The WSJ reports Covid’s impact on population growth

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Dec 22, 2021, 17:32

For the last decade the US population has been growing steadily but modestly at 2 million people per year. In the year ended last July that number plunged to 400000. The implication being Covid shaved 1600000 off the population. 

That’s more than all the dubious Covid deaths reported in the Covid Barometer. But in all likelihood it isn’t reflecting so much the deaths from the disease as the social effects of the disease. Less time in bars, less inclination to take up with new partners equals less copulation.

It would be interesting to get updated sales numbers from the contraceptive manufacturers. But this could be the strangest twist of the wrist. And then there is the new obsessive focus on Peyronie’s disease. The world is losing it’s charm.

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