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May 21, 2024, 15:22

There are various organizations in the world with the help of he media has brainwashed people to believe in two major cnspiracy theories based on nothing bar extortions of that would have utterly bad consequences for mankind if the crazy idea stemming from the two are really implemented.

The Global Warming BS

 In the late 1960's there were fecast by so-called scientists that the next ice age will commenc by 1985.  When thata rrived the same scientists rtwisted their conspiracy theories into Global warmi9ng  - wh enan ice age went missing the opposite must be happening.

The new BS story was taken up by the media at crescendo level - telling the gullible  the future will be dire.   Goebbels would have ben proud on how they achieve maximum BS  from this story.   The BS work 2 ways - if there are a particular cold winter in large geographical areas - and people point it out - they said is not applicable.   If there are a particular hot day in a particular city then it is a sign of  global warming.   In a day in August last year they claimed that temperature on a particular day was 48 celcius - the hottest day ever in the hsitory of Europe.   The temperature provided by NASA was given as 48 Celcius = while the actual temperature was 36 Celcius.

So we get attacks on food supply worldwide and m,adscape ideas that alternative food sources must be used - such as people should eat worms and insects instead of meat by that archangel of the new religion - Bill Gates who is part and parcel of the other dangerous organization - the unelected World Economic Forum.   The latter organization has a number of objectives which in fact entails the total destruction of democracy in the world and installation of a Government controlled by them totally to imple,mt their policies,   The problem  is the WEF is so proud of thir power over the media - they openly advertise their objectives to rule the world by the ultra-rich using politiciians of their choice to implement their instructions.    There must be a borderless world with no culture and history.   They even went so fa as to claim the ideal world population should be between 500 000 (Bill Gates) and 900 000 (Schwab - the top organizer of the WEF)'   The idea is that the world should have np borders as a mans to dstruct culture and beliefs,  

The whole issue is so far removed from scientific facts and so virulently supported by Governments seeing a way they can control the people totally on the basius of Fascist control f th e whole world.     The fact is whatever the WEF does is based on the idea wrld population to their ideal figures in mind.    Hoqw they plan tog et to their population target can be achieved by a variety of basic means, namely -

*    preventing  population growth by using  methods like abortions and enforing  policies that promote deviat sexual conduct - for instances pursuading chidren to undergo sex change operations while they even take chil;dren away from  arents who object to those type of actions and put them under Govenment contgrol totally - eg California has th e legislation to enable the state to do that;

*     reduction of the world population by developing new viruses like happened in the case of Covid who should be regarde as a trial run.   At this stage Ukraine has the most dangerous scientific experiments in bio-labs comtrolled by the same people who controlled the gain-of-function research from the USA - what is coming is going to kill billions of people;

*     wars to be waged against countries reluctant to implement the destruction of democracy and history, beliefs and culture of people - and they do not mind if nuclear weapon usage is the result - since that would have a massive effect on population numbers; and

*      with theWEF attack on agriculture the causing of massive food sources promoting starvation. 

1600 scimtosts orldwide has investigated the claims about global warming  - found it was not scietifically evaluated and supported by a few scientists by only a few opeatives with massive media back-up and the hysteria has reached massive levels of brainwashed idiocy attacking art work and international sports events.    

So why have been this massive propganda on a conspiracy level around.   Politicians grabbed onto the BS and is using it a a means of controlling  totally the world sheeple - that would believe the propaganda BS  as being true.    The attacks and solutions are thoughtless and unscientific - but what is worse is the attacks on food supply.    Cows fart - so they must be eliminated as it effect global warming.    That is only a sign of madness 

The Russian Hoax 

This cmnspiracy theory started by the Demcoratic Party and supported by the Obama Administration based on lies concocted by the Demcrats was aimed at preventing the election of Trump as President and three investigations took place.

*    The fuirst investigation was done by Special council led by Mueller who despite all desperate efforts to find proof of collusion between Trump and Putin iro of the 2016 election - a side issue was mentioned that somebody in Russia spent $41 000 dollars omn Fac ebook adverts suporting Trump in the election - which in fact was utter BS since it could not have effected the election outcome;

*     The second one by hte Inspector general of Justice found that the FBI( abused the elgal system and lied about the situation

*      The Durham Speccial Council investigating of he start of the Hoax and found that the narrative was based on lies concocted by the parties mentioned andx severely criticized the conduct of the FBI and CIA about their role  in the BS story creaed.

The BS ws used against Trump in the 2020 election and played a major role in Biden winning the election.   The election of Biden caused a virtual downwards lside by the USA and created a totally unstable world.   

So now we are in another election year and CNN is re-opining the lies about Rusian Collussion that never existed and hope some sheeple will be ingfluenced by the lies.    I nearly fell off my chair when the most  idiotic BSter on site into falling for the unproved BS again.    There is no fixture for stupidity.   . .     


May 21, 2024, 15:38

Let I tel yuo so met hing waht are intres ting is t hat J$zef Goebels are come fron Riversdal.

Bil Gates are allso fr om Riversdal adn so are Kluas Swchaab from Riversdal.

May 21, 2024, 16:03

You have un matched idiocy in abundance - and I ahve not  yet dealt with ehthe second consspiracy theory that you fell forf totally against all facts and still believe in totally.     

May 21, 2024, 16:34

Are thesekond conssiparcy the ory ffrom Riversdal?

May 21, 2024, 17:47

What about the one about people guessing ou Maaik's password and posting gibberish in his name. That's gotta be right up there at number 1. The fact that it's not makes me suspicious that this very posting is all the proof we need. Someone is trying to cover their tracks with some weak diversion about Russian hoes and global swarms of BS.

May 21, 2024, 17:54 many cows farting in your neck of the woods Pakie?'s getting more difficult by the day to find decent genuine leather safety boots these days...fcn farting cows will have a huge impact on proper footwear in the years to come...nothing to see here...

May 21, 2024, 17:55

Ah yes, the low born slut who stole ou Maaik's password with the sole of objective of editing his posts to make him appear as someone who makes a lot of typos and can't spell.

Pakie may have a point, perhaps that is "conspircay" number two.

May 21, 2024, 19:38

The above is facual and he reports on the Russian Hoax serve as reference material,   So you  came up with a renewal of the Russian Hoax BS that as found nowhere in he case of 3 independent inspections.    But Rooidoos  think otherwise because CNN said its time to go back to that Russian Hoax conspiracy theory..   What a sheeple conduct from a doos,     


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