The ongoing collapse of Mozzietard's Wall Street Journal

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Mar 25, 2024, 11:04

The WSJ is a Globalist rag much beloved of our Globalist nutjob mozzietard. Like CNN  etc their numbers are in the toilet as only the most gullible are still paying any attention.

As the Globalist media lies about Covid, the so called vaxx, climate change, immigration, J6, the Ukraine war etc are shredded their ability to influence people will further deteriorate. Supporting LGBT, war on energy, war on food, war on Children, the bogus charges against Trump and such like are showing the American public just how anti American and perverted they are and that they only serve the interests of the Globalist Cabal so loved by mozzietard.

Elon Musk
Bye bye ??


Mar 25, 2024, 11:06

Here is another reason ou mozzietard is jealous of Trump. Hahahahhahahahaha

Trump social media post on March 24, 2024:     <P>  “It is my great honor to be at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach tonight, AWARDS NIGHT, to receive THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY & THE SENIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY. I WON BOTH! A large and golfing talented membership, a GREAT and difficult course, made the play very exciting. The qualifying and match play was amazing. A large and distinguished group will be there tonight. Very exciting,  thank you!!!”

Mar 25, 2024, 14:54


Mozart posted four  opinion pieces on site an all 4 were BS.   In ne he wrote that the Wall Street Jounnal  about a mysterious peace discussions.   What was discussed at the meeting  was  safe area for refugees to use an exchange of prisoners of war.   According to a Ukraine Colonel he took a proposal for paxce talks wsth him and the Russian commanders  even refus oo look at it.   Mow that was real BS  - if a man as a Colonel as claimed that a meeting as to prisoner exchange and safe routes for refugees the meeting is constrained to the topics and nothin g else.   The above took lace while there was a ceaefire being discussed. on Ministerial level.   Mozart never knew about the Istanbul meetings and  knew nothing about  and when I mentioned it he went to to state the opposite and aid what I wrotw is Piten propaganda.  .  

Even the Ukraine Ambassador to Turkey the Russians were keen to have a ceasefire bu then the talks broke down when the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs received from Washington instructing him to not sign anything and to leave the talks. 

19  Months later Mozart  came up wait  story from the Wall Street Journal Street Journal pan article claimed the Russian Foreign Minister  did not want to discuss the issue  and came up with that would destroy Ukraine.   It was anther BS believe by the Wall street .   The official information by the Turkish Governnmnt.  Must be ignored and BS beyond belief - Nothing  about that being  nothing bar BS. e vn   

Mar 25, 2024, 19:52

No what those opinion pieces gave was direct quotes from meeting participants that have never been denied by those participants. The WSJ is a highly reliable news source, I know from personal experience….whereas you turds have never even read it. Confident ignorance….painful to watch.

Mar 26, 2024, 07:37

Mike mozzie's knowledge of what is happening even in the country where he lives is abysmal. He gets his news from fake news globalist propaganda outlets which censors things that blow up their Globalist narrative. No wonder Mozzi is so ignorant. 

That said its not just ignorance. You can present him with incontrovertible facts and he wont accept the truth. Mozzietard is fully on board the globalist train regardless of truth and regardless of what his pals are trying to do to humanity. 

His take on Ukraine is total BS. You have to be lying if you say NATO did not instigate this war with Russia. 

Mar 26, 2024, 14:37

 You have to be lying if you say NATO did not instigate this war with Russia. ’

As opposed to the tanks that rolled into the Ukraine when there was literally no risk to Russia? This is just a hate America campaign, born out of the demise of South Africa because you Boere screwed it all up for your kids.

Mar 27, 2024, 06:58


Why did it take 18 months to come up with comments like the Wall Street Journal did was in itself a farce.   But then the people whom they quoted would not even eb in meetings of that nature.   The people taking part in the meeting in Istanbul were the following:-

*    The Turkish, Russian and Ukraine  Ministers of  Foreign Affairs;

*     The  Russian and Ukraine Ambassadors in Turkey;

*     Turkish Security experts and secretariat.

There was a problem situation - but in a video recordig the Ukraine Ambassador said that it appears as if the Russians were keen on a peaceful settlement.    However the breakdown in negotiations came when accrding to the infrmation provided by the Turkish Ministe involved the Ukraine Minister involved was instructed by the Biden Adminsitration to leacved Istabul and not sign anything .   

Mozart live by lies and the one lie that was a farce was that the talks breakdown stemmed from the Bucha masacre.     That he got from eh Wall Street Jounal to.   The facts were cming from the turkish Government.   According to thoose the Ukraanians insisted that before they would participate in negotiations the Russian troops would have to elave Ukraine and the Russian troops threatenin g Kiev was withdrawn.    

