlers give him scripts which he has to read out. - he has no idea what is going on in the USA.    

The only hope to save the USA  as a country hated by internal and external enemies and in the process of being destroyed will be if the Democrats are sent packing in November 2022.   Every voting drop box will have to be guarded 24 hours a day and every entrance to vote counting venues will also have to be guarded on the same basis.    The Courts should rule in advance what processes should be followed strictly in elections and non-compliance should result in devaluation of fraudulent votes.                         


Jan 06, 2022, 19:12

Many Americans are worried that they could slide into a third world place, where the population grows faster than the economy. The middle class can be outvoted by a growing percentage of poor people. 
Also, white people are voting for Democrats because they want Democracy, rather than the authoritarian option provided by Trump. 

America is starting to go down the route of Apartheid where certain states will make it harder for non-conservatives to vote. 
Dammed if you do, and dammed if you don't. 

Jan 07, 2022, 09:15

There is no States that makes it harder for anybody to vote and what you claim is total BS as per CNN propaganda.   The only real change is in stricter in law in some of the Blue states than it is Georgia and Texas.    - but the Democrats are known not to apply their own laws if they choose not to.   Their main weapon is registering voters without any identification and voting without identification - which is according to opinion polls rejected by 80% of the registered US voters.        

The fact is the majority of Whites - inclusive of independents  - about 40% of the voters are not registered as members of  the Democratic Party (31%) and Republicans (29%).    Racially the breakdown in support  in 2020 for Biden was  57%  amongst the Hispanics and 80% amongst the Blacks.    In the present opinion polls - as proven by State and local elections - Democratic Party support has collapsed to 37%  amongst the  Hispanics and 73% amongst Black voters.    

In essence the myth that the majority of the Whites support the Democrats is total propaganda BS as well.     There is no indication of that support. - in fact exit polls in 2020 indicate otherwise.   

In any event the opposition to Democracy is concentrated in the Democratic Party and their conduct in many cases before courts has indicted conduct by the e Party in destroying basic constitutional rights of people.    The present tendency in Virginia, New Jersey and other voting indicated a rejection of  the tendency towards dictatorship by the Democrats are being rejected. 

The Democrats are split down the middle about the issue.   92 members of the Party in the House support  the extreme socialist wing of the Party  and of the other 130 about 18  are centrists - the rest are clueless fellow-travelers of what goes a any specific route the 92 prescribe.    About 40% of the Democratic Party support base is extreme Socialists/Communist supporters through indoctrination and in general about 60% represent centrists.    The latter is where the Democrats will suffer badly in the mid-term elections.

If  the present results in Virginia and New  Jersey  is anything to go by - the Democrats will lose up to 80 House seats and 5 Senator seats in 2022 if there is anything to be done .  The average House seat where losses are likely based on swing votes in the two States mentioned would be 60 seats    

The problem in both Virginia and to a lesser extent in New Jersey indicated hat the Republicans  guarded  drop boxes in the States 24 hours a day and  no  people were allowed to use drop boxes for organized vote harvesting - in other words for fraudulent votes.   They have learned a bitter lesson  in 2020.   Interesting to note is that the Governor of New Jersey came near to defeat and he was only "elected"  after about 40 000 votes were discovered as not being counted after all votes were in fact counted. 

It will be much harder for Democrats to get questionable and apparent fraudulent votes counted in 2022 than it was in 2020.     



Jan 07, 2022, 13:52

Dumb Mike,

You are either lying or stupid. 

Look at the racial demographics of the younger population AND more young white voters are Democratic, it is absolutely impossible for the Republican Party in its current guise to win a Democratic election.
The Republicans of 2022 are a white party. (Strongest in the rural areas). 

Most of the cities (not the rednecks) are Democrat. 
Each 4 years that passes, more old white voters die - while new people from multiple races become eligible to vote.

This is why Repubicans are going along with Trumps big steal. Even Ted Cruz said that a while back, that the demographics and ideology of younger generations is like 20% Republican. 

Jan 07, 2022, 14:16


To make generalized statements without proof is stupid.   The fact is figures do not lie and trhat is that young  voters are a affected by propaganda as you are and theys poon finds out they have been lied to.   

I use stats - and present polls and election results in 2021 to prove points.    The fact is that the Democrats moved so far to the left that they are now a  fringe party and everybody bar the extreme stupid like you think they are on the right track.

Congress is run - or better still ruined  - by the Democratic Party.   The disapproval rate is 44 % of the polls and the Direction of the country disapproval rate leads by 33%.    If that is an indication that the  majority of the voters are happy with the Democrats you  be kidding yourself.

You actually rely on fake news and the tendency of the leftist media for info.   They are liars and has been for years - news means nothing real to them.   Russia Today at least contain some real news - CNN and MSNBC are 99%  lies and 1% distortion.    

