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Jun 05, 2024, 12:28

So who do you th ink will be the partners of th e ANC in the Government.   The DA is not interested in having  cabinet memebrs if a fully-fledged coalition because they do not want to be criticized by the voters for ANC failures - but will probably sign a co-operation agreement - provided they get the Chairmanship of Parliament and the chairing of all oversight committees that would call ANC Ministers to account.

In return they will support the ANC iro key votes - such as election of the President and budget issues.   

The Black Bussiness community has announed there for some agrement wityh the D A - and said the MK and EFF policies would destroy totally the SA economy.         

Jun 08, 2024, 11:14

The vast majority of the voters support a ANC-DA-IFP colaition Government - and Ramaphosa is now calling for a National Governmnt of Unity in SA,   That is perhaps a move to on the wuiet sign a Government of the ANC in place supported by the DA and IFP with the latter party perhaps getting a cabinet position - which the DA does not want at all.   It is now clear support  of  the  ANC and MK coalitioon (29%) or the ANC and EFF (19%) does not seem to  have support amongst the voters - who know that the MK and EF F  represent looters of the country is not acceptable.   .         .    

Jun 12, 2024, 15:31

In terms of the Contitution Parliament has to start operating  on Friday as deternied by Ziondo as head of the Constitutional Court - the Zuma controlled MK Party applied to the Cosnstitutional Court to delay that meeting  indefinitely as they claim their were election fraud in the May 29 election and Parliament should not meet before their fraud laims have been ssdecided on by the courts.

In a discussion on TV the elader of teh DA said they are prepared to work with any party supporting  the upholding of the SA  Constitution - which eans th at th eyw ill not work together with the MK and EFF who wants tod estroy the contitution.  

Be it as it may = I do think the Constitutional Court will rule against the Unconstitutional claims of the MK and the Friday meeting of Parliment will go ahead,

So far there is no real framwork declared by any party - the only atements made in a similar vein was the quoted one by the DA  and a similar one by the IFP,    All the Parties are meeting tomorrow to finalize their strategies and the Public will only find out on Friday what is really going to happen when  Parliament meeting as scheduled will take place.

The schedule for the first part of the emeting by Zondo would deal with -

*  the swearing in of members of Parliament;

*  the election of the Speaker and Deoputy Speaker

After that the eected Speaker takes over the position and 

*   A president and Deputy President is to be elected.

All these issues will be fun to watch on TV - since it would indicate what and how the country will be Governed in future.   So watching that on Friday will be really interesting.

I will report back to the forum of what really happened.   After election the Monday session of Parliament will deal with  Parliamentary Committees and minsiterial appointments.   At least one Cabinet member lost the seat in Parliament and others may also be on the shit list.    


Jun 12, 2024, 22:24

Perplexity AI:

Based on the search results, here is what is happening with the African National Congress (ANC) and potential coalition governments in South Africa:

The ANC lost its parliamentary majority for the first time since the end of apartheid in the recent elections, securing only 159 out of 400 seats. This has forced the party to explore forming a coalition government with other parties in order to stay in power. 

The ANC has announced plans to form a broad "Government of National Unity" by inviting multiple parties across the political spectrum to join a multiparty coalition. This would avoid the ANC being overly reliant on any single opposition party as a coalition partner. 

Some of the key potential coalition partners being discussed include:

The Democratic Alliance (DA) - a pro-business opposition party that increased its seats to 87. The DA has signaled openness to talks with the ANC but ruled out working with parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). 

The EFF - a far-left party with 39 seats that has indicated a willingness to join an ANC coalition if given the deputy presidency position. 

The uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party led by former president Jacob Zuma - won 58 seats but has stated it will not join a coalition if Ramaphosa remains president. 

The ANC is aiming to reach a deal before the June 18 constitutional deadline to elect a new president. Forming a national unity government would reduce the ANC's dependence on any one partner while allowing Ramaphosa to continue as president. 

However, the ANC faces challenges in negotiating such a broad coalition, as different factions within the party favor different potential partners based on ideological alignments. 

Jun 13, 2024, 08:50


I have seen the article - but The Head of the Constitutitonal Court has an obligation to decide when Parliament will convene - but it must be within 14 days from the final announcemeent of the final election results - which was on 2 Jne 2024 - so Chief Judge Zondo decided on 16 June 2024 being the date of convening of the new Parliament being tmorrow.

Zondo had a major role in convicting  Zuma of undermining the investigation of corruption investigated by the Zondo Commission of enquirey.   Zuma has been banned by the Constitutional Court from holding any political office in either the National Govrnment and the KwaZulu-Natal Proincial Government.    In the emantime the Constitutional Court that the election in KZN contain alleged voter fraud and that the first sitting of Parliament be delayed until their election fraud allegations have been resolved by the Contitutional Court - these allegations will take at least 6 months to resolve and Chief Justice Zondo ignored the petition to the curt by Zuma.

But there is another problem - like the Zuma lot the EFF also hd a scandalous amount of corruption invovled - eg the Venda Bank case and the loss of money by hudreds of th ousands of small account holdrs losing money in the case where EFF  leaders stole millions through loans and investments - resulting in them losing many votes and their number of Parliament seats has been reduced to 38 members.

The other rpoblem is the case of tribalism that is till an important issue in the various provinces.   The ANC  got more than 50% of the votes in the following  provinces:-

Limpopo - Mpumalanga - North West Province - the Free State - Eastern Cape,

They lost badly in the Zului dominated KwaZulu-Natl and coalitions will be necessary in Gauteng - Northern Cape, Western Cape and KwaZuu-Natal.   Another problem is that the Zum Party does not have enough seats in the Provincial Government to rule KZN and even when they combine with the EFF and MK would not be able to  Govern in KZN.   

