The root cause of the violence over the decades has been identified

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Nov 14, 2023, 13:10

Yeah but many have known but the eyes are blinded and the ears blocked and the minds controlled by media.

Nov 14, 2023, 14:52

Eyes are blinded by the media. (Here is a link from social media to prove it....)

Nov 15, 2023, 02:35

Interesting history on the Yankee no 1 of the past ole Abie Lincoln. 

Nov 15, 2023, 04:39

Bullshit .......... 'the root cause blah fkg blah' ....................... this from a racist, fascist japie oubalie, aka. one of Putin's biggest fanboys ......... ffs he even refers to his beloved, 'Vova' .

Nov 15, 2023, 05:09

Ole Bleskop doesn't even know what he stands fir, as long as it's anti God. 

Nov 15, 2023, 08:08

A government of cowards leading group thought cowards, that are controlled by liars, and the herd goes with the flow. Unable to stomach truth or stand on their own. They are ignorant of history and believe whatever there bigoted emotional mindsets follow. Disgusting hypocrits, filthy pots calling the kettle black. Don't worry it's all known by God. He's in control.

Nov 16, 2023, 02:21

Boozing Bots 

Nov 16, 2023, 18:17

Not at all, your attitude and stance proves the point.

Nov 16, 2023, 19:30

The idiot controlled by the biggest bunch of lies  (christianity) trying to tell us we are being controlled by liars .bwahahaha what a moron.

How anyone with an IQ of over 25 could swallow such bullshit continues to amaze me.

Nov 16, 2023, 20:20

They're wannabe Christians .............. to be kind I call em phoneys, but they're a lot worse than that. Evil-minded fckwits using religion to promote their far-right agendas.

Nov 17, 2023, 06:49

I have a different approach on this issue,    I rate regimes according to the number of State murders against the people of their countries,    Unfortunetely  Hitler was a learner in that regard.   He never came close to what was achieved -

*   in the USSR under Lenin and Stalin where the State murdered an estimated 52 million people; and

*    China where under Mao Zedung murdered more than 75 million people.

Roosevelt made the critical mistake in dealing with Stalin agreed at the Yalta that Russia should occupy central Europe countries and gave the USSR to extend there cruelty to countries like East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Baltic countries.   That started under Stalin under Stalin who put Stalinist leaders in those countries and extended State murder of citizens to those countries as well.   

Roosevelt was the one person who never kept agreements with people trying to save the culture of  Europe from destruction of cities in Europe.   Roosevelt was requested by the Pope and agreed to not bomb the 6th Century Monastery in Monte Cassino and the area was isolated by both Allied and German troops,   The Germans went further and sent 50 lorry loads of historic valued documents and art works to Rome to the protection of the Pope - fearing that Roosevelt could not be trusted and saved documents and art works  spreading over a period of 13 centuries to Rome for protection by the Pope.    Monte Cassino was totally destroyed by aerial bombardment despite the fact that there were no German troops in the monastery at the time of bombardment.   The same happened in the case of Vienna - where Otto von Habsburg met with Roosevelt and convinced him to not carpet bomb Vienna.    That agreement lasted till 1943 and after that the prime targets of USA bombers became Vienna District 1 - the historic part of the City and untold damage was caused to for instance the State Opera in the Ringstratsse and the Schonbrunn Palace.    The Austrians saved much of the historic valuables by moving art and ciulture objects to a salt mine where the most valuable historical material was saved.   

Stalin was allowed to have the central European countries - a historic disaster that caused the whole area  and all countries in the area to become stalinist leaders forming the Warsaw Pact whicjh allowed Russia to keep troops in those areas and oppress opposition to the Stalinist Regime.   It was normalluy called the Cold War at the time.   There were attempted revolts In East Germany 1953, in Hungary in 1956 - Zheckoslovakia .in 1968 and Poland in 1981 cruelly oppressed by Russian soldiers stationed in the relevant countries and State murders actually stopped partly after a speech by Khruschov in 1956 where he denounced the murderous Stalinist Regime as murderers of millions of people.

So what is happening in the present era.    In the USA the Communist leadership took over large components of University and College education and preach Marxism and help creating the new Woke culture in the USA.aimed at destroying what remain of Western Civilization in the world.    I wrote elsewhere abo  elsewhere  that there are dangerous people aimed at reducing the wold population what they regard as ideal - to between 500 million and 1 billion people .   They want to destroy billions of people through wars, starvation and pandemics killing billions of people in the world.   Those people are even worse than Stalin, Lenin and Mao combined.   The objective of those people are to reduce the world population by -

*     creation of wars in the world - even promoting nuclear arms usage since that would maximise extermination wars;

*      pandemics created thruugh bio-lab research; and 

*      wars against food production based on the false Glonal Warming ideology, which 1600 scientist worldwide declared as a Hoax..   .

I wrote elsewhere about the spread of Marxism in the USA and the role the ultra-rich play in especially the USA in that regard. 

Western Civilization will be systematically destroyed by the new WEF.   They even have the audacity to reach their ideology on their website.   The fully believe in oppression as the ideal situation in the world.     .              .   .         .       .         

Nov 17, 2023, 06:54

ouMaaik, with respect, you have 'a different approach' on all issues.

Nov 17, 2023, 08:37

Another great post Mike. 

Halfwits like ou Blobbrain no doubt think the heads of State, top CEOs, Bankers etc meeting at Davos each year and developing policy for THE WEF are there just for fun. Yes ou Blobbie is that dumb. 

The poor buffoon doesn't even realize he is defined as being a useless eaters which in his case is probably accurate. He has no idea that these Marxist Globalist intend to rid the planet of useless eater like him.

Ou Blobbie thinks THE WEF and it's members can safely be ignored or like Sharktwit he thinks Globalism is a conspiracy theory. 

These halfwits are heading over the cliff like the lemmings. 

Yes Mike the left has committed mass murder of a scale nobody has yet equalled. The National SOCIALIST (NAZIS) Stalin and, Mao murdered well over 100 million people.

The modern day version of the organizations, the Globalists, want to murder some 7 billion odd people. So they are the worst set of maniacs the world have ever seen. 

Luciferians like mouldy old Crust and Blobbie rage and scream their vitriol against God and His people. 

They are spiritually blind and have no clue whatsoever and don't want to know. Satan has these two firmly in his grasp. They are heading for a lost eternity. 

They also don't realize that death is coming to them very soon. Life is but a fleeting moment. 

The Lord says to them. Turn ye, turn ye, why will you perish. Note the word perish. 

These two oaks should ask themselves why they have such an astounding hatred of God. Could it be Satan has filled them with his lies. They are obviously very confused people. 

Mike well done for your detailed correction of these ignorant people. They must be realizing by now how foolish they are!!! 

Nov 17, 2023, 09:02


 Sure I have a different approach because I disdain BS propaganda and look at the world from a critical perspective.   It is criminal to forget history and make the same mistakes as was made in the past by the same kind of people.   The present situation is that Marxism and Facsism - both have the same twisted Socialist ideology of ruling the world which inevitably lead to the same disasters it lead to in the past.   


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