By the way - the chant Lets Go Brandon started when the crowd at a motor  racing event started chanting F#ck Joe Biden and  CNN claimed  they were shouting  "Lets Go Brandon".    They were not and Biden is so stupid as to the real meaning of the chant that he agreed when a caller said "Lets Go Brandon" meaning  in fact FJB.  The disgust in Biden and the Democrats is total and you will never learn that your deductions are not even remotely realistic.              


Jan 07, 2022, 15:37

"Chants of "Fuck Joe Biden" started being repeated at sporting events beginning in early September 2021. "Let's Go Brandon" came into use after NBC reporter Kelli Stavast incorrectly described a chant of "Fuck Joe Biden" by spectators at the 2021 Sparks 300 at Talladega Superspeedway as "Let's go, Brandon" during a televised interview of driver Brandon Brown on October 2, 2021, which occurred after Brown had won the race.[1] The slogan has become well known through use by Republican politicians and critics of Biden.[2][3] The phrase quickly spread to popular culture, with rap songs using the phrase placing high on record charts."

Jan 07, 2022, 15:51

So what happens when the Dems get crushed in the mid terms?

I hear Biden called the FED yesterday.

“Why money printer stopped going brrrrr?”


Jan 08, 2022, 09:54

A year after Biden's election 11% of the voters say he is a strong leader - 57^ say he is a weak leader.    Only SB dffer from that assessment - he wants Biden as President and Clinton as VP - how crooked can the government get?.

Jan 08, 2022, 09:54

A year after Biden's election 11% of the voters say he is a strong leader - 57^ say he is a weak leader.    Only SB dffer from that assessment - he wants Biden as President and Clinton as VP - how crooked can the government get?.

Jan 08, 2022, 09:54

A year after Biden's election 11% of the voters say he is a strong leader - 57^ say he is a weak leader.    Only SB dffer from that assessment - he wants Biden as President and Clinton as VP - how crooked can the government get?.

Jan 08, 2022, 16:48

The ruling party always seems to lose the mid-terms, probably a reflection that the people are not happy with either party as the incumbent government. 

However, with the changing racial demographics of younger generations, AND a higher percentage of white young voters that are Democrat, it is likely the Democrats could win mid-terms as the incumbent government - in the future as their percentage grows. 

With the changing racial demographics, even if the Republicans secured 70% of the white vote, it would not be enough for a majority. 

The Republican party should end, and the Democrats should split into a left and right party. 

Jan 08, 2022, 17:30

You are trying to justify the unviable and the fact that in elections this year there was a swing of near to  25% against the democrats in Virginia  and New Jersey and the Democrats  lost mayorships and other elected positions in the  mainly Latino areas in Texas.   

Aocording to the latest opinion polls the Democratic Party support amongst  Independents and  Latino\s is down by more than 20% since the November 2021 election and the present scenario is looking like not the routine loss of seats in the mid-term - - that is about 20 to 30 seats in the mid-term election - it looks more like 60 to 80 seats this time around.

By the way the Democrats already lost 13 seats in the House in the 2020 election - so even a 30 seat lost would be a catastrophe for them.

You are totally mixed up about the population compilation in the USA.   In the case at present and since 1970,s  the Black population has been stagnant because  the family system has disintegrated and the extremely high rate of  abortions by Black women as a result.   Only 30% of Black households are in fact married  the rest are not.   That is part of the reason for the massive crime rate in Black communities  where murder is rife  and a major social problems.   In any event Black support from the Black community have dropped by about 12% as well.  

I  could also like to refer you to the Mayoral election held in 2021 in Columbia - the capital of South Carolina.  The city has a minority White population  and for the first time in 30 years elected a  Republican as Mayor.    That despite endorsements by Obama and the Democratic Party of a Democrat opponent.    That shows clearly how many votes amongst the Black community the Democrats lost in that city.    

The real growth was in the Hispanic Community - but they are basically working class people and  they are deserting the Democrats in  millions.   Most of the new Hispanics are from leftist dictatorships and  they hate the latest shift of Democrats to the Socialist left.      

As to the Republicans - why should they split  - they are basically a centrist party with centrist political policies.    The Party has not got the reactionary leftist socialist wing the Democratic Party has.    The Party is not racist like the Democrats are  -  so there is no effective reason for the Republicans to split.   The Democrats are already splitting into two parties  and the signs are all over the show as prove of that.

Th recent election in New York Mayoral election showed that the average voters are sick and tired of  the Democrat leftists and voted overwhelmingly for a moderate  Democrat whose policies are very near to that of the Republican Party .   How long the new mayor will  survive in that cesspool  is questionable.   

Let me give you a bit of advice.- forget about the disinformation provided by the leftist media  They know what is happening an is hiding the truth from the public.    Whether that si working is another question.        


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