The National Government alignment will follow the path of the National Government - except in the Western Cape where the DA won with more circa 52,8% of the votes and will Govern the Province on their own.    The over 3 provinces will follow the national government approach.

I think that in the end despite the COSATO approach the ANC knows that they must clean up their corruption involvement and they will not follow tthat by joining with criticially corrupt parties like the MK and EFF.    

In essense I think the National Unity call by Ramaphosa is a cover for what the real approach of the ANC is.   That siw hat we will see happening tomorrow.     




Jun 13, 2024, 17:50

The latest information is that the National Unity Government will consist of the ANC, DA and Inkatha - but the issue of cabinet posts the DA does not want is apparently under discussion.   ome fo the other fringe parties will also become part of the ANC supporting groups. 

The fact is the ANC was between choosing co-operation wit serious crimes due to corruption of the EFF and MK leadership.   


Jun 13, 2024, 17:50

The l;atest information is that the National Unity Government will consist of th e ANC, DA and Inkatha - but the issue of cabinet posts the DA does not want is apparently under discussion.   

Jun 13, 2024, 18:53

It’s all very confusing, Mike. 

Can you see it working ?! 

Jun 13, 2024, 18:58

It actually depends on the leadership and how the Government implementing happens.   It will be complicated from an administration point of view,   

Jun 13, 2024, 19:17

I bet it will be complicated ! 

Jun 14, 2024, 11:33

It was announced that the ANC,  DA and Inkatha Party signed co- operation agreements and that means the EFF and the MK Party who bouycotted the meeting today and the EFF turned up late at the meeting totally unprepared to deal with the Speaker election and asked for time to caucus on their stand.  They wanted a 50 minute break and proceedings.  Judge Zondo told them they know what be dealt with today and then granted the EFF  15 minutes to caucus.  

There are other small parties playing a role in the KZN Provincial Council to stop the MK and EFF to rule in that province.       

Jun 14, 2024, 15:13

Speaker   -    ANC member

Deputy Spreaker        EFF  nominate a Party Member
                                     DA  nominate a Party Member
                                     ANC did not make a nomination 
DA Member elected

Both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker are women 

President                    Ramaphoa    and  Malemba  nominated

Deputy Presidnt        Steenhuizen

 Steenhuizen of the  DA nominated,. No other candidate nominate so he was elected as such.   


Jun 14, 2024, 21:29

Frankly the nature of the Coalition Government consist basically of the ANC, the  DA and Inkatha are the base - but also some membrs of smaller parties supporting coalition/      

Jun 15, 2024, 03:47

I don think it is the end of the dhow.   Like in 1994 Parliament will have the right to increase the number of Deputy Preidents to 2 with specific result being  that the other Deputy President being from the ANC.

I suppose the second WP would be from the ANC.

Now the battle goes to KwaZulu Natal where the MK Party - the  Natal Provincial Council - like they did today.   I t hink the Provincial Premer would be from the Inkatha Party.   And the Government being a coalition of 3 Parties and the NDF 2 members. and National Freedom Party with 1  member..

The seat allocaion after the 2024 election was as follows 

*    MK  (Zuma Party)                        ;    37 members

*    EFF                                                -     2  members 

Subtotal                                                -     39 Members

The other Party allocations wre -

IFP                                                       -     15  Membrs

ANC                                                    -      14  members

DA                                                      -       11 members 

NDF                                                   -         2  membrs 

Natioal Freedom Party                       -         1  member

The coalition Group would have 43 members against the 39 of the corruption kings  in SA the MK  and EFF parties 39 membrs,  So te ANC made deals with the 3 minor party members and the MK and EFF will not get control of KZN either,      

 In the 5 provimces the ANC and DA won outright by  winning 50% + votes and does not mean there will not be some accommodation for the ANC, DP and a Maprity Party the Majority Parties being the leaders in two.   They  would probbly decide on the Minor Party supporting be elected as Speakers or Deputy Premiers.

I forsaw this alliance of Parties a while ago and said that thathere are outside forces at work that caused the alliance agreements in place,   

The ANC is shrewd - they want to privatize Eskom, SA Rail Service (Spoornet) and a host of other Government owned companies that malfunctioned for years due to crruption and ineptitude and handing over the  Ministerial Post controlling State Corporations.    

That type of service provatization are normally by foreign international companies - and chances are the Chinee comapnies will benefit the most from Privatization, probably acting  in Alliancc with companies owned by Motsepe and Rupert.   So appoint a DA Minister to handle those transactions and then claimed they had no option but go along with their coalition parties on that score.    



Jun 15, 2024, 10:34

Jun 16, 2024, 04:03

Jun 16, 2024, 06:53


I think there are elements in the ANC who realize that the Party may be eliminated in future unless they get rid of the corrupt element in the Party.   The Venda Bank scandal has put the EFF  to lose votes even in Limpopo province,  

In the case of MK they use the tribal issue and Zuma was their hero   Zuma being the so-called leader was the main participant in bribery and corruption when he was President.     The people in the end will make the MK and EFF parties the epitome of bribery and corruption in SA.    

The ANC has announced that the GNP will be extended to provincial and local governments as well.   That will bring stability to struggling local authories as well.  

The most surprising thing coming  out of the eelction was the fact that the processes used eliminate any change of election fraud in SA,    

Why can the USA hold election where election fraud is not rife - while in EU Countries similar processes as applicable in SA are used to  eliminate voter fraud - but the Democrats refuse to play along and the case is they promote election fraud,              

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