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Jan 11, 2023, 15:12

So what is really going on.   The University of Pennsylvania established a Biden Penn Center in Washington with is the private office of Biden.   The Chinese Government Paid the Center $52 million for what purposes,   What is known is that the Penn Center pays  Biden a $1 million a year for academic services rendered, 

 Knowing that the Republicans already stated before the election this rather dubious situation would be investigated by the House if the Republicans gain control of the House Biden's lawyers went to the Penn Center in Washington to remove all controversial documents.  They came across classified documentation with regard to Ukraine, Iran and China in a cabinet in the Penn center.   Now we know that Biden as VP has no right to de-classify th documents,   

As it is now clear is that the Republicans won the election and an investigation is imminent.   News has now surfaced that the documents was hidden away by Biden in the Penn Center office.   The obvious objective was to destroy documents threatening the ultra-corrupt Biden from being exposed - the evident objective was to destroy the documents before the Republicans can lay their hands on it.  The Biden lawyers handed ten classified documents to the National Archives and the incriminating documents was apparently gone - but there are always loyal Americans hating criminality that would whistle-blow on the issue soon.   



Jan 12, 2023, 05:10

Biden is a bumbling idiot

Jan 12, 2023, 07:52

So Biden is a bumbling idiot - but Trump is a criminal for allegedly doing the same thing,   At least Trump declassify the documents he took the his home and despite all the media the Trump Residence was guarded by both National Security and his own security guards.   There were no federal guards at the Penn center.

Now a second batch of Secret documents cropped up at another center - the office used by Biden while he was out of office during the Trump Presidency.    Why both discoveries came out virtually simultaneously is indeed questionable.   Are there ambitious Democrats thinking they can get rid of Biden?

Anyway what is clear is the new documents apparently deal with the criminal activities of the Biden crime family.   Highly embarrassing so the press you rely on are trying to cover it up.  What the FBI and Justice Department is going to do in this case is clear - they will try and cover it up and try and face down the House investigation which will end up in the FBI being destroyed as a subsidiary of the Democratic Party.    I still think that the main purpose of the Mar-Al Lago raid was aimed at finding and destroying the documents that could be used in future to send crooks like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Swalwell to jail.

Another problem - I think that Biden is so far gone in dementia that he probably forgot where the documents were left and forgot to destroy the documents.   


Jan 12, 2023, 18:22


This a glowing example of the corruption and criminal enrichment that festers in USA politics.

Biden knew about these documents all along and had they for his own personal gain.

These classified documents or "forgotten classified  documents" as Joe Blunder refers to them were "discovered" by a bunch of Demorat lawyers who were hired to clear the office.

Planned to be "discovered" reportedly in a unlocked cabinet in the office with access to all and and not secured.

The team of lawyer movers included the corrupt Demorat Emanual.

Discovered on the 2nd November 2022, but only made public knowledge to the world on 9th January 2023.

Why you may ask....well the midterm elections took place on the 6th November 2022 firstly and many a voter would not have voted for the Demorats if this was known.

Plus the DOJ/DFI had just announced a Special Investigator to examine and recommend prosecute of President Trumps for his handling of the so called classified documents found at his secure residence, and Biden was all over this including on national TV claiming that PT's handling of the these documents was "IRRESPONSIBLE"

So they had to bide time for the dust to settle and perhaps hope that they could hold the House of Congress and once more just cover this "transgression" of the Dermorats and Biden up.

Unfortunately for old "Walking Disaster Biden" on the 6th November the Republicans won the House and the Demorats had to revert to their old reliable system once more of "COVER UP".

The first incident was called a mistake but now with a second classified document/s unearthed it has become a major issue and who knows what else will be discovered.

Plus with the DOJ/FBI having done zero since the 2nd November besides keeping quiet the call  for a SQ in the Bidens case to be made is growing.

If ever PT is prosecuted for this so called "Security Breach" guess who should also be prosecuted.

After all the USA justice system is based on one set of laws for all not just the Republicans.

If ever that does happen I am sure that "Old Blunder Biden" will jump at the opportunity of finally being able to take President Trump into the ring and gets his just rewards.

Jan 12, 2023, 19:15

Now they found classified documents in the garage at his House in Delaware.   Unbelievable.   Why this sudden discovery of the documents lying unsecured all over the show.   Are the Democrats trying to get rid of Biden before all the Shit that will come out of the House investigation of Hunter Biden?    Biden is not the only corrupt one - there is a host of other DP and RP politicians that would help the Democrats to get rid of an embarrassment in the hope that their own corruption will then not be investigated.   By doing that they would try and save their own skins. if further investigations stop.       

Jan 12, 2023, 19:26

Just heard on the BBC that "Blundering Talibiden" responded to a question about the second classified document/s at his so called press conference..

He actually stated that the classified document/s were discovered in his "LOCKED" garage at his residence in NH.

Then he went on the say they were in a locked garage  not out in the street and you all know how concerned I am about CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS and their security.

Another follow up question was: 

 Mr President how come you had Classified Documents in you office and home?

To which he did not respond but turned around and walked out of the  room at the White House without assistance.

