The Surrender of the Woke-like men to Matriarchal leadership.

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Jul 15, 2022, 08:02

Weak ,woke-like  men in the West are losing their knackers and it appears this sad state of perverse unnatural condition  is infiltrating all over. Matriarch, hideous and frustrated women “honey-badgering” men.

Liz Thrust could be just another one.

The Woke men with their ideals need to hand over the reigns and believe:

“Woke men have since improved,

Since they've had their balls removed,

No more lust and no more desires,

They sit at home,

And poke the fires”


Jul 15, 2022, 08:15

Hmmmm . . . Putin apologist, anti-Semite, racist and now it seems misogynist as well. What a piece of work we have in Tit . . . and all the time he poses as this sanctimonious and preachy christian!

Jul 15, 2022, 08:38

Struck a raw nerve here, no doubt.

No I'm neither a racist or anti-semite on the contrary but do oppose vehemently perversion of mankind and the bullshit of doctrines of political correctness of disturbed societies that are taking us into an abyss.

Jul 15, 2022, 09:04

Having a female leader is a perversion of mankind?
You are a religious Arab bastard and sexist pig that has no place in the 21st century. 
Pal, if you don't like the world, jump off a cliff and die. Take your backward outdated ideology with you. 

I (and most other people that qualify as human beings) have no issue with a merit-based choice. Based on what I have seen of the shit candidates to replace Boris Johnson, Trust is probably the best candidate. Not saying Trust is a good candidate, but relatively she could be better than the other useless options. (2 of them are already proven tax frauds that keep their money outside the UK). 

Again, your silly conduct convinces me that most religious people are backward people stuck in the old testament, with their Arab-like mentality. 

Putin is also a sexist misogynist bag of shit, so it is no wonder you support him.
But God is on his side...(Also known as the Arab bastard). You and your imaginary friend need to go to hell. 

Jul 15, 2022, 16:01

Coming out are you Sharkie?

Jul 15, 2022, 16:56

Am I creating misogynist threads targeting women to try to make myself look more manly? 
You probably support this stuff, along with the Putin Male order Bride...

Jul 15, 2022, 17:08

Yes we want manly men from the east who order their armies to indiscriminately shell towns and cities from dozens of miles away, because killing innocent men, women and children without needed too look them in the eyes because that's manliness is!

Even better let our leaders kill large number of Eastern Orthodox Christians, because that will somehow teach those damn woke westerners a lesson!

Women who honey badger man will surely think twice now that so much of Ukraine critical infrastructure has been damaged!

Hurrah for someone who thinks turning the culture wars into an actual war is a good thing.

Jul 15, 2022, 17:28

As a female, I can honestly say I do prefer men to be manly. 

That doesn’t have anything to do with Putin by the way. 

Jul 15, 2022, 17:41

As usual Shark you are as thick as 2 planks and deliberately twist and misconstrue context or you don't get it. You have not the foggiest clue what I was meaning. You, who cowardly insult my wife, I would crack you like a nut.

I respect women very much, their beauty and feminism if they have it and the way God created them. They are certainly not weak and have their own form of strength in their womanhood and often much stronger in other ways that men lack, ie in love, gentleness, compassion and kindness.

It is men that have become wimps today and abdicated  their roles, their responsibilities...look at Biden, cannot own up and take responsibility and blames everything on others, mainly Putin.

Get a life... you runted pipsqueak.

And yes, Becs real women do.

Jul 15, 2022, 17:52

I am rather amazed  - while everyone wants peace in he world the US leadership - corrupt as hell - is  discouraging peacemaking efforts and getting proxy was fight  wars to enrich themselves and the equally-corrupt leadership in Ukraine.    They stoke up the war and they are making money - while their leadership in the USA are using woke  ideas to undermine opposition to them.   Detroy the US culture is a high priority with them and bring in millions o f people from all over the world to destroy what is left of loyalty to the USA as a country,

They lie about everything hey touch and turn it into shit.    In the USA one of the largest destruction was through abortion.  They develop a system where especially the Black population growth and family life was destroyed  and women was bribed or forced to accept corruption.   The wish of the bureaucrats was to  use a totally corrupt system  and when the Supreme Court said the power to deal with abortion through legislation by the elected representatives of the people through legislation is what is expected to happen in any  democratic country - the  Democrats went bananas  and lied about what really was expected in this case.  Pass legislation and for heavens sake cut out corruption from a system that enriched people by billions from taxpayer moneys.   The Court found proof of  endemic corruption o a wide scale  and mentioned it in the verdict - but the Democrats and the media never mentioned anything about it.

They incite murder of people who oppose them  in any way of form - raising racism as an issue while making sure races are kept apart through propaganda.  They Stalinist teaching methods to incite children to hate their parents - like they did in the Black community they like to do to everybody.

The open the borders to help gangsters to smuggle in millions of people into the country they can use to destroy local culture and democracy.    You lot are influenced by the newspapers to support the ugliness that is being developed in the USA and that filth is also the case in Europe.     When I visited Europe for six months in 1973 I found people proud of being Germans, Greeks French and Italians - today they are entirely different.   Th cities has deteriorated into ghettos where taxi drivers will not take you into such areas because it was too dangerous.    That happened to me in Paris in both 2000 and 2007.   

