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Nov 20, 2023, 10:38

I came acroos te following  videdo reffelcting the 

Link :-

In one of the comments on the d=video a person wsrote ;    The composrs conc ernned wsere not from earth - they could not be - to compse such music was superhiman in what thye produced.

I listened to the vieo recodings and must agree with that summay.   It is such a pity that we are developing the Woke Culkture aimed  at destroying the beauty of music, artrs and c ulture.    They are branwashed to destgry not to enjoy.   

All I can add I hope you enjoy the video as much as i did..       


Nov 20, 2023, 14:23

Who may I ask are these people out to destroy music can I ask?

Never heard of a ban on classical music (Can't the same for Rock, remember Elvis Presley back in the 50s).

I think you are confusing the lack of interest in a form of music you love to anyone actively out to stop anyone listening to it.

Classical is not my thing but it's better than rap and country and western but I am not out to destroy it simply because there are way better styles of music out there (in my opinion and that's all that matters when I am listening to music).

Sit down play all the classical music you want but don't denigrate other people because they have different tastes.

Music styles come and go, always have and always will. Nothing to do with people actively suppressing or destroying classical music, your just old.

Nov 20, 2023, 15:42

"I came acroos te following  videdo reffelcting the "

Ou Maaik, I'm going to ask you this in your own language so you understand the question . . .

Wehn you are came acroos te videdo, were it short$&ly after a s=sion with the Cliques devyce . . . and who are klean the cu!m fff-rom the videdo?

Nov 20, 2023, 15:54


In August - September 2020  there were riots - the media called it peacedful protest - but ist was nothing of the sofrgt.    The Democrats orgvanized and funded.  For that purposed they uszed their tfwo terrfosit sujbszdiaries    used their 2  terrorist subsidiaries BLM and Antifa to attack inner cities n the USA  and the rioters murdered 46 people (13 of them police officcers) using firearms and Molotov coacktails provided to the rioters on an organized basis to ran riot.  .  There main targets were historical buildxings and statues in cities - but the other objective was looting of thousands of businesses and subsequnetly burned down.    The rioters wsere allowsed to kedep the loot and destroy statues as well as historical buildings and when they did not the fiuuyl.    The dxamages causzed by the rioters amounted to circa $6 billion. 

The House decided to investigate what happened and sinced eir wa a handovedr of pwser  therfed wsedrfe 1500+ arfrested crfiminals n jail of power in the UJSD no inv esigaztion wasx held sinc ed the emc ofratsedroed it.   The 1500 rioters were set cfree and never chargved - evedn in caszes where people were murdered.    The fact is that the news was censored and  the brainwashing meduia nevedr rfeported n it - so you obviously would not know about it.   What was upsetting to me wasz the attack on statudes and hsitorical buildings that wa enc ourfaged by the oroiganizers.

A new cform of protests started ikn Europe on paintings - the fcirst attac k was on the ona isa paiting n the Louvre That wasz fdollowed by attacks on  painting in a Londcon useum aznd attackes also targvedtted museums in the Nedtherlandxs, Germayand only last week  attack a piantin g in the Madxridx art gallery with ahmmers.   Now where did those attacks came from.  obviously brainwashed kids who were told by their leaders that attack on art work would  daw attention to their global warming camp The cfact is that the attackers sc rfeamed tat they adre a ttac king the paintings toa     That i andx the riots in the USA are organized in a program aimed at dxestruction of Democdracy.   

Insofar as the global warfming Hax s concerned af ter a tw-yearf invedsxigvate by 1600 cliate scientists the rtfeal fcindng wasx tghe camp;aign is based n BS propagandxa - there were no scientific proof that it is gvoing to cause utold damage to the human race.   The campaign ofc lies is ongoing through liesd andx dceceptgion.  The main idea is to spend money fruitleszsly on projects that would cause starvation worldwidxe - such asx the famnouzs war on cattle in vdented by the EU and now spread even  New Zealand.    

Only the west cause global warming the worst polluters  India and China laughed their arses off at the self-destruction antics of so-cazlled democratic countries.



Nov 20, 2023, 16:47

Are you suffering a stroke at the moment? I am being serious I cannot make head nor tail of your post.

Nov 20, 2023, 16:51

DumbMike has become a radicalised Fox News redneck. Their is little that can be done for him at this stage.

Nov 20, 2023, 17:27

I'm not making fun of him, my Nana had a stroke and her speech and writing was exactly like that.

Nov 20, 2023, 17:27

Just to add, I don't often agree with ou Maaik on anything but I'm about a third of the way through that classical music collection and it is really very good.

Nov 20, 2023, 17:30

"Are you suffering a stroke at the moment? I am being serious I cannot make head nor tail of your post."

You have to just go with the tone of ou Maaik;s posts. Trying to fathom what he's actually attempting to say is fruitless and possibly dangerous.

Nov 20, 2023, 17:31

Perhaps Indian music is more your style Peeper……waaaaahahaha!

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