Bottom line is he as a Vice President has no authorization to have any "Classified Marked Documents" in his home, office or garage nor did he have the authority to declassify any documents as the former VICE PRESIDENT.


Got to love old Joe one blunder at a time.

Actuall two of us now like old Joe, President Trump amd me.

Jan 12, 2023, 20:03

The Documents were found by Democrats - something they would normally keep quiet about to protect Biden.   Why is it now suddenly out in the open?   There must always be an answer to that bearing in mind the habitual corruption many of the Democrats are addicted to.     However, Biden's protection only works if the Billionaires think he is of use to them - so why the sudden public display on this issue?   

Jan 12, 2023, 20:24

I would be happy to put them both in Jail. Once someone is no longer working in a presidential position, they have no right over anyone else to the information.

Then anyone could be entitled to have access to top-secret information. What is the point of anything being top secret? 

Jan 12, 2023, 22:06

The question is why does Old Smoking Blundering Joe have these classified documents at all?

As a VP he has no authority to declassify or legal reason to  have them, be it in his office or garage.

Other than to hide some info for later use such as protection or profit.

Not saying that PT should have them as well but his are at least declassified.

One big mess.

Jan 12, 2023, 22:07

There is a huge difference - the documents taken by Trump took to his home was declassified by him as President - something he has the legal right to do.    Biden as VP had no authority to declassify anything.  

I am still mystified by these discoveries by Democrats and their crooked lawyers.   Why is the issue in the public domain?    Biden is poison and the Ultra-Rich controllers of the Party got scared off from supporting him and wants someone else to lead the Party in the 2024 Presidential election.     At this stage there is no candidate with the necessary stature they could use - so they want another puppet to be the 2024 presidential candidate.      

In the latter regard they may look for a crook like Emanual - remember he was fired because of arming the gangsters in Mexico - to replace Biden since Harris is a liability as well.    Emanual was the Secretary of Justice under Obama and he described himself as Obama's bagman.  As much as Biden is poison - Emanual is even worse.    However, that would not bother the ultra-rich - it would just mean he is totally controllable.    Another option would be Cheyne - so watch what will happen next.        

Jan 13, 2023, 05:23


There is another problem that is causing problems for Biden - the Biden Penn Center was funded by the China Government to the tune of $52 million from which Biden gets an annual "income" of $1 million.     In reality that can be regarded as a bribe by the Chinese, 

The other problem is that some of the classified documents was on the Hunter Biden's laptop and was apparently at the disposal of Hunter Biden.   That stinks to high heaven as well.   Apparently an assistant of Biden has been questioned about the leaking of the documents to Hunter.   Why was Biden himself not questioned on the issue?    

Surprising why the FBI tried to prevent any investigation of the Laptop saga in a clear attempt to protect Biden and the Democrats from being dealt with by stating to Twitter and Facebook that the info is Russian Disinformation and they should ban any discussion of the issue on their platforms.   That was in itself a lie - there was no Russian disinformation involved since the    content of the laptop has been found to be authentic.  

Biden was and is just a "useful idiot" used by the ultra-rich to govern on their instruction and on their behalf.   They know and have evidence of his corrupt activities and they can manage him 100%.   If that info becomes clearer through the looming House Investigation of the Laptop and could embarrass his ultra-rich puppet-masters.    However, there is another House Committee appointed to deal specifically with the Chinese issue and that Committee formation was supported by 146 Democrat House Members.   The hard core Democratic Socialists  - closely aligned to the Communists - voted against the formation of the Committee because it is "racialist".  

What is amazing is that you say he is a "bumbling idiot" - nothing more.   If Trump did the same things as Biden did - you would have written books about why Trump should be in jail.   LMAO.


Jan 15, 2023, 23:28

Additional classified documents have now been found in his residence as reported late last night.

This is lot #4 and the count might still continue.........

Got to give it to Sleepy Joe, if ever someone is capable of screwing up each and every time it is him.

Go Joe Go.

By the way some of the classified documents in Biden's "care" date back to 2013/4 when he was VP to Obama.

I would think that "Old Slow Joe" is holding these "documents" as protection in case Obama and his gang turn on him or do not come to his aid in his hour of need.

Would not put it past these SLIMEBALLS.

Any bets when or where they will find lot #5 of the classified documents...............

My bet is that it will be in his wifes underwear draw in her bedroom.

Sure the proud and #1 law enforcement agency the FBI will discover them once they find out his residential location.

Sloooooow justice. 

Jan 15, 2023, 23:41

If they were classified documents at different locations, it must be intentional.

 Dopey Joe could do this once, but not even he could do it multiple times.

Hunter Biden seems like he was on the lease of one of the locations, so he probably had access to the documents.

What a bizarre ending it would be if Biden and Trump go to jail. The swamp continues to deliver

Jan 16, 2023, 00:05

Finally the coin is starting to drop for you Sharkie.

Be it "Sleepy" or "Dopey" I think they both have a huge problem.

Could not happen to a more "Loyal, Proud and Corrupt" family.

Let the truth be know.