I am sorry - but the world has deteriorated into barbarism with self-interest being the only norm.   Ultra-liberal and pro=communist leadership is what  the leaders derive at and when the people turns against it they are called domestic terrorists.

In the meantime  the Chinese are preparing to  take over the world leadership and the wokeness will not be tolerated by them.   The present West will become the slaves of the Chinese and then they will regret what their leaders brought onto them.             .   


Jul 15, 2022, 17:52

So God created women as sex objects? That is really what you are saying... Makes you feel tough and important... weakling...

I am sure that if women around the world read your post or any non-Islamic man - they would read it in the same way - i.e. - You don't believe women should be in leadership roles... It is a man's job...

Jul 15, 2022, 18:05

What type of man buys his wife on the internet, and then brags about her....Very manly.:D

Given she always seems to be in Russia, we can be sure she is in fact a mail-order bride. Very Masculine...

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Jul 15, 2022, 18:23

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Jul 15, 2022, 18:42

Shame Sharkie we pity you.

Is your boyfriend going to give you one tonight or are you doing your own treatment.


Jul 15, 2022, 18:53

Farter, when is your boyfriend God going to forgive you? Are you going to bend over and beg for forgiveness :D Please save me....  Is your Church pastor jealous, that he has to share his bitch?

Jul 16, 2022, 07:22

You are scum, the lowest of the low.

Scum from the redneck suburb of Durban, the Bluff.

Just like that trailer trash rubbish, Kyle Cooper who beats woman.

Jul 16, 2022, 07:23

You are scum, the lowest of the low.

Scum from the redneck suburb of Durban, the Bluff.

Just like that trailer trash rubbish, Kyle Cooper who beats woman.

Jul 16, 2022, 10:39

You support Putin... Your Messiah

Jul 16, 2022, 11:47


Who are you referring to?   Putin has nothing to do with this topic.   He has no sympathy for the Western Countries being destroyed internally by the leaders of countries themselves.  He realize they are dangerous and corrupt individuals = especially in the USA and the EU and that is in his interest not so?   

Jul 16, 2022, 12:11

"He realize"...? Do you mean Putin or the Bot? 
What does a female leader have to do with a country being destroyed internally? Look at the headline of this thread. 

In Democratic places, the best person is chosen for the job regardless of race, gender etc, etc.
Or in politics at least the best person, out of the shortlist of candidates. It is not as if Trust's competitors are great...

The religious Arab Westerners may not admit it, but they think it is evil for a woman to be in a position of power. Instead, they should worry about their makeup.
It is mostly just old people in the West that still think this type of stuff...

The only issue with the West is big global corporations consolidating all wealth and power and killing competition. The social side is more advanced than anywhere in the world.

Jul 16, 2022, 20:19

Her name is TRUSS not TRUST ! And no, we don’t want her as PM. 

Jul 16, 2022, 21:52

The Bot doesn't like "Truss" because she is anti-Putin... She was probably the first critic of Putin's actions, calling for sanctions... No one can criticize his Messiah... 

Jul 16, 2022, 22:57

Well folks as you can see from the postings of Sharktwit he has numerous real life issues.

Religion, Russia, President Trump are just three of his major hangups but he has others as well.

Not sure if he has a DRUG or Booze issue but he has a major sex problem.

Mail order brides from Russia are top of his fantasy list and must consume a great deal of his time researching whilst wanking in between scans or videos.

Not much of anything good or wholesome has ever come out of the BLUFF and he is a glowing example of that.

What a waste of humanity.


Jul 16, 2022, 23:08

Farter (aka Artha Martha Joanne,  AJH) is a product of Apartheid, a bygone era. Part of the initial chicken run, and another racist Nazi pig that had no consideration for future generations,
He is old, and a waste of space. The world will be a better place when he dies, taking his outdated backward ideology with him.. Another Putin sycophant...

Farter will become a virgin bride to some Arab bastard in the netherworld...<3 Competing for attention with the other 40 virgin brides for his Arab master.
He is already on the shopping list of some Arab in the Netherworld waiting for his next batch of mail-order brides...

Jul 17, 2022, 00:24

Liz Pelvic "Thrust"... The honey badgerer

Liz Truss: the tin lady - spiked

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Jul 17, 2022, 07:02


You are a complete idiot and that is a fact.    Nobody has a problem with women in leadership positions.   The best examples are from all over the world  in history are  Maria Therese of Austria, Catherine the Great of Russia, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (whom Churchill praised a the only "man" of all European leaders in exile from their countries in WW2) and more recently Margaret Thatcher of the UK and Merkel from Germany/   

Then you get idiots of both sexes elected in democratic countries - such as Biden and Harris in the USA and Boris Johnson, which is a downside to democracies  as well.  