So lets go into the real sequent of events.   The Turkish Government informed the Russian Government of the condition for talks laid down by the Ukraine Government. and agreed to withdraw the Russian troops - the media claimed i was wthdrawn because they were defeated in he non-existent battle that took place near Kiev.   

So the Russian started withdrawing the troops to Byelo and left the Bucha as well.   No sattelite photos showed any bodies lying dead in the street in Bucha for 8 days after the Russia troops left Bucha - so where did the bodies come from?    Be it as it may  the talks start a week after all the troops were withdrawn - ie that is after the Bucha bodies were "discovered" at least 8 days after the Russians left.   

To claim that the Bucha massacre caused the breakdown in negiotiations smelled to high level - since the bodies in Bucha were  found before the talks even started.    

While support for the Ukraine War is dwindling in the USA a new reason for supporting the war rhetoric was necessary as exposure of the US sabtaging the talks in Istanbul was needed.    

That is why the timing of the Wall Street Journal 18 months after the Istanbul Talks was clearly the type to deal with potential role in sabotaging  a peaceful situation prevailing was essential when it comes to the media supporting  the war in Ukraine.    It came alongside  with a  pre-determined Gallop Pole outcome that 62%  of the US voters support the funding by the USA of the total budget of Ukraine - while in the same month 38% of the voters supported the way in which the Biden Administration handled the Ukraine situation.

Mozart inabiliy to think for himself is clearly illustrated by his latest opinion that Biden after his BS speech already exposed how the media manipuilate Mozart's thinking on the issue.    In the same month the New York Times gave details of the findings as to drop of support amongst Black and Hispanic voters - he came out with it.   That is after that issue was repeatedly dealt with  on site and Mozart 

*      Mozart had a hissy-fit when I raised the illegal migrant issue on site: and

*     kept on promoting Haley on site when she kept supporting the Biden version of the Open Border Policy.     

The fact that both the Black and Hispanic voters are turning out to be strongly opposed to Biden's  treating the ilegal migrants better than US citizens are in fact causing furher drops in support of Biden by both the Blacks and Hispanics..           

Another thing he kept raising as to Trump and both  with the BS about the support of Biden increasing at a time when the real outcome of what happened on January 6 showed that the DP version was based on lies and deception - which the leftist media kept quiet about because it was so embarrassing to the Biden Administration - came out.

When cornered he came out with a weak support of condemning the conduct of the political weaponizing of the Justice Department - but then went quiet on the issue.     But that was previously supported by him when eh expressed the hope that he hoped that Trump would be found guilty of something so that he will end up not being the Republican candidate.   and somehow Haley would end up as candidate.   His support of Haley senters around her warmongering approach as well..

In essence his approach is support of Biden in everything he does and the same applies to his  support of Haley that would be another puppet of the Ultra-rich at present controlling the Biden Administration.   Haley would be their puppet as well and their rule in controlling USA  would be carried on by Haley as President.    Their plan backfired and now it is back to all-out support of Biden ands all-out attacks on Trump by Mozart and his type...  

.   .    .   .        .         .   

    .     .      .   .           .         .                  

Mar 27, 2024, 09:20

Russia marches into Ukraine when there is literally no threat to them from Ukraine says Mozzie. 

Immediately after the 2014 US led coup in Ukraine the work started in building up the armed forces. Also the war began against the Russian populated provinces of the Donbass historically a part of Russia. Russians were being killed by Zelensky's NAZI Asov Battalion.

Dangerous gain of function labs sprung ip on Russia's border. There were talks about Ukraine becoming part of NATO meaning missiles could be placed a mere 800 km from Moscow.

Repeatedly Putin warned Nato that all this represented an existential threat to Russia. Kissinger spoke out about this never ending expansion eastwards being seen by Russia as an Existential Threat.

Expanding eastwards also broke a promise made to Russia by Secretary of State Baker prior to the reunification of Germany

But the US led NATO and the military industrial complex insisted on having this war. 

Globalist shill mozzietard boasted he had bought Raytheon shares and was well positioned to benefit from the war as he had benefited from the deadly Big Pharma Covid jab genocide. 

You can imagine this greedy unethical rat rubbing his hands in glee as the war escalated after the peace talks were scuppered by the Biden handlers.. 

Naturally ou mozzietard supported Haley. Haley sits on the Board of Military Industrial company Boeimg and is a war mongering scumbag soundly rejected by MAGA. Mozzie knew she would kero wars going and the money flowing. 

Mozzietard also doesn't want Trump as President because Trump will end the war very quickly AND of  course close the Southern Border. Mass deportations will also happen under Trump. All this is anathema to mozzietard who loves Globalist Open Borders. 

I am beyond disgusted. 

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