Wonder just how long the DOJ and FBI heads are going to last after this attempt to cover up or hide this major scandal and associated corruption by all in the know.

But in the end JUSTICE must rule and will be done.

Jan 17, 2023, 08:07

"Wonder just how long the DOJ and FBI heads are going to last after this attempt to cover up or hide this major scandal and associated corruption by all in the know"

Agreed AJH

These whistleblowers are creating a major storm in American politics... and rightly so

All those people that denied what happened are now very quiet regarding how information was deliberately suppressed in so many different ways, from Twitter, to Facebook etc etc

The evidence is now literally pouring out of the FBI....... interesting days ahead....

Jan 18, 2023, 08:22

Nov 2 - Classified documents found at Penn Biden Centre

Nov 3 - National archives informed

Nov 4 - DOJ informed

Nov 8 - Midterms

Nov 9 - FBI investigation starts

Nov 14 - AG appoints US Attorney to investigate

Dec 20 - Docs found in Biden's garage

Jan 5 - US Attorney recommends special counsel

Jan 9 - White House tells public about first set of docs

Jan 12 - Docs found in Biden's home

Jan 12 - White House finally admits that two more troves were found.

Day by day, the American reputation is just going downhill..... the respect that most countries had for everything the the US stood for certainly seems to be dwindling at a rapid rate..... and we still don't yet even know what will happen once all the testimony has been officially received from all the whistleblowers at the FBI....

It is a absolute joke..... and a mockery of what America has always stood for.

Jan 19, 2023, 17:07

Typical of American Demorat Presidents.

They are on your side one minute and not the next minute.

Remember Angola, supporting us in the fight against the terries and then once we made an advance they backed out and never came back.

Traitors, is to kind a word for these scumbags.

Jan 19, 2023, 20:41

With a propaganda arm able to convince a gecko it's a  crocodile.

Jan 22, 2023, 19:51

Well I guess the documents unearthed by the DOJ search of 'Banker Talibiden's"  house has discovered additional CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS that the hired " Biden Legal Moving Team" appeared to have "MISSED" late Friday or Saturday.

What a poor attempt this is for them (Biden, DOF, FBI ) to try and sell to the people of the USA.

It reeks of political corruption run by a rogue administration headed by a TRAITOR.

Corrupt amatures in every way.


Jan 23, 2023, 00:08

Other than blaming someone for planting the documents on him what can he Biden do?
Although given some of them are old documents from the Obama era, he can't even claim that.

Maybe Hunter sold out father Joe, 

Just lock him up along with Hunter, and the Trump familiy

Jan 23, 2023, 01:50

You will have a seizure if you see what President De Santis after being  sworn to take over returning SANITY in the US Government.   For the media and their billionaire overlords it will be a bad day - so they better appoint a special guarding unit with zero connection to the FBI and CIA to protect De Santis from assassination.    

De Santis will clean out the FBI of anybody thinking that they are employees of the Democratic Party and do the same with all the bureaucrats.   The corrupt politicians and bureaucrats will be investigated and they will stay for life in jail.   That means half of the Senate and House members of the Democratic Party will become vacant.    Looking forward to that.               

Jan 27, 2023, 19:05

Just to update the CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS "discovered" to date include documents marked CLASSIFIED dating back to old Blunder's time as a Senator.

Now that is going to be yet another major issue that he will have no excuse for holding.

As Senator Cruz stated when they a Senators request to review Classified Documents it is done in a secure location in a room in the lower levels of the House of Congress and they are not allowed to be removed or copy any documents they review.

So just how did Old Blunderbiden manage to secure these particular "Classified Documents" and for what reason?

Profit or Protection would be my suggestion.

Jan 30, 2023, 18:44

Well it appears from reports on USA TV Sunday news that about 180 boxes and other items held at the University in DE belong to "Blundering Talibiden" and contain documents that have been found that span his life in politics.

According to reports these boxes (enough to fill a cube truck)  also contain CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS and other material relating to issues associated with "old Blunders"political and business affairs.

Like Obama is reported to have said "If you what anything F------ Up just give it to old Joe"

Wonder how the FBI, DOJ and CIA are going to cover this discovery up.

Time for heads to roll I believe.

Jan 30, 2023, 21:31

Amazing how the far-right anti-democratic brigade jumps on this issue but choose to ignore it when first Trump, and then recently Mike Pence get caught for the same misdemeanours. 

Other people criticize everyone including Biden for the same offence, but the far-right can only see it as a problem when it is not one of their own. 
They know their way will soon cease to exist, so they have lost any impartiality. Conservatism will always exist, but their brand is toast. 

Jan 31, 2023, 02:12

Shame when all else fails cry , cry and cry.

Feb 02, 2023, 19:10

Finally the FBI have searched Talibidens beach house and found no classified documents but did seize some private notes from Biden's former positions in the house and Senate.

Biden last visited the house 14 days ago and would not be surprised if he was informed of the upcoming FBI search and had his reliable Lawyer Moving Company do a once, twice and three time check and clean out of all classified documents at that time.

What a bunch of scumbags.

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