Your level of debating is not even close to being intelelctual and shows extreme malice and idiocy as well.   By now it is abundantly clear that you have three topics where idiocy reigns supreme and those included Purin, Trump and religion  and in all three you are stupid beyond belief,      



Jul 17, 2022, 09:49

Read the headline of the thread moron. with the Bot's initial comments... and you claim "No one has a problem with women in leadership roles".  Are you stupid, or are you just being obtuse?

. Who cares about some member of royalty that inherited the title, that is not a Democratic election. 

Putin is shit, and the only Westerners that support Putin are religious shit. If Putin talks about God, then you support him. He calls his latest nuclear monstrosity Satan 2, and you and the Bot love it. 
You are not Democratic people, you hate the West. 

Jul 17, 2022, 12:52

Yet in history they did more for their countries than in a so-called democracy, where elected representatives betray their voters and do things opposite what they promised them.   There are some shortcomings in elections at present - especially political widely publi9shed by media that can effect them - and then are the rabble-rousers with the gift of the gab tat gain power and then abuse it.   

Looking at the Presidents of the USA after Roosevelt  - the only really good president was Ronald Reagen - the remainder were either crooks, incompetents or both who were there for  their own enrichment and did not care a hell for the people   who voted for them.   

Biden is shit and only lunatics like you  support him.   The only people who support him are the people who are idiots like him or who have him by the shorts for bribery and corruption.    .   .               

Jul 17, 2022, 14:04

Great post Seb and Mike and if course AJ. 

SHARKTWIT is a very weak brained washed woke pervert. 

He appears to love abortion and the LGBT. His morals are in the gutter and there is little wholesome about the blob. 

Of course he hates a man like Putin who stands tall against the tyrannical Globalist agenda.

Maybe the penny will drop for this dunce as he marches over the cliff.

Then of course we have Rooitwit in his pink tights wailing about pedo's and baby killers are not getting the love and respect they deserve. Pedo Pete is my hero shouts Rooitwit in his hight pitched voice.

No oaks when it comes to arch twits sharktwit and Rooitwit we are scraping the barrel.

Then we also have dense Denise and poor stavass. A quartet of buffoons who are a disgrace to the board.

No woman like real men and men like real woman not other men in pink tights!

These woke idiots are going down. 

Keep your hands off our kids you sick perverts.

Go Russia. Freedom loving people all round the world support your fight against the Globalists in Ukraine. 

Jul 17, 2022, 15:55

Beeno is the ultimate religious Nazi.... :D. It is only a matter of time before Christianity and Islam merge into one. Look no further than Brenton Tarrant who is on par with the Islamic suicide bombers...
If Jesus existed, he would call them fools. 

Who even mentioned LGBT on this thread? You seem obsessed by it...

Jul 17, 2022, 18:24


I wi9ll be nice to you.    Empires have collapsed over thousands of years becase he people became lazy and indolent and get others to do the work.   Take the Roman Empire as well.  In th e last 100 years of the existence  of the Empire the Ronman army troops was recruited from other careas - especially Germans in the ase.  They ended up appointing germans as emperors - the Roman societ collapsed totally in that period.   Education suffer and Rome became a cesspool where most children die before they reached he age of 10 because of filth.   And do not come back about the Christians.   The leader of the Christians left Rome and changed he name Bizantium to Constantinople and that became the center of Christianity.   The present woke Americans are going the same way happened in the case of Rome.   In 476 AD  A German  King occupied Rome and seeing what the city really was,  he refused to take over as Emperor and left the cesspool to deteriorate further.   What the people became would in todays environment be called WOKE.  totally gutless without any principles  and totally incapable to defend their city and country.    .

You talk about  war - but where would they find men to to wage war or defend the countries.  In the USA the real people always fighting for the USA are not signing up because of the Woke Policies of the Biden Administration.    America needs a change from the ultraleft socialists now in charge.  The same people who are corrupt as hell.     If a country become Woke it is f#cked by the finger of fate.  - end of story.    .   .        

Jul 17, 2022, 19:13

It is clear to me that the Christians no longer like Democracy because they are no longer the majority. That is why Christians have become anti-Western....

While Democracy is not perfect, it is better than any alternative...  Certainly better than the alternative reality, the whack jobs like 4Chan, the dumb conspiracists etc. 

Jul 17, 2022, 19:56

Sharkie you have major hang ups, issues and personal problems and it ain't us folks on this site who are strange.

                                                    IT IS YOU.

Now go and seek professional mental health assistance or are you beyond help.

Jul 17, 2022, 20:06

Farter... You are a racist alt-right pig, a great advert for religion... Your ideology is on its way out, shut the door on your way out thanks...

Whatever you say, The mainstream is closer to my reality- not yours...
You are a lost lingering fart..., cast away from mainstream reality, with the only consolidation being a fake God Baal...and an afterlife that you can only "hope" exists, and then "if" you would even qualify for this...

Covid almost got you the first time, but you are so out of touch with reality that you still refuse to take the vaccine.
Anti-vaxxers are backward people that do not belong in the 21st century. Still trapped in the old testament thinking some Arab God controls everything and decides if you have an afterlife.

Maybe "we" actually have different vaccines for you lot... We plan to inject you with Mark of the Beast, one way or the other... :D :angel:

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