The Mar-el-Lago raid to Recover Documents from Trump

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May 24, 2024, 10:10

When Trump left the WH he took with him 33 sealed boxes of documents - in respect of which all was a register of each document signed by Trump in which he lawfully declassified all documents.    Immediately after the take-over of Biden of the WH - representatives from the Biden WH started to presssurise the various Departments involved to get the documens back.   

As a result the contents of the boxes were inspected and on request of the Department a small number of documents were returned to them.   What happened was that the boxes with remaining documents were resealed and on the request of he Presidential security  personnel a special lock was installed to further ensure no admission to the storeroom without the necessary permission was allowed..   

in August 2023 without any warning the FBI raid took place and the 33 boxes of documents were removed.    In an obvious effort to imply illegal conduct by Trump they provided to the media a photo with classified documents lying on the floor of the storeroom.    It now turned out that th photo was not taken in the storeroom at all - but fraudulently taken by the FBI themselves and provided to the media.

Smith - as Special Council - insisted that charges be laid against Trump on the issue, a problem arose when the Judge granted a request by the Trump legal team to be allowed to inspect all the documents taken by Trump from the WH.   What happened then was only 21 boxes of documents were returned to the court for the necessary inspection and when these were opened a large number of documents from the returned boxes was missing and was not returned.   Because of non-compliance with the court instruction the Judge gave the FBI a final instruction to return all documents - which the FBI to date failed to do.  

The judge then went further and posponed the trial indefinitely based on the FBI not comlplying with the court instructions.   Whether this case would ever be heard is another quetion - essentailly only if all the court-ordered documents were provided the contents would come up  in Court.

So why did the FBI committed fraud in circulating  a fake photo about what they found at Mar-el-Lago and what is in the documents they failed to provide to the Court as ordered,   I probably is that the documents exposed criminality on the part of the Biden crime family and also criminality on the part of the FBI themelves especialy as to the Russian Hoax fiasco and how it started.   There was one particular report the FBI was keen to get their hands on - it was a detailed report on how the FBI liaised with foreign spy agencies to start off the Hoax by telling the agencies they have evidnce of Trump colluding with Putin on national security issues dangerous to USA allies - the so-called 5 Eyes system was used.   The FBI found out of the existence of the report and started raiding potential places where the file could be found - but came up empty-handed.  

Initially it was thought that the raids were aimed at finding copies of the Hunter Biden Laptop hard drive - which they could not find anywhere,   However, their real target was apparently the file annd if they could fimd the hard drives that would help.   They found nothing and no charges were laid against any of the people whose offices and homes they raided.

The relevant file was not at Mar-el-Lago - but apparently kept safely in a place the FBI does not know about.    If that file with evidence is  exposed the FBI would be dismantled based on unconstitutional conduct and persecution of people by them.   

In any event the trial has been postponed indefinitely by the judge irritated by the conduct of the FBI and is unlikely to proceed any further.    The FBI leadership knows that the exposure of their conduct would lead to criminal charges of FBI managment members and they want to avoid that at all costs since fellow prisoners would handle FBI ciminals nastily and they would lose their homo virginity quickly.



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